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Galaxy Education offers admissions for Medical, Dental, Engineering, Management, Nursing, Arts & Science etc in Abroad countries.

Why study in Armenia?

Studying in Mauritius receive a world-class, Internationally recognised education.

Why study in Bangladesh?

The studies in Bangladesh enables the students to acquire a sound knowledge and a balanced understanding of the history and culture of Bangladesh.

Why study in Georgia?

Georgia is strategically located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Georgia can be a good destination for studies for students who are interested in a rich cultu

Why Study in Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan is the world's largest landlocked country, at 2,724,900 km2, larger than all of Western Europe.

Why study in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a fast growing and hot destination for international students.

why study in Moldova?

Moldova has become one of the UK's top destinations to study. Private and public universities in Moldova provide the best higher education for International students.

Why study in Philippines?

The Philippines is a tropical country in the Pacific Ocean, blessed with beautiful natural landscapes - and active volcanoes and extreme weather patterns.

Why study in Russia?

Studying in Russia is a popular choice for international students, They receive a high quality education in a culturally diverse environment.

Why study in Ukraine?

Ukraine is a perfect destination to study Medicine. Ukraine gives opportunities to thousands of International students to study Medicine in the country.

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