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Top careers to choose after BA Criminology more_vert

01 Jun 2020

Top careers to choose after BA Criminologyclose

Brief Introduction to BA Criminology The BA Criminology is the three-year undergraduate programme that deals with the detailed study of the criminology and crime investigation methodologies. The students who have completed their PUC or 12th class in the arts or science streams with good percentages can join the BA Criminology course. The BA Criminology course is the new and recently...

All you should know about BA Criminology more_vert

01 Jun 2020

All you should know about BA Criminologyclose

Introduction to Criminology Criminology is the branch of sociology that deals with the scientific study of law enforcement and the criminal justice system and various methods of preventing the crime. Criminology is the interdisciplinary study of different subjects such as biology, statistics, psychology, psychiatry, economics and anthropology. Criminology is the most challenging field that has taken shape in the recent years. Unfortunately, the increased crime rates in various countries have created a demand for the criminology professionals to a larger extent. They ar...

Career Prospects for BA Economics more_vert

01 Jun 2020

Career Prospects for BA Economicsclose

Introduction to Economics Economics is the branch of Social Science that mainly focuses on the behaviour and interactions of economic agents. The economics is basically concerned with production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. It is basically the study that involves allocation of the resources for production, distribution and consumption for both individual level and collective levels in the society. Economics is broadly classified into Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Microeconomics focuses on the behaviours of individual consumers and producers...

All about BA Economics more_vert

01 Jun 2020

All about BA Economicsclose

A brief about BA Economics The BA Economics course comprises both qualitative and quantitative approaches for the social sciences. The course usually involves a study of the main aspects related to improving the organisation’s overall profitability through different approaches and techniques. The BA Economics course is the undergraduate level Bachelor’s programme which is of 3 years of duration. The students who have passed their PUC or 10+2 are eligible to apply f...

All the information that you should know about M.Sc Statistics! more_vert

01 Jun 2020

All the information that you should know about M.Sc Statistics!close

What is Statistics? Statistics is a form of mathematical analysis that uses quantified models, representations and synopsis for a given set of experimental data or real-life studies. Statistics studies methodologies to gather, review, analyse and draw conclusions from data. Statistics are used to make better and informed business decisions. Statistics has its application in different disciplines such as psychology, business, physical and social sciences, humanities, government and manufacturing. The specialists use statistical data to analyse the problem and recommend accurate s...

Career Prospects after BA Sociology more_vert

29 May 2020

Career Prospects after BA Sociologyclose

Are you interested to know more about careers available after BA Sociology? Are you confused between careers available after BA Sociology? Read this article till the end to know more What is the BA Sociology? The study of sociology is nothing but the scientific study of the human societies located across the globe. The field of sociology has its roots in the areas of social sciences. The BA Sociolo...

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