Karnataka Students to get Special Training for Filling Professional Education Application Forms

Karnataka Students to get Special Training for Filling Professional Education Application Forms


Last updated: 01 Feb 2022


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The students of Karnataka will get “Special Training” to “Fill the Application Forms” for professional education from this academic year. The minister for Higher Education, Government of Karnataka Dr CN Ashwath Narayan has instructed the school authorities and educational officials to conduct special training drives for all the students and train them to properly fill the application form for professional courses.

The minister further stated that these special training sessions on application form filling for professional courses will be conducted at the respective college levels from this year. The students will be trained to fill the form in the appropriate manner while submitting to different entrance exams such as CET/NEET/JEE etc.

According to the minister this initiative was implemented,  because it has been noticed that many students seeking entry for Engineering, Medical and other Professional Courses through entrance examinations are making mistakes while filling in key important columns in the application form. 

The fields of application form such as Annual Income, Category, Name, Date of Birth, Course Selection etc, were the key areas of concern where the students were prone to make mistakes. These mistakes may affect the students and they may become ineligible for many of the students’ centric initiatives that the government is providing for getting admissions to professional courses. 

The special training drive helps the students to avoid such mistakes and increase their chances for getting benefitted from the government exemptions given for the students looking for professional courses.

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