Top BTech/BE Petroleum Engineering Colleges in Bangalore

BTECH/BE Petroleum Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering/Technology in Petroleum Engineering)

The B.Tech/BE Petroleum Engineering is an 4-year undergraduate course that is divided into 8-semesters.  The course involves designing and developing methods to extract oil and gas deposit below the earth’s surface. The course learns the innovative process of extraction such as mining, drilling etc.

The course teaches the students about petroleum geology and geophysics which focus on the provision of a static description of the hydrocarbon reservoir rock. The course also trains the students on the estimation of the recoverable volume of this resource with a detailed understanding of the physical behaviour of oil, water and gas within the porous rock at very high pressure.

Top BTech/BE Petroleum Engineering Colleges in Bangalore

Top BTECH/BE Petroleum Engineering Colleges in Bangalore

Last updated: Mar 30, 2022


class Major Courses

Some of the popular B.Tech Petroleum Engineering and its similar courses:

Course 1: BTech/BE Industrial Engineering & Management

Course 2: BTech/BE Petroleum Engineering

Course 3: BTech/BE Mining Engineering

BTech/BE Petroleum Engineering course details

Duration 4 Years
Level Bachelor Programme
Admission Mode Merit/Management
Entrance Exams Karnataka CET / COMED-K  / JEE Advance / JEE-Main
Fees Merit Quota: Rs.25,000 to Rs 75,000 per annum
Management Quota: Rs.75,000 to Rs. 10,00,000 per annum
Admission Process:  Merit - The candidates seeking admission under merit to B.Tech. programme should qualify CET/COMED-K/JEE/JEE-Main Exam.  The qualified students are then required to undergo, JEE counselling, CET counselling and COMED-K counselling to get admission to B.Tech. programme. 
Management - Students looking for Management seats can go for Direct Admission

Syllabus of BTech/BE Petroleum Engineering

Year Semester Subject
Year I Semester I

Physics Cycle

  • Engineering Mathematics – I
  • Engineering Physics
  • Elements of Electrical Engineering
  • Elements of Civil Engineering
  • Engineering Graphics
  • Technical written communication
  • Workshop Practice
  • Building Self Confidence


  • Engineering Physics Lab

Chemestry Cycle

  • Engineering Mathematics – I
  • Engineering Chemistry
  • Elements of Electronics Engineering
  • Elements of Mechanical Engineering
  • Environmental Science and Disaster Management
  • Technical spoken communication
  • Computer Programming
  • Building Self Confidence


  • Engineering Chemistry Lab
Semester II

Physics Cycle

  • Engineering Mathematics – II
  • Engineering Chemistry
  • Elements of Electronics Engineering
  • Elements of Mechanical Engineering
  • Environmental Science and Disaster Management
  • Technical spoken communication
  • Computer Programming
  • Effective Communication


  • Engineering Chemistry Lab

Chemestry Cycle

  • Engineering Mathematics –II
  • Engineering Physics
  • Elements of Electrical Engineering
  • Elements of Civil Engineering
  • Engineering Graphics
  • Technical Written Communication
  • Workshop Practice
  • Effective Communication


  • Engineering Physics Lab
Year II Semester III
  • Engineering Mathematics - III
  • Petroleum Geology
  • Hydrocarbon Exploration
  • Hydrocarbon Thermodynamics
  • Drilling Fluids and Cements
  • Design Thinking and Team Building
  • University Learning Course


  • Petroleum Geology Lab
  • Drilling Fluids and Cements Lab
Semester IV
  • Numerical Methods
  • Well Logging and Formation Evaluation
  • Heat, Mass and Momentum Transfer
  • Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering
  • Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering
  • Being Corporate Ready
  • University Learning Course 


  • Heat and Mass Transfer Lab
  • Reservoir Engineering Lab
Year III Semester V
  • Petroleum Production Engineering
  • Advanced Reservoir Engineering
  • Process Control and Instrumentation
  • Discipline Elective - I
    • Image Processing
    • Data Structures Usuing C
    • 403 Software Testing and Quality Assurance
    • Social Network Analytics
    • Digital and Mobile Forensics
    • Database Management Systems
    • Multimedia and Animation
  • Engineering Economics / Digital Entrepreneurship


