Parent’s Guide to Study Abroad Education

Parent’s Guide to Study Abroad Education

Last updated: 05 Feb 2022


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Every parent always thinks of providing better education for their children within the limits of their affordability and financial limitations. Many students today are opting to study abroad opportunities for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Even parents are supporting the choices of their students when it comes to study abroad avenues. 

Studying abroad can be one of the bravest decisions that can be taken as a child and parent, but it also one of the best decisions that is taken for the betterment of the child’s future. Studying abroad provides an excellent opportunity for the children as they will be getting exposed to the international experiences that widens the horizons of thinking for the children. 

Studying abroad can be one of the biggest challenges for the children and the parents, and it is very much essential for the students and parents to have knowledge about international studies. There are important points that are to be kept in mind by the parents and the children before going for abroad studies.

Some of the points to be kept in mind before going for Studying Abroad

Have an open conversation with the child

As a parent one has to openly converse with the child and try to understand the main reason for them choosing to go abroad for studies. The parents have to understand whether the child is seeking abroad studies either for career orientation or personal reasons.

Conduct Extensive Research

It is an equal responsibility of the parent and child to do extensive research about the international universities before choosing one. The parents should perform extensive research about the courses and the universities that best suit them.

Understanding the Challenges Involved in Studying Abroad

The parents have to understand the challenges involved in studying abroad. Before sending their children to study abroad it is essential that the parents should understand the challenges involved from other parents who have already sent their children to study abroad. This helps the parents not to miss any minute things that are essential for the studies abroad.

Financial information

The cost of studying abroad is always more when compared to studying in your home country. The parents have to check their finances and plan it accordingly. The parents have to completely understand the expenses involved like tuition fee, living expenses, medical expenses, visa expenses and miscellaneous costs. The parents should be prepared to bear all these expenses before taking the decision to send their children abroad for studying.

Health Safety

The climate in different countries is different from the home country, the children and parents should be aware of all the health conditions that can be caused due to temperature differences. The children should be vaccinated to develop resistance to some diseases that are specific to their country. If the child is one some medication the parents have to consult their family doctor and take proper advice before taking the decision to send their kid abroad. The parent and child should be well aware of availability of the medication required in that specific country, if not alternative arrangements should be made and necessary precautions have to be taken by both parent and child before taking the decision to study abroad.

Travel Safety 

Traveling to a different country is one of the most daunting tasks for every parent who sends their kids abroad for studies. The passport, visa processing and many other formalities should be double checked before reaching the airport. Even a small mistake can prove critical when it comes to travelling abroad. Many countries have stricter immigration formalities that have to be properly passed. Travel insurance for the child is always advisable for the child travelling. The parents and child have to be well aware of local laws and international student rights. The parents should be in constant touch with embassies till the child completes the education. The parents have to keep more than 2 emergency contacts and also equip the kid with proper travel kit to have a smooth journey

Go for Counselling

The parents have to always reach the international counsellors for better knowledge and clarity of studying abroad. The international admission experts are the best choice that the parents can rely on for their children to study abroad. The counsellors will be well aware of all the information about the international studies. It is always advisable for both parents and child to reach the counsellors to have a better picture about the international studies.


It is very essential to be aware of all the information related to international studies for both parents and children before choosing one. The above points try to explain some of the important points that have to be kept in mind before taking such decisions. The parents and children can get more clarity about studying abroad from our Galaxy Education: Study Abroad experts.

The eligible students can get more details about Study Abroad by contacting us on +91 9916505050/+91 8088602346. They can also email us at or can also reach us as for more details.

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