'Resolve the academic problem caused by the NEP': Exam schedules for Bangalore universities are yet to be announced.

'Resolve the academic problem caused by the NEP': Exam schedules for Bangalore universities are yet to be announced.


Last updated: 28 Apr 2022


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Mr. K Kalyan Kumar V, the Bangalore district secretary for All India Democratic Students Organsiation (AIDSO) stated that some colleges in the state have not yet announced the degree first semester exam timetable, even though the third week of April is finished. Almost all the institutions, including Bangalore University, have adopted NEP 2020 this academic year, and test preparation is in line with this new policy and things are yet to take shape.

He urged that neither the state government nor the institutions have made necessary preparations to implement NEP 2020 as soon as possible since the colleges are unable to set their first semester exams at a time when the majority of first-year degree courses are nearing completion. This has created a delay in implementation of NEP 2020.

He further stated that this year the degree programmes will start in June or July. But due to the current conditions it is impossible to run two distinct first-year batches at the same time as it's not scientifically completely implausible.

He further stated that the AIDSO advised the state administration to consider the views of state academics, faculties, parents, and students since the NEP and despite strong resistance, the NEP 2020 was enacted. It's unfortunate that the government's and universities' anti-education and anti-student attitudes are now affecting the lives of thousands of students.

He further claimed that the AIDSO of Karnataka and Karnataka students urge that Bangalore University provide the first semester degree test schedule as soon as possible in order to alleviate the academic crisis created by the abrupt implementation of NEP 2020.

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