Covid-hit Education Sector requests financial help from government in Budget 2022

Covid-hit Education Sector requests financial help from government in Budget 2022


Last updated: 27 Jan 2022


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The past two years have made a huge impact on all sectors of the economy and the education sector was one which had to bear the brunt of the pandemic to a greater extent. Many educational institutes closed down while some are barely surviving today. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced a paradigm shift in education across the country. The education was completely shifted to online mode with country wide Covid 19 restrictions. The experts have demanded the government to allocate funds in Budget 2022 to revive the closed down schools.

Only since a few days the schools across the country have started to open, but this initiated a fresh wave of shock to the vast education sector. New problems have been arising each day and the experts feel that there are many issues that should be addressed immediately in the forthcoming Budget 2022 of the Central Government. 

The experts are demanding an increase in budget allocation for educational sector is required to address many issues like to reduction the digital divide, checking of the school dropouts’ rates, faster implementation of the National Education Policy, setting up of new institutes etc

Increase the Budget Allocation for Education Sector

The educational experts are demanding an increase in the budget allocation for the education sector in this Budget 2022. According to them the funds allocation in the Budget 2022 is essential to prioritise future strategic needs over today's operational needs and invest more in education. The experts have also demanded that the Goods and Service Tax (GST) on educational services should be reduced from 18% to 5% in Budget 2022. They also demanded the government to allocate funds for supporting ed-tech firms to promote more online education. They also demanded to implement long term tax rebates for new ed-tech companies. The focus should be more on development of PPP (public-private partnership) projects for providing quality education in the future.

Reduce Digital Divide

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many children were unable to attend the physical classes and lost the majority of syllabus. The lack of internet infrastructure in many remote areas had to be blamed as the children were unable to attend online classes due to poor internet connectivity. The experts urged the government to take up efforts to decrease the digital divide and ensure that every child gets quality education in future. 

Set Up Skill training for teachers

There are many complaints that the teachers are not properly skilled in many government and private educational institutes across the country. The experts demanded to allocate some funds in Budget 2022 for skill training activities and workshops for all the teachers. So that quality education can be provided to all across the country. Special workshops and skill development institutes should be developed to train the teachers across the country.

Fast implementation of NEP 2020

The National Education Policy 2020, has been a remarkable step taken by the government in the field of education after many years. The NEP 2020 majorly focuses on modernising education that is skill centric and skill oriented. There has been a major paradigm shift in the field of education with NEP 2020. The experts urged to speed up the implementation of NEP 2020 across the country and funds should be allocated to take up this herculean task.

Reduce School Dropouts

This pandemic has impacted nearly 200 million children in their formal education due to lack of proper digital infrastructure and digital divide challenges. Many unequipped teachers were unable to conduct classes, and schools with lack of proper infrastructure had to shut down due to these unexpected challenges. Many children lost one year of formal education due to these problems. The experts urged the government to address these issues in the Budget 2022. They even demanded that online education needs a dynamic digital infrastructure and the government should take necessary steps to promote online education and should allocate funds to address major challenges in online education like internet infrastructure, proper equipment and tools.

Set up more Centralised instates like IITs, NITs, IIMs 

Many peers of the education field demanded to increase the number of centralised educational institutes like IITs, NITs, IIMs etc. This increase in number helps more and more students to receive quality education. The experts urged the government to allocate funds in Budget 2022 to set up more centralised institutes across the country.

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