Delay in NEET Counselling & NEET PG 2022 Exam affecting Indian Medical Education

Delay in NEET Counselling & NEET PG 2022 Exam affecting Indian Medical Education


Last updated: 11 Feb 2022


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Many experts from the medical field have commented on the delay in NEET counselling and NEET PG 2022 and urged the government to relook into the issue. Many doctors are arguing that the delay in both the cases will put undue pressure on two batches of medical students and it will indirectly affect India's medical education and healthcare system.

The government postponed the NEET PG 2022 by six to eight weeks which was originally scheduled on March 12th 2022, due to the protests from the MBBS graduates across the country. The protesters had requested that they were not able to complete their internships as they were assigned with Covid duties in the pandemic. 

Why were doctors protesting against the NEET counselling delay?

The medical graduates have to qualify NEET PG exam to apply for MD/MS in their chosen stream of medical sciences, usually the NEET PG Exam will be conducted every year so that soon after the MBBS students complete their internships they can apply for NEET PG exam. 

On the other hand the NEET counselling should be conducted soon after the NEET Exam every year. The students who have completed their PUC or Class 12th and looking for admission to MBBS have to qualify NEET exam and attend the counselling to choose their seats in their medical colleges. Both the processes were according to the scheduled time table every year. But due to the pandemic the calendar and schedule has been affected completely. The NEET counselling has been delayed due to a PIL against MCC in Hon'ble Supreme Court for EWS quota issue.

Due to the delay in both the cases many medical students are not able to start  their academic year in the colleges. Due to this there can be a short-fall of doctors in coming days, hence there has been protests by doctors across the country against delay in NEET counselling and delay in NEET PG Exam.

Delay in NEET counselling and NEET PG exams will affect the healthcare system

Many expert doctors argue that the pandemic has created a lot of serious implications on the Indian Medical System and Indian healthcare. Due to the Covid pandemic, the NEET PG entrance exam which is usually held in January was held on September 11th , 21st 2021 and the results were declared in October which has affected the calendar year drastically.

The experts put the argument that the delay in PG counselling has resulted in a shortage of 42,000 resident doctors in the country. This has a severe effect on the healthcare system in the tough times of Covid 19 pandemic.

Many students argue that even the slightest delay leaves them undecided between their specialization of choice or the next best alternatives. But many doctors are arguing that the delay in the counselling in both the cases has repercussions and can have severe implications for the next few years. 

They have urged the government to relook into the matter and take informed decisions about NEET counselling and NEET PG 2022 exam.

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