The importance of an Internship

The importance of an Internship

Last updated: 30 Apr 2024

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According to a report by Internshala, a career-tech platform, there has been a two-hundred percent increase in internship opportunities for Indian students over the past five years. This is based on the number of internship openings posted on the platform over the past five years.

Internship plays a vital role in the life of a student during the start of their career. Though internship is underrated it acts as a gateway to the professional world. The recent introduction of the New Education Policy 2020 has increased the importance of internships to encourage academic learning with skill-based education.

Why do you need an internship?

Internships are golden opportunities for students to get one step closer to their dream job. It not only allows the students to understand the industry demand but also gives them hands-on experience in the relevant field. A practicum offers an opportunity to bridge the gap between academics and the real industry allowing students to get practical experience.

Reasons why internships are important:

  • Get one step closer to your dream:

Internships facilitate the students to get real industry experience. An internship can help you decide whether you want to continue in the field in the future. The experience also allows gain practical knowledge and experience that is important to thrive in the job market.

  • Professional Experience:

Academics focus only on the theoretical aspects whereas internship allows you to gain professional experience and skills that are important to thrive in the career. Concepts like time management, interpersonal skills, teamwork, problem-solving and leadership skills can be learned during the internship. 

  • Industry Connections:

Internship helps students to build industry connections helping students to connect to industry experts which can help in placement opportunities and other future employment opportunities.

  • Trial and Error:

An internship can be a trial and error for the students in the aspect of career. The internship gives you an opportunity to change your career path if it doesn’t meet your expectations level.

  • Stand out in the crowd:

An internship from a reputed company can act as a game-changer for the students. An internship certificate from a reputed industry can help you to fetch a job with a handsome salary. Additionally, it also helps you to stand out in the crowd during an interview.

 The Final Thoughts

Internship acts as a gateway to your dreams and is critical for professional growth. The real-world industry experience can be gained before the real work experience only through an internship. A good internship can make or break your career. Additionally, a successful internship can help you to lay the foundation for the future which can be rewarding in the future.

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