Global Student Survey: Indian Students happy come back to campus

Global Student Survey: Indian Students happy come back to campus


Last updated: 30 Apr 2022


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The Global Student Survey 2022' stated that 77% of Indian students say that the pandemic ruined their college or university experience, and they are happy to come back to campus post-pandemic. Around 55% of Indian students revealed that they felt their mental health had improved since starting on campus or returning after lockdown restrictions.

College students are finally now readjusting to campus life after experiencing the greatest disruption to education, and they are facing profound societal challenges including widening inequality, increasing automation, and climate change.

But on the other hand, nearly 27% of Indians say they now regret going to college or university in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly 62% of Indian students with a study-related loan feel that they may not be able to pay it off.

Many students urge that higher education must become more accessible, affordable and responsive to what learners really need. In particular, students need their universities to provide more mental health support, teach the skills for tomorrow's careers, and respond to their clear concerns about the environment.

At a global level, nearly 60% of students worldwide say that the pandemic ruined their university experience, while 39% worldwide say that the pandemic will permanently damage their employment prospects.

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