Tata’s one decision creates 2 lakh jobs in India

Tata’s one decision creates 2 lakh jobs in India


Last updated: 20 Feb 2023


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The latest mega deal between Tata-owned Air India and aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus will create over 2,00,000 jobs in India, as per the top aviation sector experts. Under the deal, Air India, which currently has a fleet of 140 planes, will acquire 470 aircraft from Boeing and Airbus thereby increasing the employment opportunities to a greater extent.

Mark Martin, the CEO of Martin Consulting, a firm expertised in the aviation sector, said there would be a huge number of direct and indirect employment. The total jobs direct plus indirect created for a narrow-body aircraft is around 400. And for a wide body plane, it is around 600-700. Direct employment means who are directly employed by the airline such as the pilots, cabin crew, all technical and non-technical staff. This is around 175 for a narrow-body aircraft. And adding indirect employment which is external to the company, supporting the aircraft including airport staff, air traffic controllers, transport vendors, service providers and this number comes up to 400 for a narrow body plane. Industry sources have indicated that Air India will need more than 6,500 pilots to operate the planes through the mega contract.

Employment Opportunities will be created not only in India but also in the US. After the Air India deal was announced, US President Joe Biden expressed this deal was historic and the partnership would create millions of jobs in the US. French President Emmanuel Macron and UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak welcomed the deal as it would be instrumental for their country's aviation sectors. Air India currently has 113 aircraft. It has 1,800 pilots to fly it. Air India's two subsidiaries Air India Express and AirAsia India have a total of 54 aircraft. It has around 850 pilots to fly it and the joint venture Vistara has 53 aircraft. It has more than 600 pilots to fly it.

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