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Job Opportunities after B.Sc Computer Science more_vert

25 Jun 2020

Job Opportunities after B.Sc Computer Scienceclose

It is a known fact that the Computer Science field is ruling the world today. Many surveys claim that nearly 55% of the world's population are hired in IT sectors at various positions. Although there are numerous job roles in this area, it has to be noted that there are some important and crucial positions that have weightage such that the career growth opportunities offered by them is outstanding. The present article talks about such specific job roles where the

Career roles available for GNM Nurses more_vert

24 Jun 2020

Career roles available for GNM Nursesclose

Nursing encompasses autonomous and collaborative care of individuals of all ages, families groups and communities sick and well in all settings. The General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM) course is basically the diploma course in nursing. The GNM holders are considered as diploma holders and are hired in certain job roles in hospitals and nursing homes.

Top careers possibilities available after B.Sc Nursing Course more_vert

24 Jun 2020

Top careers possibilities available after B.Sc Nursing Courseclose

Nurses save and improve the lives of people as frontline members of the health care delivery team. They are responsible to independently assess and monitor the patients and are required to take a holistic approach about the patient's condition to determine needs of patients that help them to attain and preserve their health. Nurses then provide care and, if needed, alert other health care professionals to assist. Nurses are patient educators and are responsible for explaining procedures and treatments. They also empower patients guiding them towards healthy be...

All about B.Sc Computer Science more_vert

24 Jun 2020

All about B.Sc Computer Scienceclose

Introduction to Computer Science Computer Science is the academic discipline concerned with computing and development of computing software. The intellectual processes of this discipline combine theory, abstraction and design to develop software that can perform prescribed tasks. Computer Science is a very vast subject that has lots of applications in the modern world. The computer scientists design new software, solve computing and develop different ways to use technology. In simple words Computer Science is the study of hardware, software, networking and all the proc...

What are the Career possibilities after M.Sc Nursing more_vert

24 Jun 2020

What are the Career possibilities after M.Sc Nursingclose

Nursing is all about providing care to people suffering from health conditions. The aim of providing care is to recover them from an illness. Nurses are important to the community; it is because they help the sick to become healthy again. Nurses encourage the health of people and communities. The nursing course is the largest and most diverse of all the health care professions. Today, the healthcare system encourages diversity in nursing. Nurses from different races, gender and culture will provide better health. With such diversity a deeper grip of the elements w...

Why The Demand For Foreign Universities Is Increasing By Indian Students In This Pandemic Situation? more_vert

24 Jun 2020

Why The Demand For Foreign Universities Is Increasing By Indian Students In This Pandemic Situation?close

Seat Reservation Facility Most of the top universities abroad have started inviting applications for their September, January, and March academic intakes. For students who are interested in getting admission to these universities, NOW is the ideal time to start filling out and processing their Application Forms and blocking or reserving their seats. Once the COVID-19 pandemic situation clears and is completely resolved, admission will be completely processed. Candidates can be ready to physically join the upcoming academic intake in September, January, and March in the top unive...

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