VTU now offers Dual Degree Courses

VTU now offers Dual Degree Courses


Last updated: 06 Sep 2021


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The VTU has decided to offer dual engineering degree courses from this academic year for the interested students. The students can get a dual engineering degree from this academic year under the NEP 2020 policy. However, the students who are opting for dual engineering have to study extra two or three more years to get a dual degree from VTU.

The students can complete single engineering degree in 4-years, and students if wish to study 6 years then they will be awarded with dual engineering degrees that are relevant to their degree, but if they are interested to study 2-engineering degrees that are unconnected with each other than they should have to study extra 3-years.

For instance, if the student who has joined for B.Tech/BE Computer Science, he/she will be awarded with a dual degree of computer science and information science (or any relevant subject that is connected to computer science) in 6-years (4+2 Years). Suppose the same B.Tech/BE Computer Science student, if chooses to study a different degree like (civil/mechanical/biotechnology etc) that is not connected to computer science will complete engineering in 7-years (4+3 Years). 

A month ago, AICTE had given the option to introduce a two years and three years degree format for dual engineering degree programmes. These changes were based on the recommendation of the NEP 2020, which recommended the implementation of the dual degree courses in all the subjects.

In addition to this the VTU also announced that full-time vocational courses are being provided. As for the four-plus-two-year double degree in engineering course, students would be allowed multiple entry and exits during the first four years of the BE, but the additional two years would require continuity with no multiple entry or exit points.

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