What makes B.Sc Renal Dialysis technology a good career?

Future of Dialysis Technology

Last updated: 26 Aug 2021

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What is B.Sc Renal Dialysis Technology?

The B.Sc Renal Dialysis Technology course imparts the students with the essential knowledge about the treatments that are given to renal failure patients. The B.Sc Renal Dialysis Technology students will be studying different techniques like administering haemodialysis treatments for patients with renal failure. The students of the B.Sc Renal Dialysis Technology will be studying in-depth about the following topics such as basic anatomy, basic physiology, pathology, dialysis preparation, dialyser setup, dialysis prescription interpretation, extracorporeal circuit, maintenance of the Renal equipment, patient preparation, equipment monitoring, venepuncture and local anaesthesia administration, safety and sanitisation, emergency interventions, intravenous fluids injection, professional standards and ethics.

The B.Sc Renal Dialysis Technology students will also be studying about the various specializations such as cardiac care, respiratory care technology, dialysis technology, imaging sciences technology, clinical medical lab technology and many more.

Eligibility for B.Sc Renal Dialysis Technology?

The students who have completed their PUC/12th /or equivalent from the recognised central or any state board are eligible to apply for B.Sc Renal Dialysis Technology. Further, the students who are seeking admission to the B.Sc Renal Dialysis Technology should have compulsorily studied the subjects of physics, chemistry, biology and maths in their 12th classes. They should also have scored 60% aggregate in all these subjects in their 12th classes.

Who can choose to join B.Sc Renal Dialysis Technology?

Renal Dialysis Technology is considered as the most challenging field in the medical area. The renal dialysis technologists hold an important role in the field of medicine. The renal dialysis technologists are given proper instructions to handle patients with renal failure. The renal dialysis technologists will be working in emergencies. They should be skilled professionals having the relevant skills that are required to treat renal failure patients. They should be capable of making quick decisions and act quickly to the situations. They should be capable of handling the situations under pressure.

The students who are intending to join B.Sc Renal Dialysis Technology should have to possess certain criteria, they are:

  • The students should be having the capacity to handle emergencies.
  • The students should have the problem-solving skills, analytical skills to become the renal dialysis technologists.
  • The students should be effective team players, as they will be working with the team of experts and physicians.
  • The students should be flexible with timings as they can be called upon anytime in the case of an emergency. The students should be well-prepared for emergencies.
  • The students should be compassionate towards patients because they will be undergoing depression due to their health condition and will be in trauma. So, the renal dialysis technologists need to show love and affection to the patients.
  • The students who are willing to have specific technical knowledge, skills and concepts related to the chronic kidney diseases and dialysis procedures can opt for this course.
  • The students who are interested to know about the medical devices and equipment involved in renal replacement therapies can opt for this course.
  • The students who are interested to understand the equipment used in renal therapies can opt for the course.

Salary Package

The students after completing the B.Sc Renal Dialysis technology will be earning an average salary of Rs 3 Lakhs to 7 Lakhs per annum. The B.Sc Renal Dialysis Technology freshers will be earning around 2.5 lakhs per annum. The salary also will increase according to the experience gained and skills learnt during their careers.

Career Prospects

The average life-span of the people has increased in the last millennium. This is made possible due to the increase in the medical researches that have resulted in the advancement of medical technologies. The demand for renal dialysis technologists has seen a steady increase in the last 5 to 10 years across the globe. As mentioned above the increased life-span has increased from the patients across the globe.

The changed lifestyles of the people have given rise to many health problems. One such problem is renal failure or kidney failure. There are many patients who suffer from kidney problems and finally end up in kidney failure incidents.

This is where the renal dialysis technologists come to picture. The increased case of renal failure patients has created a demand for the B.Sc Renal Dialysis Technology students in large numbers. Renal dialysis technology professionals will provide support with the external kidneys by using sophisticated machines. The renal dialysis technologists are the experts who are capable of handling the sophisticated machines that act as external kidney systems. They are responsible to set up the systems and check for various parameters of the vital organs of the patients. They should be capable of making the required adjustments according to the situations and patients’ conditions.

They are responsible to conduct the dialysis on the patients carefully with all the safety precautions in place. They should be very careful while performing dialysis on the patients. Since they come in contact with direct blood of the patients and will be having high-risks of getting infected with the blood of the patient’s directly. So, the renal dialysis technologists need to follow all the safety measures and precautions during the dialysis procedures.

Some of the job roles available after B.Sc Renal Dialysis Technology are:

  • Nephrologist
  • Dialysis Therapist
  • Clinical Coordinator
  • Medical Technician
  • Dialysis Technician

Placement Opportunities

The B.Sc Renal Dialysis Technologists are largely hired in the healthcare industry. They are hired in government hospitals, private hospitals, super speciality hospitals, multi-speciality hospitals, nursing homes, community health centres, diagnostic centres, dialysis centres, labs etc.

Some of the top recruiters hiring the B.Sc Renal Dialysis Technologists are:

  • Apollo Hospitals
  • Max Hospitals
  • Aster HealthCare
  • Metro Hospitals
  • Columbia Asia Hospitals
  • Fortis Healthcare
  • Manipal Hospitals
  • Medanta Health City
  • Narayana Hospitals
  • NU Hospitals
  • AIIMS Institutes


The advancements in the health care sector have given rise to many new job roles in the sector. The medical field today is not only limited to doctors and nurses but still more. New job roles and new career opportunities are emerging in the field of medicine. To join the medical field, it is not essential to do MBBS only. The dream of joining the medical field can also be fulfilled even by joining many allied health science courses like B.Sc Renal Dialysis technology. Every degree has its specific importance and every degree has its value. The top-performing students can find relevant and desired job profiles and land in lucrative careers according to their interests. The students with dedication and interest can always grow in careers that they have chosen.

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Kamran Ullah 8 months ago

Which one is best MLT or RDT?


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