Reasons to choose Emergency Medicine as Career

Reasons to choose Emergency Medicine as Career

Last updated: 20 Oct 2021

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Few Lines about Emergency Medicine

The Emergency Medicine Technology students are trained to administer the emergency medicines and connect the emergency medical equipment to the patients in case of emergency. The students are trained to connect the life support systems like ventilators, infusion pumps to the patients to keep them stable till the physician arrives. The Emergency Medical students are also trained to transport critically ill patients in a stable condition to the hospitals in emergencies. They are also well-versed for administering emergency medicines to the patients to keep them alive till the doctor arrives.

The B.Sc Emergency Medicine Technology is the 3-years degree programme that can be done after finishing the 12th class. The students who have studied any of the following subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Zoology/Botany in their PUC or 10+2 from the recognised board are eligible to apply for B.Sc Emergency Medicine Technology.

Reasons why one should choose Emergency Medicine course

There has been always talk about emergency teams in healthcare organisations and rescue teams. The emergency medicine technologists are required in large numbers in these emergency rescue teams and emergency hospitals. Emergency medicine technologists play a crucial role in saving the lives of people in case of medical emergencies. They are the first people to treat the patients in an emergency. Their treatments will decide the survival percentage of the patients; hence their treatments play a crucial role in saving a life. They are the first persons to get exposed to the emergency medical patients even before the doctor does so responsibility is more on them when compared to doctors. Many are not aware of this emergency medicine course because it is not highlighted before the MBBS course. 

Let’s try to know some of the benefits that the emergency medicine course has to offer for students.

Flexible Schedule

This is one of the benefits of being an emergency medicine professional. For the most part of work in emergency medicine, they work in scheduled shifts and the schedules are pretty predictable. This makes it convenient to fit in other important aspects of life, such as family time, exercising, studying and sleeping. For most emergency medicine professionals, the shifts range from 8 to 12 hours a day with 18 to 24 days a month depending on the work. Emergency medicine professionals can have excellent working schedules unless there is an emergency.

Breadth of cases

The emergency medicine professionals can have a dynamic working environment. They get exposed to a wide variety of cases like traumas and other emergent conditions that come along with working in the emergency rescue teams. The emergency medicine professionals will be learning different types of emergency situations and will have exhaustive knowledge of treating emergency patients irrespective of the situation they are going through. The challenge for emergency medicine professionals is that they have to give emergency treatment with incomplete information that they get from the patients in an emergency.

Diverse patient population

The emergency medicine professionals can have an opportunity to work with a diverse set of patients. Patients who are young, old, wealthy, impoverished, different races, different educations, etc. All of them receive care from the emergency medicine professionals. The level of interaction for the emergency medicine professionals is more with patients when compared to others.

It’s a challenging career

No day is like another, and the life as an emergency medicine professional is full of unimaginable challenges. The knowledge required to competently practice emergency medicine is vast and must be combined with compassion and skill. The emergency medicine professionals must master a variety of procedures and learn to do them quickly as lives often hang in the balance during the emergency. They are required to treat the patients without any background knowledge of the patient so he/she should be very careful while treating the patients. All this should happen in a very short span of time which is quite challenging and stressful.

Frontline Access

Rushing in to save the day was part of the lure of emergency medicine professionals. Patients present with a vast array of problems and the emergency medicine professionals are expected to make quick decisions and act on incomplete information. The thrill of saving a patient from death is an incredible feeling and difficult to put into words. Patients bring the emergency medicine professionals into the inner circle and allow direct access to everything.

Opportunities for growth

The emergency medicine professionals can find excellent growth opportunities in the field. They have an opportunity to lead a team of emergency medicine professionals as they gain experience.  They can even become head of rescue teams in government agencies. There is a huge demand for skilled emergency medicine professionals abroad especially in US and UK countries. They are also well paid by the organisations and can expect excellent career growth in the field. 

Lasting Impact

Most of the people who arrive in emergency response will be having one of the worst days of their lives. Working as an emergency medicine professional, one will be treating the patients who are incredibly ill or injured. It is truly an honour to be an emergency medicine professional who gets to take care of patients and families when in their time of greatest need.

Handsome Salaries

The emergency medicine professionals will be paid handsome salaries. They risk their lives while treating patients. They are the first persons to get access to the emergency, so they are well paid and can expect excellent benefits.


The emergency medicine professionals play an important role in saving the lives of the people. There is a huge demand for skilled emergency medicine professionals. The rescue operation teams and emergency hospitals are in need of a large number of skilled emergency professionals and they are ready to pay excellent salaries for the right candidates.

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