Ukraine reminds: The medical education in India is available for only few privileged

Ukraine reminds: The medical education in India is available for only few privileged


Last updated: 02 Mar 2022


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The ongoing war and crisis in Ukraine have shattered the dreams of many Indian students who have gone to study MBBS in Ukraine. The increased number of students visiting Ukraine for medical studies reminds us of the fate of MBBS education in India. The exorbitant fees structure in Private Medical colleges and universities in India is to be blamed for this development. 

Every year many students go to Ukraine to study MBBS because of the cheaper and quality education available in that country. The fees for MBBS in Ukraine Universities are extremely low when compared to the fees in medical colleges and universities of India. 

Nearly 20,000 students this year are studying in MBBS at different universities across Ukraine despite the covid and pandemic conditions across the globe. This reminds us that the expensive fees of the Indian Medical Education have forced these many students to go to Ukraine and study MBBS due to their financial constraints as they are not capable of giving such exorbitant fees quoted by the private universities in India for MBBS.

Further this proves that the quality of medical education in Ukraine is much better when compared to the Indian Medical System. The MBBS education in the Indian Medical System is extremely costly and lacks in quality. On the contrary, the medical education in Ukraine is much cheaper than Indian universities and is considered the best in the world. Every year students from different corners of the world come to Ukraine to study MBBS, this clearly shows the demand and quality that Ukrainian Medical universities offer to the medical aspirants across the globe.

The ongoing crisis in between Russia and Ukraine has severely shattered many students who were dreaming of becoming doctors after studying MBBS in Ukraine. The war between the countries has created a gloom of uncertainty among the students. The war has created severe damage to the country and it is really hard to tell whether Ukrainian universities will be still capable to sustain the war and continue to offer the MBBS course in the future. The war between the two countries has forced the Indian students studying in Ukraine to come back to India only to face the uncertain future of their medical education.  

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