Why should you choose Optometry as a career?

Why should you choose Optometry as a career?

Last updated: 23 Oct 2021

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Few lines about Optometry

Optometry is the healthcare profession of measuring vision, prescribing the right spectacles and lenses that improve vision and also detecting and diagnosing eye disorders. The optometry course has been designed to offer eligible candidates a wide range of clinical skills and knowledge to examine, diagnose, treat and manage diseases and disorders related to eyes and visual systems of the human body. The optometry course aims to educate the students about the various professional methods of visual screening, diagnosis of eye problems, orthodontics, vision training, optometric consulting, etc. 

The optometry students are trained to design the spectacles, lenses and many other optical aids. The optometry students will be learning about various skills like vision power checking, diagnosing the problems of vision using equipment, performing minor eye corrections, etc. The optometry students are trained to apply the correct eye drops for the patients to perform the diagnosis. They are also given training to handle and maintain the sophisticated optical instruments. They are also given training to calibrate the equipment under the guidance of the certified eye physician.

The B.Sc optometry course is a 3-years undergraduate programme that can be joined after the completion of the PUC or 10+2. The students seeking admission to B.Sc optometry should have studied any of the following three subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Zoology/Botany in their PUC or 10+2 from the recognised board.

Reasons to choose optometry

The optometry course is one of the most underrated courses in the field of medical sciences. The students who are aspiring to join the medical field never bother to have a look at optometry courses. Optometry is one of the most exciting and demanded fields in the medical field that basically, optometry deals with eye treatments and eye care.

Let’s try to understand some of the important reasons that make this optometry course a best one.

 Potential to change lives daily

Optometry is a rewarding career that offers high job satisfaction, a rewarding career. A visit to an optometrist has the potential to change someone’s lives dramatically. The optometrists perform a comprehensive eye exam, they assess an individual’s vision and provide prescriptions for glasses and contracts; diagnose, treat and manage eye injuries, detect disease in the eye and provide services to rehabilitate some eye conditions. Bringing a vision power to blind people can be the most satisfying feeling in any optometric life. They are skilled professionals who have the power to bring light in someone’s life with the power of vision.

Excellent Career opportunities

There is a high demand for optometrists and a growing need to care for an aging population. The optometrists have the ability to participate in interdisciplinary care with other health care providers to treatment holistically. The optometrists can get the opportunities to go into ocular research and explore new avenues for diagnosis, treatments and cures of eye conditions. All these skills have increased the demand for skilled professionals in the field of optometry. The optometrists are also required to assist in eye surgeries in hospitals. So, they play a crucial role in eye hospitals and eye clinics.

Diversity in Practice

The optometrists can work in different working atmospheres. They can work in community health centres, eye hospitals, eye clinics, optician shops, research and development organisations, optical equipment manufacturing companies and many more. They have flexibility to choose between jobs and can earn a decent money as skilled and experienced optometrists. Basically, the optometrists will be having regular work timings every day, they hardly go to any emergencies. So, they can enjoy an excellent work life balance.

Job Satisfaction and Good Quality of Life

Optometry is consistently chosen as one of the best jobs in the world. The optometrists can have flexible schedules and can easily maintain work and life balance. Their main job role is to diagnose the patients for eye problems and prescribe correct spectacles or lenses. The optometrists have the power to remove blindness in many blind people. This is the sense of satisfaction for a typical optometrist.

High Salaries

There is an acute shortage of skilled optometrists in the healthcare industry. The organisations are ready to hire a large number of skilled professionals. The organisations are ready to pay excellent salary packages for the right candidates. The demand is very high in foreign countries.

Final Lines

The B.Sc Optometry course was never considered as a potential and career-oriented course. The students who dreamt of becoming eye doctors who might have not been eligible can join this course. The students who are interested to join the medical field especially in eye care area can fulfill their dreams by joining this course.

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