Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Galaxy Education-Study Abroad provides a quintessential college experience for the students looking for abroad studies. Galaxy Education is India’s leading overseas education service provider and is one of the most trusted one-stop solutions for all international study needs. Since our inception we have ensured to provide quality and professional counselling for the students about international education in the top universities of the world. We represent more than 100+ universities across the globe to offer the best abroad studies services to our students. We believe in redefining overseas education services for study abroad from India. We collaborate with top universities across the globe and likeminded student recruiters. We strive to fulfil the academic ambitions of the students, while assisting them in making the right career decision. We render proficient services for our students by making the abroad education simpler and better streamlined. The students are expedited with the quest of exploring study destinations, universities, and courses of their choice by providing them with the best tech platforms. The students with a desire to study abroad can get a complete assistance for the chosen course and destination from our Galaxy Education experts. Our global educational experts follow a detailed research strategy to provide authentic information about the different colleges located across the world. The students get accurate information which helps them to make informed decisions in their overseas studies . From our comprehensive network across the globe, we offer our students one step closer to their dreams of studying abroad.

The Galaxy Education Study Abroad department assists the desired students to get the admission to the most popular and trending fields such as:

  1. Medical
  2. Dental
  3. Engineering
  4. Management
  5. Commerce
  6. Computer Application
  7. Arts & Science

Advantages of Studying abroad

1. Diverse course options to choose from

Studying abroad provides a wide variety of courses for students. This helps the students to expand their horizons and opens new educational opportunities.

2. Makes you more employable

The students with abroad study certification are more employable across the globe. The students can explore an ocean of opportunities across the globe, if they complete their degree from abroad countries. The students with abroad degree will increase their chances of job prospects in the internationally

3. From learning a language to living a language

The students will be learning new languages from different countries. This helps the students to open their horizons of opportunities. The students will get exposed to different cultures that develop them holistically.

4. Brings you international exposure

The students studying abroad will get extensive international exposure, this helps them to understand the international standards. These qualities are one of the best traits developed by the students with abroad degrees.

5. Gain a global perspective

The students who study abroad develop a well-informed mindset and wider perspective towards other cultures and people. The students will graduate with a richer set of experiences that will allow them to think more openly and creatively.

6. An experience of a lifetime

Studying abroad gives the students a lifetime experience that helps them to grow better professionally and personally. This helps the students to develop ‘out of box’ thinking capacity which they need to address today’s business challenges.

7. Meet a diverse range of people

The students can have a chance to meet a diverse range of people, if they choose to study abroad. This helps them to build worldwide networks and develop into perfect professionals

8. Get quality education at a lesser fee structure

The students can gain the chance to study quality education at a lesser fee structure. The education fees are comparatively lesser in the top universities abroad. The students can even avail the scholarship programmes that further reduces the fee structure in abroad universities

9. Become independent

The students will become independent individuals if they choose to study abroad. The new cultures and ways of living in the different countries helps the students to grow independently and become successful professionals

10. Travel the world

Traveling the world is even today considered as a luxury, the students who choose to study abroad will have an opportunity to travel the world and experience rich and new cultures

We provide exceptional study options for our students with a notable academic journey in the top educational institutions in different countries like:

Why study in Armenia?

Studying in Mauritius receive a world-class, Internationally recognised education.

Why study in Bangladesh?

The studies in Bangladesh enables the students to acquire a sound knowledge and a balanced understanding of the history and culture of Bangladesh.

Why study in Georgia?

Georgia is strategically located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Georgia can be a good destination for studies for students who are interested in a rich cultu

Why Study in Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan is the world's largest landlocked country, at 2,724,900 km2, larger than all of Western Europe.

Why study in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a fast growing and hot destination for international students.

why study in Moldova?

Moldova has become one of the UK's top destinations to study. Private and public universities in Moldova provide the best higher education for International students.

Why study in Philippines?

The Philippines is a tropical country in the Pacific Ocean, blessed with beautiful natural landscapes - and active volcanoes and extreme weather patterns.

Why study in Russia?

Studying in Russia is a popular choice for international students, They receive a high quality education in a culturally diverse environment.

Why study in Ukraine?