  • Process Control Lab
  • Momentum Transfer Lab
  • Reservoir Simulation and Modelling Lab
Semester VI
  • Surface Production Operations
  • Natural Gas Engineering
  • Well Test Analysis
  • Work over and Stimulation
  • Offshore Drilling and Production
  • Discipline Elective - II
    • Artificial Neural Networks
    • Energy Audit
    • Research Methodology
    • Smart Grid Technology
    • Professional Ethics in Engineering
  • Digital Entrepreneurship / Engineering Economics
  • University Learning Course
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery 3
  • Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals
  • Discipline Elective – III
    • Artificial Neural Networks
    • Biomedical Instrumentation
    • Internet of Things
    • Industrial Automation and Control
  • Open Elective – I
    • Computational Methods in Chemical Engineering
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics
    • Petroleum Corrosion Technology
    • Polymer Technology


  • Oil and Gas Processing Plant Design Lab
  • Petroleum Testing Lab
  • Professional Practice – I
Year IV Semester VII
  • Discipline Elective – IV
    • Automotive Vehicles
    • Nanotechnology
    • Engineering Optimisation
    • Operations Research for Engineers
    • Operations Management
    • Work Study
    • Project Management
    • Organizational Behaviour
    • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Open Elective – II
    • Total Quality Management
    • Oil and Gas Marketing and Resource Management
    • Social Psychology
    • Literature Appreciation
    • Composite Materials
    • Catalysis Technology
  • Well Design and Construction
  • Pipeline Engineering
  • Reservoir Geomechanics
  • Transport Phenomena
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Fundamentals of Process Engineering Calculations
  • Advanced Drilling Engineering
  • Unconventional Hydrocarbons
  • Oil Field Development and Reservoir Management
  • Remote Sensing and GIS


  • Professional Practice – II 
Semester VIII
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Sustainable Materials and Green Buildings
  • Construction Project Managemen


Placement of BTech/BE Petroleum Engineering

There is huge demand for skilled B.Tech/BE Petroleum Engineering students. They are one the most highly paid engineers in the sector and can expect excellent career growth in the field.

Some of the job roles are

Drilling Engineer: The drilling engineers are responsible for planning and executing drilling operations to extract minerals, metal ores, oil and natural gas across a variety of terrains, on land and underwater. You can also find opportunities with engineering consultancies and onshore, offshore and mobile drilling contractors.

Average drilling engineer salary ranges from 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum

Reservoir Engineer: The reservoir engineers determine the location and amount of fuel in underground reservoirs. Often, engineers work with advanced equipment, such as computer modelling and imaging programs, to locate reserves of oil and natural gas.

Average reservoir engineer salary ranges from 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs per annum

Production Engineer: The production engineers work in the sphere of manufacturing, overseeing the production of goods in many industries at factories or plants. Their main job is to ensure that all products are manufactured with utmost efficiency and quality, according to planned protocols using the appropriate technology.

Average production engineer salary ranges from 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum

Chief Petroleum Engineer: The chief petroleum engineer plans and directs engineering activities of a petroleum company to develop oil fields and produce oil and gas: Formulates programs for developing oil fields, planning schedules for drilling wells and for constructing pumping units, crude-oil treating units, and other production facilities.

Average chief petroleum engineer salary ranges from 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs per annum

select_all Benefits of BTech/BE Petroleum Engineering

As a petroleum engineering professional one will enjoy the following benefits in their careers

  1. Excellent Pay Scales: Petrol is the main ingredient in our daily lives. Almost all the vehicles we use for our travel runs on petrol and diesel. The petroleum engineering professionals are highly valued and are given excellent salary packages when compared to others in the refineries.

  2. Greater Demand for petroleum engineering Professionals: As petroleum engineering is main for everyone, the refineries are looking for skilled petroleum engineering professionals. Almost all the refineries are looking for petroleum engineering skills in all the new hires. So, there is a lot of demand for petroleum engineering professionals.

  3. Productive and Cost Efficient: Petroleum engineering professionals ensure that the speed of the processes is increased many fold times. The petroleum engineering professionals will not waste time on nuts and buts, but they are capable of managing the simple operating tasks automatically. So, the productivity is more in case of petroleum engineering professionals when compared to others.

  4. Flexible career opportunities: Petroleum engineering is playing a dominant role in terms of petrol extraction. Petroleum engineers can find ample job opportunities across the globe and can earn handsome salary packages with excellent career growth opportunities.

Top Recruiters for BTech/BE Petroleum Engineering students

Some of the top organisations hiring B.Tech/BE Petroleum Engineering students are:

  • Bharat Petroleum
  • Indian Oil
  • Shell Petrochemicals
  • Hindustan Petroleum
  • Reliance Petrochemicals
  • Oil and Natural Gas Corporation
  • GAIL India

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