Top MPA Colleges in Bangalore

MPA (Master of Performing Arts)
This advanced course provides a unique blend of subjects that help to enhance and develop a candidate’s creativity and innovation skills. Multiple art forms like dance, theatre, and music are encouraged. Candidates with a passion for creativity are provided a strong and structured foundation to sharpen their artistic skills and broaden their theoretical base so that they are capable of putting up independent productions. The course explores the production and performance aspects of performing arts with intensive and practical training

List of Top MPA Colleges in Bangalore

    List of Master of Performing Arts colleges

  • Jain University
    Jain University

    Course 1: MPH - Classical Dance (Bharatanatyam)

    Course 2: MPH - Karnataka Classical Music


    Jain University, Deemed University

    Eligibility: The qualification required to apply for the program is a minimum of 50% marks in the respective bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. Students who are pursuing final year bachelor’s program are also eligible to apply.

    Duration: 2 years, Full Time, Post graduate Programme

    Campus Location: School of Humanities & Social Sciences #1/1-1, Atria Towers, Palace Road Bengaluru - 560001


    Distance From Bangalore Airport to College : 16.4 km
    Distance From Bangalore Railway Station to College : 18 km

Top MPA Colleges in Bangalore

Top MPA Colleges in Bangalore

Last updated: Apr 19, 2022


class Major Courses

MPA course details

Duration 3 years 
Level Master Programme
Mode of Admission Merit /Management
Fee Detail Merit Quota Seats :- Rs.30,000 to Rs.60,000
Management Quota Seats :- Rs.75,000 to Rs.1,00,000
Admission Process

Merit- College will be inviting the Application, Interested candidates can apply once the applications are open.
Management- Students looking for Management seats can go for Direct Admission.

Syllabus of MPA

MPA Karnataka Classical Music

Year Semester Subject
Year I Semester I
  • Origin and Evolution of Music
  • Compositional Forms
  • Svarajatis and Varnas
  • Samudaya Kritigalu
  • Shuddha Madhyama Ragas
  • Research Methods
Semester II
  • History of Indian Music
  • Composers and Compositional Forms
  • Introduction to MridangaGuccha Kritigalu
  • Pratimadhyama Ragas
  • Department - Specific Elective : Music Therapy / Introduction to Indian Aesthetics
Year II Semester III
  • Sangita Shastra
  • Department-Specific Elective: A. Ragamalika and Vishesha Rachanegalu B. Compositions of Karnataka Composers
  • Music Production
  • Audava and Shadava Ragas
  • Open Elective
  • Mridanga Concepts
Semester IV
  • Sangita Vijnana
  • Raga-Tana-Pallavi
  • Vidwatpurna Ragas
  • Kucheri
  • Dissertation

MPA Classical Dance

Year Semester Subject
Year I Semester I
  • Deshi Prabheda
  • Natyanushasana
  • Nrittopakrama
  • Nritya Praveshika
  • Abhinayonmesha
  • Abhyaasa Gaana
Semester II
  • Deshi Vividhata
  • Natyatatvabhodini
  • Nrittaprakriya
  • Nrityanga Sangama
  • Rasabhinaya
  • Research Methods
Year II Semester III
  • Rasa Sarvasva
  • Dept. Specific Elective : Vishva Ranga Adhyana / Vangmaya Vilasa / Bharatiya Samskriti
  • Nrityotkarsha
  • Pratibha Sparsha
  • Natyodjhrumbana
  • Open Elective
Semester IV
  • Nrityasadhanasampatti
  • Dept. Specific Elective : Karanottejana / Abhinayottejana / Taalottejana
  • Nrityollasa
  • Tauryatrika
  • Dissertation

Placement of MPA

Career opportunities are available in news papers, multimedia companies, educational institutes, TV channels, film and video production, theatre, film, entertainment companies. Potential career roles:

  • Content Researcher and Writer
  • Photojournalist
  • Choreographer
  • Actor or Actress
  • Dancer
  • Theatre Performer
  • Stage Manager
  • Theatre Director

Top Recruiters for MPA students

Popular Recruiters:

  • Concentrix
  • Zee Entertainment
  • Reliance Productions
  • Phantom Productions
  • Wildcraft

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