Ukraine is a perfect destination to study Medicine. Ukraine gives opportunities to thousands of International students to study Medicine in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Studying Abroad a Good Decision?
    Yes, studying abroad is a good decision because it opens you up to new opportunities, and meeting new people helps you to experience other cultures. Studying abroad gives the global level exposure and also opens the possibilities for the students to understand multiculturalism. It is also depending on the country you chose for that particular course
  • Is there any age limit to Study in Abroad?
    Yes, there is a specified age limit fixed for most of the undergraduate courses offered in different universities, but there are some master courses without any age bar .The students can contact our experts to get more details about the course you desire to study.
  • Is It Possible To Work While Studying Abroad?
    Yes, it is possible to work and study abroad and most of the countries are encouraging that . Majority of students will be working as well as studying in universities abroad. Usually, the students can look for jobs around the universities and work in their free time. Since the teaching hours are very flexible in universities abroad, the students can balance both study and work and they can earn and pay their fees
  • What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing A Country ?
    The factors that are to be considered before studying abroad are; affordable school fees, possibility of international students working there, low cost of living, living culture,climate condition,speaking language,standard of education,reputation of the university,availability of good accommodation for students etc.
  • Is it Safe To Study Abroad?
    It depends on the countries you choose. The students have to take experts' opinions when choosing the country and university location for their studies abroad. There are many high crime rates and low crime rate countries across the globe. Before applying for studies in a country, the students can also check the crime rate. commonly Most of the developed countries will be safer than under developed countries. It is very safe for international students, as long as they adhere to the prescribed safety measures.
  • What Are The Challenges Of Studying Abroad?

    Yes, the students choosing study abroad may face some of the challenges like:

    1. Culture shock
    2. Homesickness
    3. Loneliness
    4. Financial Difficulty
    5. Local Language Barriers
    6. Visa extension problem
    7. Stay back 
    8. Certificate value in India 
    9. Bank Loan Approval 
    10. Manageable Health problems because of sudden climate change 
    11. Homesickness
  • What Are The Requirements To Study Abroad?

    The students looking to study abroad have to meet the following requirements like:

    1. Marks criteria as per the university or course  requirement 
    2. Some countries will have minimum cut off marks to apply visa 
    3. Get enrolled at a designated learning institution
    4. Show proof of funds to cover your tuition fees, living costs, return travel
    5. Have no criminal record
    6. Resident permit to stay in the country 
    7. Be in good health (you might need to complete a medical exam)
    8. Prove that you will be leaving the country after your studies (for some countries)
  • What Are The Documents Needed To Study Abroad?

    The students intending to study abroad should submit the following documents, they are:

    1. Marks Cards/Transcripts of previous academic study
    2. English translation of non-English Marks cards/transcripts 
    3. Evaluation report of foreign marks cards/transcripts by an accredited agency
    4. Migration Certificate
    5. Letters of recommendations
    6. Statement of purpose
    7. Resume
    8. Admission offer letter 
    9. Criminal background check of the applicant depends on country 
    10. Valid passport and Visa.
    11. Resident permit
  • Do I Need To Speak The Language Of The Country?

    It's not mandatory to learn the language of the chosen country, but it is always good to make efforts to understand the basic words of that country if it’s not an English speaking nation. In some countries they are encouraging English as their speaking language but some countries like Germany ,France, etc. are giving priority to their local languages.

  • Will I Be Having Personal Interviews from Universities ?

    Yes,some universities do conduct a personal selection round through skype as the part of the admission process along with the other rounds like written test, aptitude checking ,vocabulary test  which completely varies from universities to universities

  • Is it necessary to pass IELTS Or OET for Admission?

    Yes, In some countries it is mandatory for the students to qualify IELTS or OET to study abroad but in few countries and universities the students get an option to skip the entrance exams.

  • What If I Haven't Gotten My IELTS Or OET result Yet, Can I Still Apply?

    Yes, the students can even apply for study abroad if they have all your other documents and meet all the requirements. The school may give you a conditional offer letter and once you submit the IELTS or OET  you can receive an unconditional offer letter.

  • How can I Start Applying To Universities?

    There are universities accepting applications directly and through the channel partners. But It is always advisable to apply through authorised and highly reputed channel partners to eliminate a complicated admission process . It is a good idea to always have a good guide and mentor to take care of all the processes till you finish the education . The students looking to study abroad can contact Galaxy Education for a transparent and fast admission process.  And also their Study Abroad experts to get more details about different universities and admission cycles of each academic year since it varies from each university.

  • What are the important points to be noticed when choosing an Abroad university ?

    While choosing a university, do well research on different aspects like 

    1. Whether the university is international students-friendly?
    2. Is it located at a crime free location ?
    3. Does the university have housing for students within their vicinity?
    4. Does the university offer scholarship opportunities?
    5. Is the university affordable?
    6. Whether the university has courses with prominent career opportunities?
    7. Does the university have work placement programs?
    8. Whether the university has the validity of a degree approved by the Indian Govt?.
    9. Whether the university offers students a visa to study at their school?
  • I Am a Disabled International Student, Can I Study At A University Abroad?

    Yes you can, every international university is disabled friendly and has measures in place to cater for the disabled international students applying to study with them. So, the students with disabilities can easily apply for abroad studies.

  • Where Can I Talk To Other International Students ?

