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This course provides a unique blend of subjects that help to enhance and develop fundamentals of cloud computing, grid computing and clustering, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS), cloud management tools, cloud storage and security, network level security, sensitive data, and networks from cyber-attacks. The curriculum emphasizes on concepts and skills that enrich the candidate’s knowledge, creates a highly adaptive environment, and provides opportunities to grow successfully in IT technology. Candidates are guided to execute and manage computing services through the Internet or other remote servers. It helps to simplify IT through platforms including Windows Azure, VMware, and Red Hat. Skills like research, analytical thinking, critical-thinking, decision-making, and entrepreneurship are enhanced through this course.
Microsoft Cloud Computing is an efficient, high-quality, and superior delivery of cloud related services like storage, databases, networking, and intelligence for efficient and smooth operation and running of infrastructure.

Major Programmes

BCA with Microsoft Cloud Computing and Cyber Security course details

Duration 3 years 
Level Bachelor Programme
Mode of Admission Merit /Management
Fee Detail Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,50,000 per annum
Admission Process

Merit- College will be inviting the Application, Interested candidates can apply once the applications are open.
Management- Students looking for Management seats can go for Direct Admission.

What is BCA all about?

Do you want to pursue a career in the computer science field? Have you missed the BE/B.Tech? If you have missed your BE/B.Tech. seats due to various reasons. Don’t get disappointed, you can still pursue your dream in the computer field and join the IT companies.

Surprised!! Yes, you can do it by joining Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA). BCA course is the best alternative to BE/B.Tech Computer Science.

Today, the world is ruled by technology such that without technology we cannot sustain and things will not work for us without technology. This has created a huge demand for opportunities in the fields of computers. The students today are racing towards building careers in the computer science field. The students are choosing computer-related fields as their study domain for their degrees and masters for better career opportunities and better career growth.

The scope for computer science is on raise and students are trying to build their career in the computer science field. To build a career in the computer field the students should have a technical degree in computer science. But some students may not be able to join technical degrees due to various reasons.

For such students, BCA can be the best alternative option for pursuing their dream. The students can join the BCA degree and continue their dream to land in computer fields.

What is BCA

What is BCA?

BCA or Bachelor of Computer Application is the 3-year undergraduate course. The BCA degree is the best alternative degree for BE/B.Tech. The students will be studying all the subjects of BE/B.Tech. Computer Science. The BCA is the new age course that is chosen by many students as the career growth is better when compared with other courses. BCA is the best-suited course for the students who are interested in pursuing their career in computer fields.

Further BCA has spread into numerous specializations according to the industrial needs. The students have the option to choose their required specializations in BCA programme. Some of the recent specializations available in the BCA programme are:

  • BCA Data Analytics
  • BCA Game and Mobile application development
  • BCA Intelligent Process Automation
  • BCA cloud computing and Cyber Security
  • BCA IoT (internet of things)

The students can further choose their required specializations in BCA and can have better opportunities and better career growth.

BCA Eligibility

Eligibility of BCA

The eligibility for BCA programmes in Bangalore can be classified into two types depending upon the colleges and universities. BCA course is offered by both Bangalore University and also many other deemed universities.

The basic eligibility for BCA course offered by Bangalore University is 12th pass. The students who have completed their PUC/12 th /or equivalent from the recognized board across India and abroad from any stream are eligible for BCA admissions in Bangalore University and colleges affiliated to it.

There are certain deemed universities which have some limitations on the eligibility of students for BCA programmes in Bangalore. According to them, the students who have studied mathematics as one of the optional subjects in their PUC/12th are eligible to apply for BCA programmes in such deemed universities.

So, students have to cross verify the eligibility criteria before joining BCA courses in Bangalore.

BCA Admissions

Mode of Admission to BCA programmes

The students who are interested to join BCA programmes can take admission by two modes of admission procedures. The first one is merit-based and second Is direct admission. In both cases, the students have to undergo a series of procedures to get admission to BCA programmes in Bangalore.

Merit-Based Admissions

As the name states that this mode of admission is completely merit-based. All the top colleges affiliated to Bangalore University and deemed universities will have merit seats for the students. The students with better marks in their 12th can apply for the colleges for BCA admissions and the colleges release the merit list according to the percentage scored in their 12th marks.

