Students can transfer colleges in Odd Semesters - Karnataka

Students can transfer colleges in Odd Semesters - Karnataka


Last updated: 02 Mar 2023


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On 01-03-2023, The Government released an order that students can transfer from one college to another at the start of Odd Semesters as anticipated by the National Education Policy. Students who want to change from one affiliated college to another within the same university or a different university can take hold of this opportunity where in both cases the student’s failed subjects will be transferred to the new college.

Minister of Higher Education, CN Ashwath Narayan informed that the students will be provided with the transfer through the UUCMS platform (Unified University and College Management System) at the start of the academic year which will be applicable for odd semesters - 1,3,5 and 7.

The Universities are directed to issue multi-entry and multi-exit options for the students. This benefits the students in such a way that those who have completed two semesters should be given a certificate and those who have completed four semesters should be given a diploma. Further, on completion of six semesters the students are awarded the graduation certificate, and post the completion of eight semesters they will be rewarded with the graduation (honours) certificate.

Students who exit in the middle of the course can get readmitted within seven years of duration from the admission date of the first semester and continue their further studies. The credit points achieved by the students will be tallied to the ‘academic bank of credits’ and will be considered while issuing the respective certificate.

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