Growing Scope for Career with MSc in Psychology

Growing Scope for Career with MSc in Psychology

Last updated: 14 Oct 2021

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After the completion of your M.Sc. Psychology you may be eager to know about the job opportunities available in M.Sc. Psychology.

You can find different pathways after the M.Sc. Psychology. Are you interested to know more about the M.Sc. psychology career opportunities?

Read this article till the end to know more

Psychology & Mental Health

Today, mental illness is considered as the major concern across the globe. It’s a well-known fact that India is considered as a developing country despite its rapid economic growth. The reports say that many people are suffering from mental disorders in India.

Even after many advancements due to modernization, there is one factor that is still being neglected by the people i.e. mental illness. As per the latest statistics by the WHO, 6% to 7% of the Indian population are still suffering from serious mental disorders. There has been an increase in the awareness drives about mental disorders across the country.

The people today are understanding the importance of psychologists. The increase in awareness has created a demand for psychology students in various sectors. There are many reasons for the increase in mental illness today; the changed lifestyle, job stress, family and relationship problems, depression etc. the increase in these cases has created a demand for many counsellors and psychologists in the society.

What is the scope of Psychology?

Psychology is the branch of study where the students will be studying the humans by analysing their behaviours. The students who are passionate about human psychology can join psychology courses and choose to become psychologists.

There is a lot of scope for psychology and some of the reasons for growing scope in the field of psychology are mentioned below:

Passion to study human behaviour:

The students of today are highly passionate to study human behaviour. They are more interested in research on the causes, symptoms and effect of mental disorders of a person. The increased passion in the field of psychology has increased the scope for the psychology field.

Increased need for Psychologists:

In A country like India where the density of population is more, there is a lot of scarcity for psychologists. There is a perception in India that if the person is suffering from mental illness or depression, then he/she is considered as MAD in general. But this is wrong, a person is considered mad only if he is suffering from severe mental disorders.

Psychologists are required in large numbers to treat such patients. The surveys claim that there is a shortage of nearly 300% of psychologists. This has boosted the demand for psychologists.

Wide range of opportunities:

The field of psychology has a diverse range of career opportunities. The branch of psychology is divided into many sub-branches like Clinical Psychology, Child Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Forensic Psychology and many more. Therefore, a large number of jobs are growing in the field of psychology. The demand is more especially for M.Sc. Psychology students.


There has been a rise in the people suffering from mental illness due to the changed lifestyle. Many problems like job stress, relationship problems, family problems, financial stress etc have been rising day by day. To get relief from these problems many people are visiting the psychologists daily. The number of patients is increasing day by day but there is an acute shortage of qualified psychologists. This increased the demand and scope for the psychologists in various organisations.

The professionals with M.Sc. Psychology degrees are highly paid professionals in recent years as many corporate companies are hiring psychologists for the benefit of their employees. Simultaneously the psychologists can start their counselling centres and earn good money.

A career with high-scope:

The demand for professional psychologists has increased recently. The studies show that nearly there is an average growth of 22% in the last decade. This the highest growth percentage when compared to other fields. The increased interests among the students and lucrative job opportunities across India and abroad have made the field of psychology for a huge career growth.

Psychology is a challenging career:

Many students prefer to take challenges in life especially when it comes to career. The career in psychology is considered as the most challenging career among all the other careers. The role of psychologists is crucial as they will be studying the behaviours of the number of people. So, the career is quite challenging and interesting as these students have the opportunity to study varied human behaviours and find solutions.

Opportunity to see the psychology in action:

Many Hollywood movies are based on psychology and human behaviour. This has created an interest among the students to study psychology. Human psychology is the most experimented entity across the globe by various researchers.

Despite many researchers conducted, no research has been considered as the completed one till this date. This is because the more you dig the deeper the human psychology allows to dig more and it has become a never-ending process till this date. The study of psychology provides an opportunity to the students to see the real-psychology scenarios that are occurring across the world. The students of psychology are exposed to the real-time scenarios of psychological problems and the available solutions for the same. Since human psychology is an interesting subject and it gives the real-time experience for psychology to understand the concepts of psychology.

The deeper research in the field of psychology has generated an interest among the students. So, many of them are choosing psychology for their careers. This has further created demand and increased the scope for the field of psychology.

Critical thinking capabilities:

The psychology course develops critical thinking capabilities among the students. Many students look for critical thinking courses and psychology comes first when it comes to critical thinking capabilities. The course is the sophisticated one where the career demands a critical approach for a problem. This critical approach is possible only via critical thinking capabilities. The students who wish to develop critical thinking capabilities choose psychology as their career. So, the demand is more and this has created a better scope for psychology.


The scope and demand for psychology are increasing day by day. This is due to the scarcity of professional psychologists in society. The modern lifestyle has brought a lot of mental issues and many people are suffering. So, the psychologists are badly needed to give treatments for such patients. So, there is a lot of scope for the psychologists in future.

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