Students whose names appear in the merit list are eligible to opt for merit seats and get admission to BCA. The fees for merit seats are preferably less and is fixed by the government. So, the students have to pay the required fees to the colleges and get admission to the BCA course.

Some top colleges conduct entrance exams for the BCA admissions. The students are required to apply for the entrance test and should clear the test with high marks. The chances of getting merit seat for BCA course is high for the students scoring high marks in the entrance exams. The merit list is prepared based on scores of students obtained in both entrance exam and 12th class.

However, the chances of getting a merit seat is always a bleak. If the percentage is less and if less marks are scored in entrance exams by the students. Then it may be difficult to join the BCA course in top colleges. Due to the increase in competition getting merit seats is difficult for students.

Direct Admissions under Management Quota

The best alternative for merit seats is the process of direct admission under management quota. The students can directly reserve the seats in top colleges and universities of Bangalore under management quota. Every college and university hold some seats under the management quota. The students can apply for these management seats and directly join for BCA course under management quota.

The fee structure for direct admission under management quota is comparatively high when compared to merit seats. But the students have the options to choose their desired top colleges and get admission to the BCA course.

The students can choose their desired institutes for their BCA study under direct admissions. The students can choose the colleges according to their budget and get admission to the BCA programme.

The best part is that the students opting for direct admissions under management quota can book the seats well in advance and get assured admission to BCA programme at their desired colleges. Further, the students who are opting for direct admissions are not required to appear for any entrance exams and can directly join the desired institutes and pursue their BCA degree.

Career After BCA

Are you worried about your future as you did not get an engineering seat? You can still pursue your dream to join IT companies. You can do it by joining the BCA programme.

BCA is considered as the best alternative to engineering and there are many instances where the companies have given priority to BCA students over engineering students.

This article gives a detailed information about the career opportunities available after BCA, read till the end to know more.

The growth in the IT industry has created immense job opportunities for the computer science students. The IT sector is the most booming sector with numerous job opportunities with advancements in technologies. Many top IT companies are looking for skilled professionals in large numbers and are ready to pay handsome salaries for them. BCA is the most popular choice by many students. After BE/B.Tech. the BCA is the best-chosen option by the students who want to make their career in the IT sector.

The Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) is the 3-year degree course which is considered as the best alternative for BE/B.Tech computer science. The BCA course is offered by many colleges and universities across Bangalore. The students after their 12 th can apply for BCA programmes. The admissions are done by merit-based and management based. The students can choose between the two modes of admissions.

Many students who miss the engineering seats due to various reasons will choose BCA programmes to pursue their dream in the IT sector. After the completion of BCA they can land in their desired positions and companies

Career after BCA

Job opportunities after BCA

There are many job opportunities available after completing BCA. The students will join as software developers, software testers and many more.

Some of the popular job roles available after BCA are as follows:

  • Software Developers: Design, development, maintenance, testing and evaluation of the softwares is the main job responsibilities of the software developer. The software developers are expected to have the basic understanding of some of the skills like a solid understanding of algorithms, excellent analytical skills, problem-solving skills, excellent debugging and coding knowledge, knowledge of version control systems like GIT, SVN etc.
  • Software Application Developer: Designing, developing and customizing software applications, modifying the existing software, bug fixing are the major responsibilities that are required for Software Application Developers. They are also required to evaluate and provide the requirements according to the user needs and also should ensure the feasibility of software.Software developer
  • Computer System Analyst: The main aim of the system analyst is to analyze the data processing problems and ensure to improve the computer systems. They are required to develop testing system design procedures and enhance the system compatibility so that the information is shared easily across the networks in an organization.
  • Software Systems Developers: These professionals are required to develop and test the software for a variety of industries. They are required to improvise the existing softwares and try to increase the efficiency of the existing softwares as per the needs of the user. They are required to analyze the flaws of the software and should be capable to recommend new plans and strategies of system installations and perform modifications to improve the performance of the softwares.
  • Web Developer: The emergence of the internet has created a lot of room for websites and webpages. It has become a mandatory asset for all the businesses to have a website of their BCA Blog own. The changing requirements of the users have made it mandatory to have an official website. The role of the web developer is to design, develop sophisticated websites and make them attractive and user friendly. The user-friendly web pages make room for new business developments and ventures and collectively help in the overall development of the businesses.
  • Network systems administrator: The role of the network systems administrator is to provide hardware and software support for an organization. They are required to perform routine checkups of the hardware systems. They are also responsible to maintain data security of the software and hardware. They are responsible to perform frequent data backups, disaster recovery operations in case of emergency.
  • Database administrator: The main role of the database administrator is to perform testing and administering computer databases. They are required to apply security measures to safeguard the sensitive information of the organizations. They are required to maintain the secrecy of the data and should ensure that the sensitive data is not leaked and protected securely.Database administrator
  • FullStack Software Developer: The full-stack developer should be capable to understand all the layers of the software development life cycle. These developers are not required to be experts but they should be competent enough to take the concept and give it a finishing touch. They are required to have a fair knowledge of networking, database, user interface, API security, etc. They are required in both backend and frontend processes.
  • DevOps Engineer: DevOps is the workflow culture that has been followed in recent years across the businesses. DevOps ensures excellent collaborations and communications between developers, testers and operations. DevOps has been proved to be an effective BCA Blog way to address various issues across all the software professionals working in an organization. The organizations are looking for more DevOps professionals in recent times.DevOps
  • Software Tester: The main role of the software tester is to test for the bugs and report them to the developers. Every developed software has to be tested before it reaches the end-user. The software has to undergo extensive tests so that even a minute error is fixed.

