Which is Better: Medical or Engineering?

Which is Better: Medical or Engineering?

Last updated: 04 Dec 2021

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When it comes to career options, the students plan their careers after their PUC or 12th class. The two major streams of career choices will be either Medical or Engineering and students will always be in a dilemma when it comes to choosing their careers. It is essential that the students follow their interests, passion and talent. But they will be having issues while choosing the right career path between engineering and medical. There is always a debate between engineering and medical courses and students will be confused about their choice.

In this article we are trying to compare both the courses with a wider perspective, so that the students can have a better clarity about both the courses.


  • The Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) is a 5.5-years undergraduate course that can be done after PUC or 12th. 
  • The students joining to MBBS degree have to mandatorily undergo 1-year internship before starting the practice as a doctor
  • The students looking to join MBBS in India or abroad are mandatorily required to appear and qualify NEET Exam
  • The students who dream to become doctors can join the MBBS degree and start practicing medicine to treat the patients. 
  • The MBBS degree requires two important pillars i.e. patience and problem solving skills, along with this an ability to work under extreme pressure. 
  • Doctors are considered to be the noblest and most respected professions in the world. 
  • As doctors they are responsible to save lives each day and are considered as a godly figure by the society.


  • The Bachelor of Engineering (BE) is a 4-years undergraduate course that can be done after PUC or 12th.  
  • There is no mandatory internship for engineering students
  • The students have a flexible window when it comes to entrance exams for engineering courses. They may opt to write entrance exams or they may even go for direct admission to their desired engineering course irrespective of the entrance exams
  • Engineering has diverse career opportunities; one can work in the IT field, mechanical field, civil field, etc. 
  • The engineering education exposes the students to various technical subjects and skill sets. 
  • The engineering students will develop the skills that are transferable to most industries like problem solving, decision making, innovation, project management, team working, communication, etc. 
  • Engineering is considered as a creative position and in the current innovative and fast paced atmosphere there is a need for a huge number of creative engineers. 

MBBS Vs Engineering: Scope and Career


  • If the students are interested to question, explore, invent, discover and create then engineering is the best choice. 
  • It so happens that many times the profession chooses us and opens gateways towards a bright future. 
  • The engineers are in great demand in the tech industry and there are new job roles that are popping up and attracting the creative and talented engineers across the globe.
  • The opportunities are endless for engineering graduates if they focus on learning and acquiring skills.
  • The engineering field is very diverse with more than 40+ specialisations and the career opportunities depend upon the choice of the specialisation chosen by the students. 
  • In some fields the careers are extremely well, while in some there are very less career opportunities, so it is always important to have a proper guidance from the experts before choosing the engineering specialisations

Some of the job roles for engineering students are:

  • Software Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • IT Administrator
  • Application Developer

Although, there are many more career opportunities for the engineering students, the job roles completely depends on the choice of the field and specialisation chosen by the students


  • The students study medicine only to become doctors and serve the patients. Medicine is intellectually exciting and quite fascinating and is a low-risk unemployment in the medical field. 
  • The medical field is very wide and it definitely offers better pay scales and better career opportunities when compared to engineering. 
  • The doctors can join MD and super specialisations in their desired field of study. 
  • The MD doctors are in huge demand and are hired in all the hospitals at higher pay scales and better positions. 
  • Further, the doctors have the freedom to set up their private clinics in the neighbourhood to earn extra money, which is quite not possible with an engineering degree.
  • The MBBS students have to undergo a mandatory 1-year internship in a hospital after the completion of their MBBS degree. 
  • Usually every medical college will have its own hospital and the fresh MBBS graduates are directly hired as doctors in their own hospitals 

Some of the job roles for MBBS students are:

  • Duty Doctor
  • General Physician
  • Junior Doctor

MBBS Vs Engineering: Salary Packages

Both medical and engineering careers are lucrative on their own and fetch handsome salaries for the skilled professionals.

The MBBS doctors with an MD degree can easily earn 15 Lakhs to 35 Lakhs per annum. While the engineering professionals will be earning around 10 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs per annum.

Which to choose: MBBS or Engineering?

This is the common question that rises in every student after they complete their PUC or 12th class. It is quite difficult to choose between the two lucrative careers, but an MBBS course is considered better over engineering. The MBBS is one of the evolving careers with new medical discoveries and inventions happening each day. There is a huge requirement of skilled doctors to treat a large number of people in society. 

The doctors can also earn better by setting up their private clinics in their neighbourhoods. So, MBBS is always better than Engineering, but not to forget the decision purely depends upon the interests of the student. 

With proper guidance from the experts from Galaxy Education the students will be out of confusion, so they can make right decisions that suit them.


Both engineering and medical courses are lucrative and provide wide career avenues for the students. The students can choose the course that suits their passion, interest and talent and reach great heights in their careers.
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