India-Australia to offer dual degree programme for Indian students

India-Australia to offer dual degree programme for Indian students


Last updated: 09 Apr 2022


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India and Australia are working on a dual degree programme for the students as both the countries recently linked Australia-India trade deal. The historic agreement will mean improved recognition of Australian and Indian higher education qualifications.

According to India's Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal the dual degrees are aimed to bring quality education to Indian students and enhance collaboration between universities in both countries.

The minister further stated that there would be mutual recognition of educational qualifications while they are also looking at degrees being given jointly; for instance, between a medical college in India and a medical college in Australia. The minister further added,  the advantage with dual degrees is that it will also help in bringing the costs down significantly making it more reachable. The move would also help in recognising each country’s degrees and course contents.

Under the dual degree programme between both countries, students would be allowed to study for two years in Australia and India respectively, subject to norms that are under discussion, said the report.

The Australian counterpart also added that nearly One million Indians turn 18 every month, so there is a huge and growing demand for a high-quality education. Australia is known for its world class education and is well placed to partner with India across secondary, university and vocational sectors

The officials of both the countries stated that a new task force will be established by the governments of both countries to facilitate mutual recognition of Australian and Indian higher education qualifications. The taskforce will be responsible to address the recognition of online and blended learning, joint degrees and offshore campuses. The new framework is expected to take place in 2023.

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