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Best Bsc. Microbiology Colleges in Bangalore

Bsc. Microbiology   Admissions In Bangalore

Top Bsc. Microbiology Colleges in Bangalore

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Microorganisms - are those organisms which are very small can't be seen with the naked eyes like bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Is simple words, microbiology is a broad discipline of biology with works with the function, structure, uses, and the existence of the microscopic organism.

You can also see the example of bacteria in "Yogurt". Bacterial cell helps the milk to change into yogurt using fermentation process. Microbiology overlaps the various other degree areas of biology like as molecular biology, genetics & immunology.

Microbiology has generated a lot of buzz from the past few years leading to a rush in the number of students who are looking to pursue this field as a career.

The scope of Microbiology is huge because of the involvement of microbiology in various fields such as Pharmacy, Medicine, clinical research, agriculture, dairy industry, water industry, nanotechnology & chemical technology.

touch_app Most Popular Bsc. Microbiology Triple Major Subjects

Bsc Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry

Bsc Microbiology, Genetics and Biochemistry

Bsc Microbiology, Chemistry, Zoology

BSc Microbiology, Chemistry, Botany

Bsc Biotechnology, Chemistry and Microbiology

BSc Genetics, Biochemistry, Microbiology

BSc Biotechnology, Chemistry, Microbiology

BSc Biochemistry, Zoology, Microbiology

swap_horiz Career Scope of Bsc. Microbiology

Some of the Job profiles of Bsc. Microbiology are,

  • Medical Coder
  • Food, Industrial or Environmental Microbiologists
  • Research Assistant
  • Quality Assurance Technologists
  • Clinical and Veterinary Microbiologists
  • Medical Technologists
  • Biomedical Scientist
  • Microbiologist
  • Pharmacologist
  • Food Technologist
  • Scientific Laboratory Technician
  • Physician Associate
  • Research Scientist (life sciences)

And some Employment areas for Microbiology jobs are,

  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Universities
  • Laboratories
  • Private Hospitals
  • Research Organizations
  • Environmental Agencies
  • Food Industry
  • Beverage Industry
  • Chemical Industries
  • Agriculture Department

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