The organizations require a lot of software testers and they hire in large numbers. The developers send the software to the testers for testing. The test engineers perform extensive tests on the software and send it back to the developers to fix the bugs. So, the testers are necessary for any organization.

BCA Salary

Salary after BCA

Today, the IT field has become one of the highest paying sectors. A computer professional working in an IT company can easily bag an initial package of Rs. 25,000 to 50,000 per month.

Some IT giants like Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Facebook pay six-digit salaries for the freshers. The BCA students on joining MCA can easily earn higher salary packages and easily land in high-positions. So, an average BCA fresher will be earning about 25 to 30k per month.

What after BCA

What next after BCA?

After BCA the students can have many options like pursuing higher studies like MCA or join the MNCs at different job positions, take up freelancing etc.

Join MCA Programmes

The BCA students who are interested in pursuing higher studies can join the MCA programme. But it must be noted here that if the students are interested to do MCA then they should have the required budget to proceed for MCA. The course fee is relatively high and only the students who can afford such budgets can choose to pursue an MCA programme.

The demand for BCA students is also more as there are numerous IT companies. The students with excellent academic performance are hired in top MNCs for higher salary packages. The BCA students are hired in large numbers at entry-level and mid-level positions. The MCA students are hired in top positions in MNCs.

The MCA students will be studying in- depth all the subjects that they have studied in BCA. The MCA is an extension for BCA. The exposure is more in MCA when compared to BCA. Further, the MCA students will be gaining more practical knowledge when compared to BCA students.

Career in MNCs

Start the career in MNCs

As it is already mentioned above that the BCA graduates are hired in entry-level and mid-level positions at the MNCs. They can start their career at these levels and gradually reach top positions. As the BCA students develop their skills and gain the experience they will be promoted to higher positions in a few years. They can land in high positions like Team Lead, Software Architect, Project Lead etc.


The BCA students can also take up freelancing projects after BCA. They can earn handsome money by taking up freelancing projects. They can work as business consultants for various companies.


To sum up, self-evaluation is the key potential to choose the job and turn it into a career. The BCA freshers should choose their career paths in which they feel they are comfortable and perform the best. BCA course gives the required skills and opens paths for careers. It is up to the student how they use it to grow themselves and reach the goal.

Placements of BCA with Microsoft Cloud Computing and Cyber Security

Career opportunities are available in government and private e-commerce, game design, IT firms, online media, and digital marketing firms; and MNCs. Potential career roles:

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Security Specialist
  • Cloud Developer
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Web Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Digital Analyst
  • Fraud Analyst
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Computer System Analyst
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Security Auditor
  • Incident Responder
  • Security Architect  
  • Security Code Auditor
  • Cryptographer
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Engineer

Top Recruiters for BCA with Microsoft Cloud Computing and Cyber Security students

amazon apple dell deloitte ey google hcl hp ibm infosys jpmorgan microsoft mindtree oracle tcs techmahindra wipro

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