Career Prospects for Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Career Prospects for Doctor of Medicine (MD) Course

Last updated: 16 Oct 2021

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Are you interested to pursue your Doctor of Medicine (MD) after your MBBS?

Are you confused between Master of Surgery (MS) and Doctor of Medicine (MD) courses?

Read the article till the end to know more!

What is the Doctor of Medicine (MD)?

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) is the 3-year post-graduate programme that can be done after the completion of the MBBS degree. The Doctor of Medicine (MD) is one of the postgraduate programmes in the medical stream that teaches and prepares future doctors. The main aim of the course is to prepare the students with the various techniques about the study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the diseases in the patients. The students of Doctor of Medicine (MD) will develop an in-depth knowledge of the field of medicine and medical science. The Doctor of Medicine (MD) students will develop the expertise and hands-on experience on a variety of subjects that includes Anatomy, Radiotherapy, General Medicine, Paediatrics etc.

Eligibility for Doctor of Medicine (MD)?

The basic eligibility for the Doctor of Medicine (MD) is that the students should have completed the MBBS degree. The MBBS Graduated students have the option to choose from wide areas of specialisations in the field of MD. The students can choose their specialisations in their MD that decides their career as the doctor. The MBBS Graduated students should apply and qualify the NEET-PG exam to get admission to MD programmes. The NEET-PG is the national level entrance exam where the competition is extremely high. The students have to do rigorous preparations to qualify the entrance exams. Getting an MD seat under merit quota is extremely difficult, so the students should study hard to get into MD programmes.

Admission Process

The students who are interested to join the MD postgraduate degree should mandatorily clear the NEET-PG exams and undergo counselling sessions to choose their desired colleges for merit seats. The merit seats are allotted to the students according to their NEET-PG rankings and marks obtained by them in their MBBS degree. There are two types of counselling for the Doctor of Medicine (MD) they are:

1. Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) Counselling

The students who are interested to join the government medical colleges and other medical colleges affiliated to the government should undergo the counselling procedures of Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA). The students who intend to join for the merit seats under government quota are required to complete the counselling procedures and join for the MD postgraduate programmes in their chosen colleges. The medical colleges under the Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) are affiliated to the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS).

2. Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) Counselling

The students who are interested to join the deemed universities that are under the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) are required to apply for the MCC counselling procedures. The students should undergo the MCC counselling procedures to get admission to their desired deemed universities for Doctor of Medicine (MD) postgraduate programmes.

Skills required to become MD doctor

The students who are interested to join the Doctor of Medicine (MD) course are required to exhibit many skills and qualities. Some of the qualities and skills required for the MD doctor are:

  • The students should have in-depth theoretical knowledge and excellent practical exposure to the medical field
  • The MD students should exhibit responsibility, sincerity, self-confidence, etc
  • The students should have a lot of patience
  • The students should have quick decision-making skills
  • The students should have the excellent analytical ability
  • The MD students should show compassion and empathy towards the patients
  • The MD students should have the ability to properly diagnose the disease and should be capable to provide accurate treatments and medicines
  • The MD students should have excellent communicative skills
  • The MD students are also required to exhibit the managerial and administrative skills
  • The students should have excellent researching capabilities and should be open for learning
  • The students should update their knowledge by developing new skills and techniques.

Specialisations available in Doctor of Medicine (MD)

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) courses are divided into various specialisations. The MBBS students are free to choose their desired specialisations according to their interests. The Doctor of Medicine (MD) has diverse areas of specialisations.

Some of the specialisations available in Doctor of Medicine (MD) are:

  • MD General Medicine
  • MD in Cardiology
  • MD in Clinical Haematology
  • MD in Clinical Pharmacology
  • MD in Endocrinology
  • MD in Gastroenterology
  • MD in Medical Gastroenterology
  • MD in Medical Oncology
  • MD in Neonatology
  • MD in Pulmonary Medicine
  • MD in TB & Chest

Career Scope for Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Many students after the completion of their MBBS will be confused about choosing their specialisations in their MD or MS degrees. There are several specialisations available for the MBBS graduated students in both areas. The students can choose between the Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Master of Surgery (MS). Both have importance and excellent growth opportunities in their careers. The MD students master the prevention, diagnosis and treatments of the diseases. While the Master of Surgery (MS) deals with surgery and surgical techniques. The choice depends on the students.

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) students are hired in government hospitals, nursing homes, polyclinics, diagnostic centres etc. They can even start their practice in their clinics, they can work as consultants to various hospitals and nursing homes. They can even join as lecturers and professors in the universities and medical colleges and start teaching.

Placement Opportunities

MD students can find ample job opportunities across the healthcare sector. They are normally hired in hospitals and diagnostic centres. They are hired in government hospitals, private hospitals, super-speciality hospitals, multi-speciality hospitals, nursing homes etc.

Some of the top recruiters hiring MD students are:

  • Apollo Hospitals
  • Manipal Hospitals
  • Medanta Health city
  • Fortis Hospitals
  • Aster Healthcare
  • Max Healthcare
  • Metro Hospitals


The MBBS Graduated students have ample options to choose in their Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Master of Surgery (MS) from available specialisations. The doctor of Medicine (MD) programme increases the job opportunities for the students. Every MD specialisation has its own value and decides the career of the MD student. Suppose if the MBBS student chooses to join MD Cardiology then he/she will continue his/her career in cardiology. So, the students should choose the MD specialisation with caution and pursue his/her doctor profession in the chosen specialisation.

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