Why choose Critical Care Technology as a Career Option?

Why choose Critical Care Technology as a Career Option?

Last updated: 08 Oct 2021

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What is Critical Care Technology?

The Critical Care Technology students will be working with critically ill patients in the intensive care units (ICU) of hospitals and nursing homes. The critical care technology students will be learning about all the medical equipment that are essential for critical care patients that keep them stable. The critical care technology students are required to set up and connect the life support equipment to critically ill patients. They are also responsible to monitor the critically ill patients and record the readings and observations from the connected equipment. They are also required to provide the recorded data to the physicians. They are required to act immediately in case of the emergency. The critical care technology students of all the hospitals worldwide played a very crucial role in the Covid-19 pandemic situation in reducing the fatality rates to a large extent.

The critical care technology students are given training on the first-aid and they are required to perform first-aid in case of emergency. They are required to administer emergency medicine to the patients to keep them stable during a medical emergency until the doctor arrives. The critical care technology students are also responsible to maintain and repair the emergency medical equipment and are also responsible to assist the nursing and other paramedical staff while using the equipment for patient monitoring activities.

The critical care technology students are also required to handle other equipment such as dialysis machines, ventilators, defibrillators, blood analysers, CAT scanners, infusion pumps and various other equipment in the hospitals and nursing homes.

The B.Sc critical care technology is the 3-years degree programme that can be joined after the completion of the 12th class. The students who want to join the B.Sc critical care technology should have studied any of the following three subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Zoology/Botany in their PUC or 10+2 from the recognised board.

Reasons to choose Critical Care Technology

The critical care technology is the most underrated course in the medical fraternity. The irony is that critical care technologists play a decisive role in case of medical emergencies but still the majority of them are unaware of this fantastic course. The critical care technologists are required to look after the patients in intensive care units (ICU) and are responsible to monitor patients regularly. The monitoring job cannot be done by a physician so critical care technologists come into picture to carry out this important task.

Let’s try to understand some of the reasons for choosing critical care technology course

Highly Specialised Field

Intensive Care Units (ICU) or Critical Care units (CCU) are specialised hospital departments. For freshers they focus on certain patients and specific health and medical conditions. The critical care technologists have better medical knowledge that allows them to carry out advanced life-saving techniques. They also have a more comprehensive understanding of complex equipment. They are adapted using ventilators, cardiac monitors and intracranial pressure monitoring devices.

Ratio to patients is almost equal

Intensive care units (ICUs) aim to provide greater intensity, high acuity medical care. After all patients in these hospital departments suffer from unstable health. That then makes their health even more unpredictable than most other patients. It is for this reason the critical care technologists monitor patients 24/7. The patients need a high-level constant care, so there should always be a skilled professional to watch over.

Opportunity to witness the amazing recovery of patients

Given their life-threatening condition, ICU and CCU patients traditionally had high mortality rates. But serious advancements in medicine and technology have pushed these rates down. Through the expertise of the critical care technologists and focus on patient care, they help improve patient survival. It's nothing short of amazing to see a patient survive and recover from a serious health ordeal. It's even more rewarding if they had a contribution to the survival and recovery of patients. This is one of the most rewarding experiences of the critical care technologists in hospitals and nursing homes.

Empower patients and their families

There is a certain feeling of fulfillment when you know that you are giving excellent care as a critical care technologist. But it is also a gratifying experience that one will have when they become a critical care technologist. It also gives a chance to form deeper connections with patients and their families. It is a common thing that critical care patients spend their time unconscious. As such it’s their loved ones that critical care technologists communicate with the most. The ability to comfort the family and friends of patients is an enriching experience. Their loved one may be in critical condition, but the simple act of showing the care can be enough to empower them.

It’s a Challenging Career

The health of ICU patients is always fluctuating, it’s the duty of the cardiac care technologists to act according to the fluctuations. The critical care technologists face challenges daily when it comes to patients in ICUs and CCUs. The critical care technologists are always required to keep calm and cool all the time. The job as a critical care technologist is one of the most emotionally challenging careers in the medical field.

High Demand and Excellent salary packages

The critical care technologists are required in high numbers, there is a huge demand for skilled professionals in this field. The hospitals and nursing homes worldwide are in need of critical care technologists and are ready to pay handsome salaries for right candidates.

Final Lines

There is a huge demand for skilled critical care technologists in the healthcare industry. They can find ample job opportunities and can expect excellent career growth in the field. The students who feel to look after critical patients in ICUs can join this course.

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