Need to improve quality of engineering education

Need to improve quality of engineering education


Last updated: 02 May 2022


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Dr. Sudha Murthy Chairman Infosys Foundation urged that there is an urgent need to improve the quality of education of engineering colleges and upgrade the syllabus of technical courses. She stated that nearly 85% of engineering students are unemployable and require to be trained. This is due to outdated syllabus that is not relevant to today’s trends

Ms. Sudha Murthy, also a member of the university’s board, lamented that most engineering graduates have limited themselves to learning only things relevant to their examination. She stated that the students don’t explore beyond their immediate requirements and that they remain unemployable. They should realise that their learning does not end with graduation as learning is an endless process. 

She further quoted that every day is an opportunity to learn and life is not a college and there are no teachers nor syllabus. One has to learn lessons every day on their own as  every day is an examination in professional life. One should try to inculcate virtues and work hard. You should never forget your college and never forget your country.

Mr. Anil Sahasrabudhe, the chairman, All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), also stated that the use of educational technological tools will increase in the coming days and we should keep moving forward to ensure that we are ready to face challenges of the future. He further added that online lectures and other modern tools that were adopted during the lockdown, could become a regular feature in the future.

He further stated that the next 25 years belonged to India as it could become the world leader in technology. There is hardly any technological company in the world that does not utilise Indian talent or technological tools. Indian youth have transformed the global scenario with their innovative thoughts and hard work. In a way, they have created borderless countries.

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