What should an MBBS Aspirant know before joining an MBBS Course?

MBBS course is one of the most aspirated courses among the majority of the students. Every biology student dreams of becoming a doctor by choosing an course in MBBS Colleges in Bangalore. The demand is huge for skilled MBBS students across the globe. The career as a doctor is one of the most aspirated and most rewarding ones when compared to any other careers available.

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Last updated: 10 Mar 2022

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But there is a huge competition for MBBS seats across the globe. The limited number of seats in MBBS has created enormous competition across the globe. Additionally the fees are also high. Many of them cannot afford huge amounts for MBBS seats and hence the competition is much higher for government medical colleges when compared to private medical colleges. The fees is comparatively low for MBBS seats in government colleges when compared to huge fee structure in private medical colleges.

Many students opt for the abroad MBBS course due to lesser fees structures, but the expenses are not so cheap for the abroad MBBS programme. Only some people can afford to take up the abroad MBBS course while the majority of them cannot afford such high costs.

Points to be kept in mind before choosing MBBS course

Although many students dream of becoming doctors by joining the MBBS course, it is always important to have a basic understanding of procedures related to the MBBS course.

Let’s try to discuss them in detail: 

1. Eligibility Criteria

The MBBS course has specific eligibility criteria for the students aspiring to become doctors by choosing the MBBS course. Some of the eligibility criteria are

  • The candidate must be 18 years old on or before the date of admission
  • Only students from science background can join to the MBBS course 
  • The students of PUC or Class 12th with Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Zoology are eligible to apply for MBBS course
  • The students must have scored a minimum of 50% aggregate in Physics, Chemistry, Biology(PCB) are eligible to apply for MBBS
  • The students must qualify NEET UG exam and undergo counselling to get admission to MBBS course

2. Confidence is the key

Confidence is the key to achieve anything in life, the same applies for MBBS also. It is a known fact that MBBS is not an easy subject and is not a cake walk at all. It demands tremendous patience and sometimes exhaustive efforts. The course is also lengthy and vast and it is very common to lose interest. In such situations confidence will help you to achieve your goal. With a positive approach and confidence the students can easily complete the MBBS course with flying colours.

3. Budget

We know that MBBS is not a Affordable course and is very expensive. The fees are manageable if the students get seats in government colleges. But due to high competition the chances are very less for getting into government colleges for the MBBS course. While the private medical colleges are very expensive. The students and parents should be well prepared with the finances in order to join the MBBS course.

How to manage your study time?

Time management plays an important role for getting success in any of the courses, the same applies even for the MBBS course. The MBBS aspirants have to manage time accordingly so that they can qualify NEET UG Exam and even complete the MBBS course with high marks.

Some of the important points that are essential for time management are:

  • Divide the time according to the subjects and focus more on your pros and cons and divide accordingly
  • The MBBS degree which requires both theoretical knowledge and extensive practical knowledge
  • The students should spend much time in labs and practicals as MBBS is purely practical and real-time experience is the key for a successful doctor
  • The students should have strong fundamentals and this helps them to learn better

How to prepare for an MBBS Course?

A proper planning is essential for completing a successful MBBS course. There are many instances where the students with proper planning have excelled in the medical field as doctors. 

Some of the tips are:

  • Start your day with studies by working on your regular classes notes.
  • Develop a habit of taking regular notes at the classes.
  • Thoroughly read the books, spend time in library for getting references
  • Solve all, the previous years exams and try to find out your mistakes and rectify the same
  • Spend more time in practicals this helps the students to understand better the real-world scenarios
  • The Internet is the hub for abundant data. Use the internet to get more information, follow medical journals, follow international medical magazines, these habits enrich the knowledge and help the students to perform better in the exams.


Medical has been one of the most demanded courses in the world, it is very essential to have a basic idea before joining an MBBS course. This helps the students to understand the hardships better. The above article tries to explain the facts about MBBS and helps students to make informed decisions.

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