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B.Sc Food and Nutrition course in Bangalore

Last updated: 09 Jun 2022

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What is B.Sc Food and Nutrition Science?

  • The B.Sc Food and Nutrition is a 3-year undergraduate degree that is divided into 6-semesters. 
  • Food science is the study of physical, biological and chemical makeup of food and the concepts of underlying food processing. 
  • Nutrition is basically the study of the nutrition elements that are required for the healthy living of all the living organisms. 
  • The course of food and nutrition integrates the relation between the production and consumption aspects of food. 
  • The course brings together the study of understanding, the biological and chemical composition of food and how it’s preservation can affect the level of nutrition.
  • The students are rendered with the knowledge of understanding the importance of hygiene and maintenance in order to know how food can be made worthy of consumption. 
  • The course concentrates on the aspects of nutrition, the techniques of preservation and its importance to health. 
  • The course provides the students with the ability to perform in the field of food science and technology. 

The students can WhatsApp us on +91 9916505050/ 8088602346 for more details about B.Sc Food and Nutrition course

Top Courses under B.Sc Food and Nutrition

Some of the top courses under B.Sc Food and Nutrition in Bangalore are:

  • B.Sc Clinical Nutrition
  • B.Sc Nutrition & Dietetics
  • B.Sc Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
  • B.Voc Food Processing and Nutraceuticals
  • B.Sc (H) Food Science and Technology

B.Sc Food and Nutrition Eligibility

The students who have completed their PUC or 10+2 with PCB or CBZ from a recognised board are eligible to apply for B.Sc Food and Nutrition course.

Admission Procedures

The interested students who want to join B.Sc Food and Nutrition course can join by two modes. The first one is merit admission and the second one is direct admission.

Merit Admission

  • There are many top colleges that conduct institution-based entrance exams for admission to B.Sc Food and Nutrition, this mode of admission is called merit admission. 
  • The institution-based entrance exams are conducted to select students for the limited number of merit seats available in colleges. 
  • The main motto to conduct entrance exams is to select the serious and hardworking students from the group of non-serious students. 

How to get admission to B.Sc Food and Nutrition course colleges in Bangalore ?

  • The students interested to join B.Sc Food and Nutrition course can “Apply Online” through our website to get a hassle free admission process.
  • The B.Sc Food and Nutrition course is one of the most popular courses that is making some noise in the current industry. 
  • There is a huge demand for this course, the chances are high that seats may run out very fast and many students may miss the chance of joining this course due to unconventional methods like waiting. 
  • In order to avoid this the students can opt for B.Sc Food and Nutrition admissions in Bangalore 2021 under NRI/Management quota seats under direct admissions from Galaxy Education. 
  • The interested students can get easy admissions to top B.Sc Food and Nutrition colleges in Bangalore 
  • The desired students can directly contact us to pre book your seats in top B.Sc Food and Nutrition colleges in Bangalore under direct admission mode, so that you will be having the confirmed admissions even before the academic year starts.

Syllabus for B.Sc Food and Nutrition

The students of B.Sc Food and Nutrition will be studying the following subjects of study in their course curriculum.

Sl. No. Subjects of Study
1 Human Nutrition
2 Food Science
3 Physiology
4 Community Nutrition
5 Public Health
6 Epidemiology
7 Food Microbiology
8 Fundamentals of Food Preparation
9 Food Commodities
10 Sanitation and Hygiene
11 Project Formulation
12 Nutritional Biochemistry
13 Diet therapy
14 Detection of Food Adulteration

Career and Scope for B.Sc Food and Nutrition

The students of B.Sc Food and Nutrition have a plethora of opportunities in the field of research and scientific industry. They can become professors after the completion of their master’s. They can have job scopes in the areas of nutrition, fitness, research, branding and many more.

The interested students can join master's courses. If the students are interested in research then they can join a Ph.D after their master’s to take up research activities. If they are interested in in-depth study about food and nutrition, then they can join M.Phil programmes.

B.Sc Food and Nutrition Job Opportunities

Some of the important job roles are:

  • Food Technologist
  • Nutritionist
  • Dietician
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Food research Analyst
  • Food Service Manager
  • Food Scientist

Salary and Emoluments

The B.Sc Food and Nutrition salary will be around 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum. The senior professionals will be earning around 6 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum. The salary depends upon the recruiter and location

Top Organisations hiring B.Sc Food and Nutrition

Some of the top organisations hiring B.Sc Food and Nutrition are:

  • ITC Group of Hotels
  • Taj Group of Hotels
  • Jubilant Foods
  • Haldirams
  •  MTR Foods
  • Amul Dairy 

Final Lines

Food is the basic necessity for all the living organisms living on this planet. In the last 5-10 years people have become more health conscious and focusing on hygienic food. This trend has created a demand for B.Sc Food and Nutrition. Nutrition plays an important role in the growth of organisms. The demand for food and nutrition is predicted to continue to grow in the coming days. Further, new job roles have been created in the field of food and nutrition.

The students interested in joining the B.Sc Food and Nutrition course can call us at +91 9916505050/ 8088602346 or email us at for more details.

At Galaxy Education, we help you through the process of finding and applying to the right Colleges in Bangalore. Contact us in below details to get more information on admission procedure and how to secure your seat:

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