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Big Data is a term that describes the large volume of data of both structured and unstructured that includes a business on a day-to-day basis. But it’s not the amount of data that’s important, but it’s important what the organisations do with this huge data and it matters a lot. Big data can be analysed for the insights it provides that apparently leads to better decisions and strategic business moves by the decision-makers in the organisations. The term ‘big data’ refers to data that is large, fast or complex that it’s difficult or impossible to process using traditional methods and requires specialised techniques and skills to decipher the huge data. 

The internet of Things (IoT) refers to the billions of physical devices around the world that are connected to the internet, all collecting data and sharing data. Connecting up all these different objects and adding sensors to them adds a level of digital intelligence to devices that would be otherwise dumb, enabling them to communicate real-time data without involving a human interaction. The internet of things (IoT) is making the fabric of the world around us smarter and more responsive merging the digital and physical universe.

The M.Tech Big Data/IoT students are skilled professionals who are required in large numbers. The industry is now looking for talents with niche skills like Big Data/IoT and the students who have such qualifications are easily hired for better packages by these organisations.

List of Top MTech Big Data or IoT Colleges in Bangalore

PES University
Dayananda Sagar University (DSU)
2 years
Master Programme
Mode of Admission
Mode of Admission
Merit /Management

BE / B.Tech with at least 50% aggregate marks or Equivalent CGPA.


Merit Quota: Rs. 30,000 to Rs 50,000 per annum
Management Quota: Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 2,50,000 per annum

Admission Process
Admission Process

Merit- The candidates seeking admission under merit to M.Tech. programme should qualify GATE/PGCET/JEE-Main. The qualified students are then required to undergo GATE counselling and PGCET counselling to get admission to M.Tech. programme.
Management- Students looking for Management seats can go for Direct Admission.

Syllabus of MTech Big Data or IoT

Semester Subject
Semester I
  • Wireless Sensor Protocols and Programming
  • Computer Networks and Management
  • Embedded System Design and Architecture
  • Career Advancement Course for Engineers - I
  • Program Elective - I
  • Program Elective - II
Semester II
  • Embedded Systems and Real Time Operating System
  • IoT Architecture and Protocols
  • Cloud Architecture and Computing
  • Career Advancement Course for Engineers - II
  • Program Elective - III
  • Program Elective - IV
Semester Subject
Semester III
  • Program Elective - V
  • Program Elective - VI
  • Career Advancement Course for Engineers - III
  • Seminar
  • Project Phase I
Semester IV Project Phase II

Entrance Exams

Placements of MTech Big Data or IoT

The M.Tech Big Data/IoT students will be able to work as IoT Engineer, Embedded IoT Device Engineer, IoT Device Test Engineer. At the starting of their career, they will be working in a team of an organisation. As they gain skills and experience, they are promoted as Team Lead, Project Managers etc. They can even set up their own firms and become entrepreneurs. Some of the important job roles available are

IoT Engineer: As an IoT Engineer one is responsible to understand device specifications and provide test scope for OEM/Module vendors. They are required to carry out connection efficiency processes and pre-testing modules for the IoT devices before it reaches the end-user. They are also responsible to develop IoT devices and softwares according to specific requirements of the client and ensure that these devices are implemented accurately.

Earning Potential: The salary ranges from 8 lakhs to 10 Lakhs per annum

Embedded IoT Device Engineer:  As an embedded IoT device engineer one is responsible to design and develop prototype to IoT device solutions for the control and monitoring of various utility assets, interfacing to generators, pumps, pressure, monitors etc and many other automatic functions in the IoT devices

Earning Potential: The salary ranges from 10 lakhs to 12 Lakhs per annum

IoT Device Test Engineer: As an IoT device test engineer one is responsible to develop and test IoT devices like Android TV, Apple TV, Online streaming services and devices for the consumers. The IoT device test engineers are required to develop the IoT Devices and test them across different platforms and are also required to perform a quality test processes before it reaches the end-users.

Earning Potential: The salary ranges from 10 lakhs to 15 Lakhs per annum

IoT Solutions Engineer: As an IoT solutions engineer one is required to develop end-to -end industrial IoT solutions using various sensor technologies. He/she should be able to understand the manufacturing landscape and definition of industrial IoT and provide large scale solutions for the same. They should be able to provide the solutions based on predictive analysis for an industry.

Earning Potential: The salary ranges from 10 lakhs to 20 Lakhs per annum

Benefits of MTech Big Data or IoT

As a M.Tech Big Data/IoT Professional one will be enjoying the following benefits.

  1. Handsome Salaries: The M.Tech Big Data/IoT professionals can expect a good pay scale once their careers are established. Their salary and emoluments are strong compared to the average employee of most of the organisations and pay scale for them appear to be increasing as they grow in their careers

  2. IoT jobs are Ubiquitous: The M.Tech Big Data/IoT professionals can work across different sectors such as banks, investments firms, federal government agencies, telecommunication companies, health care providers, IT services organisations, online content streaming companies etc. Companies in nearly every industry sector need to have qualified IoT professionals, either in house or outsourced

  3. Good Demand: Big Data/IoT is certainly in great demand. The unemployment rate for this field is very less. This means that there are ample job opportunities for skilled professionals. The industry is looking for the professionals with niche skills like IoT and are ready to pay good salary packages for talented people

  4. Opportunity to Grow in career: As there are so many different types of Big Data/IoT jobs and the demand for skilled professionals is strong. Hence, there is a lot of scope to grow better in the career as an M.Tech Big Data/IoT professional. The interested students can join various international certification programmes to enrich their knowledge and skill in Big Data/IoT techniques. These certifications help them to grow in their career and reach great heights in their careers as IoT professionals.
  5. Opportunity to become an Entrepreneur: There are plenty of examples where the M.Tech Big Data/IoT professionals have become entrepreneurs in a short span of time. The Big Data/IoT projects are majorly outsourced and the I M.Tech Big Data/IoT professionals can work as IT consultants to many large and mid-level organisations. There are abundant opportunities to work independently as a self-employed professional in the field of IoT

Top Recruiters for MTech Big Data or IoT students

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