Indian Medical Students are suffering greatly as entry denied in China

Indian Medical Students are suffering greatly as entry denied in China


Last updated: 01 Feb 2021


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  • The New Year did not bring joy to the International Students, including Indians due to the suspension of entry in the Chinese Universities.
  • Recent information from the Indian Embassy is that, on 08/01/21 the matter was taken up to the chinese authorities but no positive result from Beijing is received.
  • The Visas issued before 02/11/20 to Indian Students have been suspended. The Chinese authorities are unlikely to relax the restrictions in the middle of the pandemic situation. Even the political disruption between India and China has affected several thousands of Indian Students who are pursuing their higher studies in Chinese Universities.
  • Statistics shows that nearly 23,000 students were enrolled in Chinese Universities in 2019 and are now facing a threat.
  • Laxman Ram Sirvi- 4th year MBBS Student  of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCU) is worried about his efficiency as a Doctor since he had no practical experience. Generally, students start practising in hospitals in the 4th year but now he’s not able to go to China or practice in India hence his career plans have become hazy now.
  • Anand Pal from Basti district in Uttar Pradesh is also pursuing medicine from the University of South China. He came to India on 01/02/20 and has no clue when he'll return to China for his studies.
  • The Latest recommendations are that the current semester will be conducted in online mode. As most of the Chinese mobile app are restricted in India, Indian students are having a tough time reaching out to their International Friends, Teachers and University Officials.
  • Even during the online classes, Indian Students couldn’t mark out their attendance  due to technical issues which affects their overall performance in the subject- stated Pal.
  • Practical Training has been rescheduled as there are very less chances for the Indian Students to return to the Republic of China in the upcoming months.
  • Rohit Kumar Yadav- 3rd year MBBS Student of Shehizi Medical University, informs that the lack of practical exposure will have unpleasant effects in the careers of the students. Superstar- a Chinese application has been enhanced for the online classes but there are no tentative dates informed from the Chinese authorities to return to China.
  • Zubair Ahmed- 3rd year MBBS Student of Jilin Medical College, is also facing the same problem like the thousands of Indian Students.
  • Students are eagerly waiting for the reply from the Indian- Chinese Authorities which will decide their future.

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