Why should you choose Echocardiography as a career?

Last updated: 03 Dec 2020

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Introduction to Echocardiography

The Echocardiography professionals mainly help the heart surgeons to assist and evaluate the condition of the heart in the patients undergoing heart surgeries. They are necessary to conduct scans using the ECG machine and many other allied equipment to assess the condition of the heart. They are required to provide proper reports of the heart patients before the surgery. The cardiac surgeons will modify the surgical procedures based on the reports given by the Echocardiography technicians.

The Echocardiography technicians should constantly monitor the condition of the patients by keeping an eye on the readings obtained from the connected heart equipment and should perform accurate scanning of the heart. They should be capable of judging the condition of the heart based on the scanning reports.

The M.Sc Echocardiography is the 2-years postgraduate course that can be done by the students of B.Sc Cardiac Care Technology and B.Sc Perfusion Technology courses. The M.Sc Echocardiography is the allied course in medicine that is parallelly related to the field of cardiology. The M.Sc Echocardiography professionals will be learning about the techniques that are involved performing the scanning mechanisms that are required to analyse the functioning of the heart by sophisticated equipment like ultrasound unit or Echocardiogram unit (ECG).

Benefits of choosing Echocardiography as a career

The echocardiography plays a very important role in the lives of heart patients. The echocardiography technicians are required to scan the heart and analyse the condition of heart and refer the same to the cardiologists. They in turn decide the type of treatment or type of heart surgery that a patient has to undergo. Many students neglect this course because of their hangover of MBBS seats. But getting an MBBS seat is challenging unless the students have good ranking in NEET exams. The students who lost their opportunity to become doctors can join this course and fulfill their dream of treating the heart patients on behalf of doctors.

Let’s try to understand some of the important benefits of choosing echocardiography as a career.

Opportunity to treat heart patients

Echocardiography is the imaging of the heart and vascular system. The echocardiography technicians will be taking images of the patient's heart chambers, valves and blood vessels. The echocardiography technicians are responsible to diagnose the heart conditions in the heart patients. The information provided by them is critical for the heart surgeons.

Job Outlook is positive for Echocardiography

The Echocardiography technicians are having a positive job outlook according to various surveys. It is projected that there will be a 22% increase in job opportunities from 2021 to 2025, much faster than the average for all occupations. The increase in heart problems in people due to changed lifestyle has increased the demand for skilled echocardiography technicians. The increased demand in the echocardiography field has forced many organisations to pay excellent salary packages for the right candidates.

Flexibility in job

The main role of the echocardiography professional’s is to diagnose heart conditions using sophisticated equipment. They are only required to take a detailed observation of the heart and generate reports. They generally work 8-10 hours in a day and according to their schedules. They can have an excellent work & life balance.

Fastest- Growing occupations in the world

According to many global surveys the echocardiography field is one of the fastest growing in medical science. The career openings for echocardiography technicians are expected to experience a 22% increase in the world by 2025. The demand in the field has created new job roles for echocardiography technicians.

Diverse and excellent job opportunities

The echocardiography technicians may have the opportunity to pursue a number of positions within various segments of the healthcare industry. After graduation, students may choose to become professionally credentialed.

Opportunity to meet new people each day 

On average an echocardiography technician usually spends 40+ hours at the workspace every week. The echocardiography technicians will have an opportunity to meet new people from different walks of life. This creates a special bond between the patients and echocardiography technicians. The meeting of people helps the echocardiography technicians to become more compassionate and empathetic while treating the patients.

Echocardiography Technicians are well paid

There is a huge demand for skilled echocardiography technicians. They are highly paid professionals in the healthcare industry. The increasing aged population with heart problems has created a lot of demand for skilled echocardiography technicians. The aged people require regular heart scanning and echocardiography technicians are required to do this job. The demand has forced the healthcare organisations to hire a greater number of skilled professionals to meet the needs. They are ready to pay handsome salaries for skilled echocardiography technicians

Final Lines

Echocardiography was never considered as a potential career option by many students who were aspiring for medical seats. Many surveys claim that very few people join this course, due to lack of awareness about the course among the students. The echocardiography technicians play an important role in heart problems, without their reports no heart surgeon can diagnose and give treatment for the patients. The echocardiography technicians are required to give proper diagnostic reports based on which the cardiac specialists prescribe treatments for heart patients.

The students who are aspiring for MBBS seats, if they miss that opportunity due to various reasons are advised to explore echocardiography course. Even the students from B.Sc Perfusion technology and B.Sc Cardiac Care courses can join the M.Sc Echocardiography course. The M.Sc Echocardiography course also ensures an excellent career growth and it also helps the students to achieve their dream of joining the medical field and earn good money as skilled professionals.

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