When is the Ideal time to do an MBA?

The MBA course has been considered as one of the best degrees in today’s employment scenarios. Many organisations are basically looking for an MBA degree in students before considering them for many job roles, especially in management profiles. The students who are interested in management roles are certainly required to do an MBA degree before joining any company for some managerial positions.

Last updated: 17 Mar 2022

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Pursuing an MBA right after Graduation

Many organisations today look for fresh MBA candidates for hiring and also offer good pay scales for them. The fresh graduates can find it easy to join MBA soon after the completion of their degree, because of the available opportunities. The fresh graduates will be still enthusiastic with better grasping powers. The fresh graduates who are interested in pursuing an MBA will provide win-win situations to both the institutes and recruiters. The institutes usually prefer fresh graduates over experienced professionals and the main reason for this is the jobs are available more for the freshers when compared to the experienced ones.

The fresh MBA graduates can expect excellent placement opportunities soon after they complete their regular MBA degree. There are many organisations that expect the fresh MBA students to have a real-world experience and most of them offer only entry level jobs for the fresh graduates for decent pay scales.

Pursuing an MBA after a Work Experience

There are some situations where many students may not be able to pursue an MBA soon after their graduation and they may be forced to take up jobs and reasons may be many. For those who couldn’t do an MBA after graduation can also join the MBA course once they are after gaining some work experience. The work experience gives the students financial stability according to their convenience after a brief gap. Before joining the course, they should be aware of the pros and cons of the MBA degree.

The working professionals with an MBA will always have an extra weightage directly or indirectly. Some top companies prefer people with MBAs with prior work experience. The working professionals will be having a real-time exposure to the changing business trends in the markets, but the fresh MBA graduates lack that real-time exposure. The working professionals with an MBA will apply their real-time knowledge into the theory and this helps them to grasp the topics easily.

The working professionals will be able to grasp the lessons better than fresh graduates because they are already aware of the corporate style and the intricacies of the management side. There are many companies that recruit professionals to the senior-level or mid-senior level leadership roles; and they prefer students with work experience and MBA. Because such companies are ready to offer higher salary packages to the MBA graduates with excellent work experience.

The salaries are comparatively higher for working professionals when compared with fresh graduates. The companies hiring working and experienced professionals will offer better salary packages according to their experience. So, the working professionals can demand higher salaries after their MBA.

The experienced professionals can improve their commercial and interpersonal skills. The MBA course helps them to improve their presentation skills, communication skills and interpersonal skills. All these factors help the working professionals to get better opportunities soon after they complete their MBA course. 

In both cases an MBA degree always gives value to one’s resume and career prospects. The candidates can make the best decision when it comes to pursuing an MBA after their graduation or after gaining some work experience. 

Career Prospects for MBA

MBA has been one of the most aspirated qualifications for many companies to hire professionals. Pursuing an MBA can reap excellent fruits for the students in case of career progression and opportunities. In typical organisations the MBA professionals are usually paid higher when compared to others.

The salary structure also varies for MBA students depending upon their experience, the fresh MBA students will be typically earning about 5 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs per annum. While the working and experienced MBA professionals will be earning about 10 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs PA.


The article tries to explain some of the scenarios of when one can do and the pros and cons associated with it. So, the right time to do an MBA course depends on one’s interest, situation and reason for pursuing an MBA.

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