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Reasons to study Pharm D (Post Baccalaureate) in Bangalore

05 Dec 2020

Few lines about Pharm D (Post Baccalaureate) The Pharm D (Post Baccalaureate) is th...

Top 5 jobs available after Pharm D Course

03 Dec 2020

Few lines about Pharm D Course Pharmacy is the branch of science that deals with the research, development and distribution of medicines and drugs. The pharmacy field prepares the indiv...

Reasons to choose B.Pharm course

02 Dec 2020

Introduction to B.Pharm course Pharmacy is a licensed profession in which pharmacists provide information regarding medication to patients and health care professionals. Pharmacy is bas...

What are the skills required to join the D Pharma Course?

02 Dec 2020

Introduction to Pharmacy Pharmacy is the science that is concerned with the preparation and standardization of drugs for the well-being of all.  Pharmacists are responsible for pre...

Why Radiation physics make a great career?

01 Dec 2020

Introduction to Radiation Physics Course The radiation physics course aims to train the students on various radiation related treatments using sophisticated equipment. Radiation physics...

Reasons to choose Psychosocial Rehabilitation as a Career

01 Dec 2020

What you should know about Psychosocial rehabilitation? The main aim of psychosocial rehabilitation is to train the students with advanced psychology counselling skills and empower them...

Reasons to choose Emergency Medicine as Career

30 Nov 2020

Few Lines about Emergency Medicine The Emergency Medicine Technology students are trained to administer the emergency medicines and connect the emergency medical equipment to the patien...

Why should you choose Echocardiography as a career?

30 Nov 2020

Introduction to Echocardiography The Echocardiography professionals mainly help the heart surgeons to assist and evaluate the condition of the heart in the patients undergoing heart sur...

Why choose Critical Care Technology as a Career Option?

28 Nov 2020

What is Critical Care Technology? The Critical Care Technology students will be working with...

Reasons to Study Neuroscience/Neurology

28 Nov 2020

Are you worried about the career in B.Sc Neuroscience/Neurology? Are you interested to know more about the B.Sc Neuroscience/Neurology? Read this article till the end to know mo...

Why Radiology Makes a Great Career?

27 Nov 2020

Introduction to Radiology Course The radiology course aims to train the students on various radiology treatments using sophisticated equipment. Radiology treatments are largely used in...

Benefits of Choosing Radiotherapy as a Career

27 Nov 2020

Introduction to Radiotherapy Course The radiotherapy course aims to train the students on various radiotherapy treatments using sophisticated equipment. Radiotherapy treatments are larg...

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