Why is Nursing a popular career?

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Last updated: 12 Oct 2021

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A few lines about Nursing

Nursing is a branch of allied health sciences that deals with care and treatment for the patients suffering from illness or injury. Nurses care for patients, offer emotional support and educate the public about health conditions. Individuals can pursue various types of nursing careers and continue to serve humanity as registered nurses. Professionals in this field can also specialise in caring for a specific patient group, such as neonatal, rehabilitation and critical care patients.

The nurses also serve as patient’s advocates, health educators and coordinators of different health care services. Their expertise has enabled nurses to work in a wide variety of settings, including adult facilities, prisons, officers, private clinics and even military bases.

Reasons that make Nursing a Popular Profession

There are a good number of reasons that make nursing a popular one. If anyone wants to help the sick and injured persons, they have the opportunity in a variety of settings and want to be a role model for those around you. Nursing is an excellent way to make that happen. Entering the nursing profession has been a consistently smart career choice over the years. The nursing field is expansive, covering dozens of job titles, specialities and work environments. 

Let’s try to understand some of the reasons that makes nursing a popular one

Nursing shortage creates demand

Today, more and more people have access to insurance, it seems that hospitals are having time keeping up with the demand for patients. There are thousands of nurses who are aged and nearing their retirement. It is very important to be replaced as soon as they retire in order to reduce the shortage. The massive influx of patients combined with nursing retirements has become a serious issue and created a silver lining for the aspiring nurses. There are many surveys that claim that by 2025 there will be a projected rate of 12% increase in the demand for nurses.

Opportunities where you can help people for living as a nurse

It has been said a thousand times that the nurses have the potential to make a difference in many lives. As a nurse more likely to help patients in some of the most vulnerable moments of their lives. As a nurse you will take care of their medical needs, but you may also have the chance to make them feel safe, cared for and heard like few others. Nursing is an incredibly rewarding feeling that isn’t found in every career and certainly something nurses can hang their hats on when dealing with an inevitable rough day at work.

Nurses have solid earning

The nursing positions tend to fare well when it comes to earnings. The increased demand for nurses in the healthcare field has forced the organisations to pay handsome salaries for skilled nurses. There is a huge demand for skilled professionals when it comes to nursing field across the globe. They are not limited to one specific field of work, but they have diverse mode of earning such as working in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, military, rehabilitation centres, etc.  

Technology is adding new dimensions to nursing

Advances in technology are rapidly changing the scope of the healthcare industry, including nursing. One field in particular, informatics has created a whole new career path for nurses. Informatics deals with measuring data where diagnose that data and convert it into easy-to-understand information that can be used for patient treatment and care. Nurses that specialise in data analysis will be able to help forge this new frontier.

Nursing career choices are expanding

Nurses today can be entrepreneurs, administrators, policymakers, bloggers, professors, researchers and even doctors of nursing practice at uppermost levels of nursing. There are many other opportunities out in the hospitals for nurses. As nurses become more mobile throughout healthcare, business, politics and other spheres of society, they gain more influence to change the industry. Nurses who experience burnout on the floor now have more choices to change work lives leaving nursing.

Concluding Words

Nursing has always been at the top of job markets. Nurses are required in all the hospitals and health care institutes. The growing number of patients in the hospitals are putting pressure on hospitals to hire more nurses to look after them. Nursing profession is an evergreen profession and has not witnessed any recession till date. 

Nursing profession is a challenging one and as nurses one has to meet all the expectations. The students who are service oriented and compassionate in heart can choose to become nurses. The students who are interested to enrich their knowledge can join the Post Basic B.Sc Nursing course.

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