Why Study in Bangalore

Bangalore is considered as an eminent knowledge hub and is popularly known as 'Silicon Valley of India'. Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka and is the best destination when it comes to excellent education and outstanding career growth. Apart from this the city of Bangalore provides world-class career opportunities to all and also makes them feel like a home away from home. With a huge number of global MNCs and educational institutes making their presence in the city, Bangalore has turned into the hot destination for IT education and IT development in the world.

Bangalore is a Hub for Reputed Educational Institutions

Bangalore is a home for a number of reputed institutions of the world, that are offering education of the International standards in various fields like Information Technology, Medicine, Engineering, Mass Communication, Arts, Film making, Life sciences, Law, Management, Commerce, Journalism and a hundred other fields. The city of Bangalore is known for the presence of high-quality educational institutes like Indian Institute of Management (IIM-B), Christ University, M.S Ramaiah University, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-B) etc. All these institutes are known for their high-quality education and are globally recognised and honoured in the international platforms.

The city of Bangalore also has a significant number of International schools and colleges that are well-known to provide top-notch quality education to all. Further, the city of Bangalore is also attributed with more than 125 Research and Development centres in the field of Information Technology, Core Engineering, Basic and Applied Sciences, Aerospace, Medicine, Biotechnology, Pharmacy etc.

Bangalore is the basket of amazing job opportunities

The city of Bangalore has seen a tremendous transformation in a staggering two decades of time. The emergence of the IT sector has made Bangalore the perfect destination for all Top MNC’s of the world. The recruitment process is always more in Bangalore when compared to other cities due to this astonishing development in the IT sector globally. Most of the top MNC’s recruitment process is comparatively more in Bangalore than other cities. Bangalore is the best destination to live the life of your dreams by leading a successful personal and professional life.

Bangalore is the corridor for Global Exposure

The remarkable achievement by Bangalore in the IT industry has put India in the map of IT Technology & Services. India is the 2nd country after the USA in the globe for its IT contribution in the Global IT industry and Bangalore shares 90% of this credit. The global exposure that Bangalore offers is remarkably high that is not available in any of the countries of the world.

Almost all the IT companies are located in Bangalore, this provides excellent global exposure to candidates and professionals and by utilizing this they can reach great heights in their careers. The city of Bangalore provides an excellent global platform for the talented people to showcase their talents, capitalise their strengths and amplify their knowledge, experience, and skills. The quality of opportunities here makes the learning journey, a once in a lifetime experience.

The city provides employment for so many people and helps them to build their lives from scratch. Bangalore is highly progressive and constantly upgrading according to the latest technologies and innovations. The number of opportunities in Bangalore allows anyone to have a successful career with a constant learning experience.

Presence of globally reputed central research organisations

Bangalore is not only popular for a huge number of IT MNCs, but also is known to have the best of the national and international organisations. The top national research agencies like Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), etc are located in Bangalore. All these organisations have the best of the technologies that are globally reputed, the students can get an excellent global exposure through these globally recognised organisations.

Even The Air force Main headquarters is also located in Bangalore for its strategic location from the defence perspective. Majority of the recruitments in these organisations are done for the candidates with medical, engineering, management etc. So, the demand for students studying in Bangalore is very high in both government and private sectors.

Bangalore is the Start-Up Heaven

Bangalore is considered as the start-up heaven with many emerging start-ups that are taking shape into giant unicorns. Besides being the birth land of IT giants like Wipro, Mphasis, Infosys, Mindtree etc, Bangalore is also home and also an ocean for many emerging start-ups. Today, the entrepreneurial spirit is radiating in Bangalore at lightning speed. The city of Bangalore sets a stage where everybody gets a chance to seize opportunities and achieve laurels. Giant companies like Infosys, Wipro, Flipkart, PayTm, Ola, Zerodha etc have their roots in Bangalore, which were once started as start-ups today have raised the greatest heights to become huge business tycoons.

Bangalore is known for the Wonderful Weather

Bangalore is a cool and relaxed city in India, the chilly mornings and the semi- mild summers makes the weather of Bangalore a best one to live with. The weather of Bangalore is perfectly enduring for an excellent stay here. The climate is moderate with neither harsh or extreme weather conditions. In summer the temperature is slightly lower than in other cities that makes it easier to live in Bangalore.

While the rest of the country is beating the heat, Bangalore enjoys a pleasant climate with a gentle drizzle. The weather in Namma Bengaluru is just perfectly enduring. All these factors make it easier for the people from any part of the world to adapt in a harmonious climate of Bangalore

Bangalore is known for an excellent lifestyle

The people of Bangalore are extremely cordial and welcoming, the people of Bangalore are the most lovable and best known for their hospitality and welcome everyone with open hands. Bangalore is home for the popular work culture of the country. Both National and international students are staying in Bangalore and the students will be getting to experience a multi cosmopolitan culture.

The city of Bangalore is known for linguistic diversity and people from any part of the world can stay here because there are no language barriers in Bangalore. The people of Bangalore speak all the languages and are always ready to help in case of a language difficulty. The most evident one is the linguistic difference yet the Brand ‘Bangalore’ holds everybody in harmony and that’s the beauty of this place.

The people can also enjoy adventurous lifestyles around Bangalore. The presence of many adventure destinations around Bangalore makes it a best adventure destination for adventure lovers. One can enjoy trekking, hiking, river rafting, mountain climbing etc; all are available in and around Bangalore to make your lives filled with excitement.

Travelling/Commuting is easy in Bangalore

Bangalore is known for having the comforts of highly accessible transport facilities in India and the city is known for the public transport facilities available in India. From the flexible city bus services connecting each corner and Bangalore Metro line passing through all the prominent areas of the city. Many taxi aggregators like Ola, Uber, Quick ride, Rapido, self-driving and rental services like Zoom Car, Vogo, Bounce, Yulu etc are all available across the city. The transportation in Bangalore is a hassle-free affair and the best facility that the people here can witness. One can take a bus ride or a metro ride to reach any part of the city, while one can even book a cycle/bike/car from any part of the city for commuting in Bangalore without any problem

Bangalore has lesser pollution rates when compared to other metropolitan cities in India. This makes Bangalore best breathable air with a high air quality index; this fresh breath enables the students to have enthusiastic moods every time. Bangalore is the best city to have an excellent study atmosphere when compared to other cities.

Cost of Living and Safety

Compared to other metropolitan cities the living cost is well within budgets and affordable in Bangalore. The people can find all types of food at a very affordable cost and even they can get good rental properties at a very lesser price when compared to other cities in India. When it comes to safety Bangalore is the safest city for women when compared to other places of the country. The living and working conditions for women are much safer; as the city witnesses a very negligible number of crimes against women. Bangalore is the safest city for the residence for everyone. The crime rates are very less when compared to other metropolitan cities, people here are very cordial and friendly.

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