Why Galaxy Education?

Why Galaxy Education
  1. Galaxy Education helps the students with research-based information about different colleges of Bangalore. Galaxy Education strives hard to help the students with its single platform where the students can get genuine information about all the courses and colleges. The Galaxy Education also helps the students in college selection and guides the students with right course and college.

  2. There are many colleges in Bangalore, and it is very difficult for both parents and students to visit each college for admissions. By doing this both the parents and students will have to undergo a very painstaking admission process for each college. Sometimes all the pains taken may not be fruitful and there are high chances of rejection by colleges. Many students both from outside Bangalore and inside Bangalore get disappointed due to rejections after so much effort even for minor mistakes. With Galaxy Education, this will not happen, the team at Galaxy Education takes all the pains at every step of the admission procedure and helps the students to get the right admission to the right college. The Galaxy Education team helps the students to get confirmed admissions and students are not required to roam around to find colleges. Galaxy Education gets you confirmed admissions according to the desires of students and parents.

  3. There are many college marketers in Bangalore, who are always trying to lure students with their attractive promotions, fake information and false promises. It is quite natural that the students will get attracted to all these marketing strategies and finally land up in the average or below average college. We at Galaxy Education will never make this happen with the students. Galaxy Education is very concerned about the students, and we help them with genuine information about the colleges and courses. We also guide them towards making the right decisions. We value our students and always help them to reach greater heights in their career with our research-based information.

  4. Bangalore is the best city known for education and career progression across the globe. The city has grown leaps and bounds with respect to land and area. The colleges in Bangalore are located at different locations and are very far from each other. Commuting in Bangalore is very painstaking due to its large topography and traffic. It is a physically strain full task to visit each college, and with no guarantee of getting confirmed admissions. Galaxy Education understands this problem very well, we always value the time and energy of parents and students. So our team is in place to help the students with our tech enabled solutions under one roof. Our team with the help of technology helps with all the detailed and required information about colleges and courses to the students. The students will be provided with dedicated admission experts, who will do all the work on their behalf. The students are also given campus visits from our team, so that the students can get clear information by having a first-hand experience of the college campus without any painstaking efforts.

  5. Every college demands filling of the application form and students must pay mandatory fees to fill the individual college application forms. Galaxy Education very well understands this problem and also the turmoil faced by the students and parents. So, we decided to help our students with one “Common Application Form” for all the colleges. The students can apply to multiple colleges with one application form and the team at Galaxy Education takes care of the rest. The Galaxy Education values the money and time of both students and parents, and we use our technical expertise to help students save money and get confirmed admissions in the best colleges of Bangalore.

  6. Each student is different, and everyone is equally talented and will carry a unique potential in himself/herself. At Galaxy Education with our Galaxy Aptitude Test (GAT), we help the students to discover their hidden potential and interests. With our student friendly approach, we help our students to join courses that are according to their interests. We value our students for their interests and help them to chase their dreams according to their desires and progress professionally.

  7. There are many students who are very talented and may not be able to take up education due to their financial condition. There are many chances where they may not be able to get relevant information that can benefit them due various challenges. At Galaxy Education, we understand this problem naturally. So, we give every detail of the National/International/State scholarships to the students that are in place to help these deserving students. Our admission experts will help with all the scholarships information that the students can avail them for their educational expenses. We also provide Galaxy Scholarships for all our deserving candidates and help them use it for their educational purposes.

  8. Placement is the most important element for every student in this world. Every student at the end of day looks for placements, so that they can get a job and grow in their careers and survive a livelihood. Our advanced Galaxy Placement Services believes that placements empower every student to grow economically and professionally. Our placement centric services are in place to help the students to get a good job soon after the completion of their education, even if they miss their opportunity in college placements. Our placement team for the benefit of the students work exclusively with the recruitment partners and constantly help our students to get placed in the best jobs in the world.

  9. Every student is well aware of the challenges related to placements and are always concerned about getting jobs after the completion of a course. Galaxy Education understands that turmoil and the stress that the students will go through during their studies. So, our team will help the students with detailed and genuine information about placements, placement statistics of each and every course and college. The team at Galaxy Education understands the concern of the students and always works for the benefit of the students and help them with valuable and genuine information about the best courses and colleges that provide the best placements and ensure confirmed admission for the students in such colleges.

  10. Information is the gold mine today and getting this valuable and genuine information is always a huge task. Many will misguide the students with fake information and put the student’s professional life at risk for their vested interests. The students will get easily lured by such false information and fall prey for fake promotions. At Galaxy Education this is not the case, we are known for our integrity and honest reputation that is built on our two-decade history in the education sector. We value our students and will always help the students with accurate information of all the colleges and courses. We guide the students with genuine information, and we respect their decisions and always tries to provide admission to best college for the students.

  11. Every student struggles hard to get admission to colleges in Bangalore and he/she will have to go through tiring and complicated procedures of admissions. But with Galaxy Education this is ruled out, we have simplified the process of admission for our students, and we help them to get a hassle-free admission experience. Our team at Galaxy Education takes all the efforts to make the students and parents comfortable with admissions procedures. Our dedicated admission team fulfils all the admission formalities and will help the students with confirmed admissions.

  12. Choosing a career is always a challenging task for the young minds of students, many of them will be confused about their careers and may end up choosing the wrong career path, due to many external factors like fake promotions and friends advice etc. At Galaxy Education, we understand this problem of students and we work towards it. Our team at Galaxy Education carefully analyses the career goals of the students and help them with valuable suggestions that guide them towards best courses and colleges for maximum results.

  13. Financial condition is an important aspect for the livelihood of the person. We at Galaxy Education humbly value the financial conditions of both parents and students. We know the value of money. We believe in honesty and integrity and help the students with genuine information about the best colleges and courses that are well within the budgets.

  14. Many students dream of going abroad and study in international universities and Galaxy Education also helps the students in this aspect also. It is impractical to visit each and every country to collect information about the top universities available. At Galaxy Education we have made this task simple, we help our valuable students with all the information that they require about every international university under one umbrella. The students can get in-depth information from our international team of experts and they can choose the right place and university well according to their budgets.

  15. It is a pain for every parent to send their children to far places for study, they will make this sacrifice only for the benefits of their children. Galaxy Education understands this very well as our team members also have kids. Galaxy Education acts as a local guardian for all its students in their 1st year studies and always looks forward towards their safety. The dedicated team at Galaxy Education will be available 24/7 & 365 days, in case of any emergency. We also take care of the children until they get accustomed and feel comfortable with the local climate and lifestyle etc. So, there is no need of worry for parents about their kids because they are in good hands of Galaxy Education.

  16. Many students will be having an inferiority complex due to their language skills and personality skills. We at Galaxy Education are here to help those students, we try to build confidence in such students with our dedicated training sessions on personality development courses, skill development courses etc. We also train the students on various other traits that are very important for current industry, like English language training, placements training, mock interviews etc. All these helps the students to upskill their skills and get better career opportunities.

  17. We at Galaxy Education help the parents and students with the processes related to admissions to colleges. Galaxy Education helps both parents and students with many services like with local boarding and hospitality facilities, dedicated admission executive, free transportation, college visits etc for both parents and students. The team at Galaxy Education understands the challenges that the parents and students undergo while looking for admissions, so we constantly work to make it easy for them and get admissions. Our team at Galaxy Education is dedicated to removing all the obstacles that are coming in the way for the students and parents, with our technical expertise and our strong dedication towards our education progression.

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