    Most of the international universities have an international students alumni group, where one can chat with other international students that are already studying in that school, and ask them whatever you want to know. The students can get more details about alumni students from Galaxy Education: Study abroad admission experts

  • Are there any International Admissions Advisors?

    The international admission advisors at Galaxy Education-Study Abroad are international admission experts who guide about different countries and their reputed universities by providing genuine information and help the students to have smooth and confirmed admissions in their desired universities.

  • Is there any scholarship available for Indian students to study abroad?

    Yes, there are some scholarships available for the Indian students who wish to study abroad, some universities do provide scholarships to the limited number of students interested to study abroad. The students can contact Galaxy Education Study Abroad experts for more details about scholarships and fee viewer. There are some countries providing even total free education to students.

  • Can I get an education loan to study abroad?

    Yes, the students can avail educational loans to study abroad from top and reputed banks. Many reputed banks provide educational loans with a lesser interest rate for the students who wish to study abroad. Galaxy Education-Study  Abroad experts will assist in availing educational loans from reputed banks.

  • How do I choose which country to study?

    Every country is unique and best popular for some fields of study, the students should have a clear goal and should take opinions from international education experts and choose the destination that can fulfil their dream of international studies. The students can get more details about choosing different countries for studying abroad by contacting us.

  • When can I apply for study abroad programs?

    All the International universities will follow 2-cycles of admissions, Summer Cycle and Winter Cycle every year. The students can apply for any one of the cycles according to their convenience through Galaxy Education, Study Abroad. The students can even pre-book and confirm their seats for studying abroad.

  • Should I apply for a student visa?

    Yes, it is mandatory for the students to apply for a student visa to study abroad in international universities. Without a student visa the university will not accept the admission of the students. Galaxy Education -Study Abroad also provides exclusive Visa Processing services for the students.

  • Can I do a part-time job along with the course?

    Yes, the students can take up part-time jobs  during the course while studying in all the international universities. Usually, the classes are flexible with timings in the abroad universities and the students can use their free time to work in the establishments around the universities. The students can even self-finance for their studies by taking up part-time jobs.  Taking up  Part - time jobs are legal in all the countries but there will be some restrictions for working hours for some of the countries

  • What are the criterias to study Abroad?

    The eligibility criteria for the study abroad depends on the type of degree that is chosen either bachelor’s or masters, the eligibility varies

    For under graduate courses


    1. The students who have completed their PUC or 12th with 50% aggregate from recognised board of India (Central/State board)
    2. The students have to qualify the NEET-UG exam (in case of MBBS or BDS)
    3. The students have to qualify any language test like; IELTS, TOFEL ,OET etc

    For Master’s Courses


    1. The students who have completed their degree in any stream with 50% aggregate from recognised university approved by UGC or AICTE
    2. The students have to qualify the NEET-PG exam (in case of MD/MS, MDS, FRCS/FRCP etc)
    3. The students have to qualify any language test like IELTS, TOFEL,OET etc

Why to choose Galaxy Education for Study Abroad?

  1. The Study Abroad department of Galaxy Education gives the students detailed and research-based information related to all the fields of study like MBBS, Engineering, Management, Law etc. 
  2. The students can get in-depth research based information about the top educational destinations for the mentioned field of studies.
  3. The students can also get detailed information about top ranked and reputed colleges and universities across the world.
  4. Our academic experts will also help the students to make the right decision and right destination for their chosen courses.
  5. The students will be assisted with complete guidance from admission to top universities in the best educational destinations of the world
  6. The students will be given a detailed comparative analysis of the different universities and colleges across the globe and we help them to choose the right one that is best suited to their interests.
  7. Our international academic experts act as the local guardians and the students will be assisted locally in their chosen study destination.
  8. We help our students to become comfortable with the local society of their chosen destination
  9. We help our students with boarding and lodging facilities in the chosen destination

Galaxy Education provides exclusive services for students aspiring to Study Abroad

  1. International Admission Guidance: The students will be receiving exclusive guidance about international admissions
  2. Abroad Application Assistance: The students will be assisted in processing the application processing for abroad studies
  3. Merit Assistance: The merit students will be assisted for securing scholarship programmes for their abroad studies
  4. University and Colleges Comparisons of different countries: The students will be given a detailed comparative and analysis report of different courses and countries and help them to decide the right course.
  5. Course Selections: Our international admission officers will help the students to choose the right courses for their abroad studies
  6. Bank Loan Assistance: We provide complete loan assistance from the top leading banks, if the students are interested to for education loans
  7. Travel and Accommodation Assistance: Our international team helps the students with complete travel and accommodation assistance
  8. Foreign Exchange Assistance: Our international team also helps the students in foreign exchange assistance
  9. Visa Application and Processing Assistance: Our international team takes care of complete application, Visa processing assistance for the students
  10. Admission Confirmation Assistance: The students will be given complete confirmation assistance for their studies abroad.

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