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Family-owned businesses have been a very significant and integral part of business history. Despite the growth of large corporations, small and medium family-managed businesses have also assumed an important role in the present era. They are unique, write their own rules and have their own working style. The family businesses contribute to 60 to 70% of GDP of most developed and developing countries. 

The MBA family managed business and entrepreneurship is a 2-year postgraduate course that is divided into 4-semesters. The course aims at inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship and at the same time training students on the cutting edge in management expertise, solving key problems and scaling-up family business to the global level. The course will give a complete entrepreneurial flavour with strong national and international expertise to the students. The course is the unique blend of entrepreneurship and management courses. The course combines academic and applied aspects of entrepreneurship ranging from enterprise development, capital formation, policy creation, product analysis to strategy building. The course trains the students to take care of their family business or start their own ventures by enhancing their entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and expertise about various aspects of the business.

List of Top MBA in Family Managed Business & Entrepreneurship Colleges in Bangalore

Symbiosis Bangalore (SIBM)

Major Programmes

2 years 
Master Programme
Mode of Admission
Mode of Admission
Merit /Management

Students seeking admission to the MBA Program should have passed Bachelor’s degree / Masters degree and should have secured at least 50% of marks in the aggregate (45% for SC/ST candidate).


Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 8,00,000 per annum.

Admission Process
Admission Process

Merit- Interested candidates can apply once the college applications are open.
Management- Students looking for Management seats can go for Direct Admission.

Syllabus of MBA in Family Managed Business & Entrepreneurship

Semester Subjects
Semester 1
  • Business Statistics
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations Management Organizational Behaviour 
  • Research Methodology
  • Microeconomics
  • Basics of Financial Management 
  • Business Communication
  • Financial Accounting
  • Global Business Environment
  • Technology in Business
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Integrated Disaster Management 
Semester 2
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Strategic Management
  • Macroeconomics
  • Business Analytics 
  • Corporate Governance and Ethics
  • Cost Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Management
  • Legal Aspects of Business
  • Operations Research
Semester Subjects
Semester 3
  • Project
  • Business Modelling and Business Plan
  • Funding for Entrepreneurs
  • Building Lasting Family Businesses
  • Challenges in Family Business
  • Design Thinking
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship in India
  • Lean Startup
  • Research Publication


  • Advanced Supply Chain Management
  • Business, Government and the Global Political Economy
  • Concepts and Applications in Sustainability
  • Conflict and Negotiation
  • Pricing
  • Sales Force and Channel Management
  • Brand Management
Semester 4
  • Dissertation
  • Leadership and Capacity Building
  • Professionalization of Family Business
  • Essentials of Internet and Web Technologies
  • Taxation

Placements of MBA in Family Managed Business & Entrepreneurship

There are ample job opportunities for MBA Family Business and Entrepreneurship students. They usually take care of family businesses. The students joining for MBA Family Business and Entrepreneurship will be interested in entrepreneurial ventures. Some of the job roles available are  

Entrepreneur: People sometimes debate whether getting an MBA helps you to be an entrepreneur. If you've just invented a new technology with worldwide application or a gadget that will change housework forever, maybe don't bother with formal study. But, otherwise, an MBA may be a good idea. Being an effective entrepreneur requires some serious business skills. You can pick these up with an MBA, especially if the course is geared towards entrepreneurship. Plus, having an MBA helps you win the belief and confidence of prospective investors and business partners. 

Management Analyst: The management analysts, also referred to as management consultants, investigate ways to assist organizations in reducing costs, increasing revenue, and becoming more profitable. They advise management on various ways to improve efficiency. Many management analysts work as consultants. However, some may be employed through the company they are analysing.

Average salary for management analyst is 6 lakhs to 12 lakhs per annum

Finance Manager: A financial manager with an MBA is someone people are inclined to trust with strategic financial management Understanding accounting and numbers is one of the requirements to be a finance manager. But another is to use financial insight to guide business spending and investment decisions.

Average salary for finance manager is  5 lakhs to 10 lakhs per annum

General Manager: The term "general manager" is typically applied to people senior enough to be managing managers. Competitions for GM positions is high because the tasks are, indeed, general: such as supervising, managing and leading people. Management and leadership are also core subjects in Master of Business Administration programs. With an MBA to your name, employers know you've learned management principles and are committed to a career in the field.

Average salary for general manager is 8 lakhs to 16 lakhs per annum

Industry Specialist Manager: Many professionals reach a point in their career when their best prospects for a promotion or higher salary are on the management rather than technical side of the industry. In these situations, an MBA can be invaluable for demonstrating management skills and winning management roles. It's a similar situation if you want to shift into consulting. Here, an MBA builds your business administration skills and provides a credential that gets noticed by prospective clients.

Average salary for industry specialist manger is 8 lakhs to 16 lakhs per annum

Other potential career roles:

  • Accountant
  • Investments Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Executive Assistant
  • Financial Analyst and Manager 
  • Investment Banker
  • Market Analyst
  • Marketing and Money Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Personal Finance Consultant
  • Securities and Risk Analyst
  • System Analyst
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Finance Controller
  • Small Business Owner
  • Business Consultant
  • Development Officer
  • Sales Manager
  • New Venture Developer
  • Management Consultant

Benefits of MBA in Family Managed Business & Entrepreneurship

Some of the benefits of MBA Family Managed Business & Entrepreneurship Professionals are:

  1. Ample Job Prospects:  The MBA Family Managed Business and Entrepreneurship course is usually done by the students who have their own business firms. But they still have abundant job prospects that are limitless. They can join at various career levels like managerial positions, learning and development etc. There is no dearth for job roles for MBA Family managed business and entrepreneurship

  2. Highly Paid Careers: MBA Family Managed Business professionals are among the best-paying jobs in the world. They can easily earn five-digit salaries even at the initial levels of their careers. The salaries will increase over a period of time.

  3. Flexibility of Location: The MBA Family Managed Business & Entrepreneurship professionals are not necessarily required to work in office every time. They can work from any part of the world and get the job done. Usually, 60% of the workforce of all the organisations opt for work from home (WFH) option. During some extraordinary situations like in the case of corona pandemic, almost 95% of professionals have been given the option of working from home by the majority of the organisations.

  4. Lucrative career opportunities: The MBA Family Business & Entrepreneurship professionals have lucrative career opportunities and easily switch jobs and are readily hired by many organisations for better salary packages. There is always a greater demand for skilled professionals and switching jobs is an easy task for the skilled and experienced professionals. 

  5. Great opportunity for Creativity and Innovation: The MBA Family Business & Entrepreneurship professionals have excellent opportunities to create new and innovative solutions for several problems. The best solutions in computing exhibit high-levels of elegance and beauty

  6. No boundaries for future opportunities: The demand for MBA Family Business & Entrepreneurship professionals is never ending. They can expect a good growth in their career as well as their bank balance in the coming days. They have excellent flexibility in career choosing

Top Recruiters for MBA in Family Managed Business & Entrepreneurship students

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