What is the difference between studying MBBS in India and MBBS abroad?

MBBS has been one of the popular choices by many students across the globe. Every year the majority of students aim to become doctors by joining MBBS Colleges in Bangalore. But unfortunately, many of them will not be in a position to achieve their dreams.

The MBBS fee structure is extremely high and many aspirants rely on the NEET Exam to get admissions in merit quota. But the competition is extremely high and the majority of students may not get admissions.  On the other hand, the MBBS seats in private colleges are exorbitant and many students cannot afford to pay such huge sums. So, they end up joining MBBS in abroad countries due to their cheaper fee structure in countries like Ukraine, Georgia, etc.

Difference between studying MBBS in India and MBBS Abroad

Last updated: 10 Mar 2022

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The present article tries to explore the pros and cons of studying MBBS in India and MBBS abroad. 

Let’s try to understand them better:

Why MBBS in India?

There are a huge number of students who dream to become doctors by joining the government MBBS colleges every year. Every year lakhs of students apply for the NEET Exam to get admission to the MBBS course in MBBS Colleges in Bangalore. The increased competition has depleted the chances of getting admission to government medical seats especially in the merit quota seats. 

Unfortunately, the students with lesser rankings in NEET-UG exam may not be able to get admission to government medical seats and will eventually get huge MBBS seats with high fees in the private colleges. But not everyone can afford to get admission to private colleges due to high donation and high capitation fees.

Only students who can afford such heavy fees will choose to go for private colleges and many students who may not be able to afford such high fees may land up in other courses.

Why MBBS Abroad? 

On the other hand many students choose to study MBBS in abroad countries for the lesser fee structures. Many universities abroad in different countries are offering quality education in the MBBS course at very affordable costs that are very cheap when compared to medical education in the private Indian universities. 

The students opt for the MBBS course abroad for the quality of education offered by international universities. The quality of the MBBS course abroad is comparatively better than private colleges and universities in India. Cost wise also the MBBS course abroad costs less when compared to the MBBS course in Indian private universities.

Comparison between MBBS in India and MBBS in abroad

MBBS in India

MBBS in Abroad

Qualifying the NEET UG Exam is mandatory for getting admission to MBBS courses in India Qualifying the NEET UG Exam is mandatory for getting admission to MBBS courses in abroad countries

The MBBS in private colleges and universities in India will be well equipped

The abroad MBBS universities and colleges will be always a step ahead of Indian private medical colleges in infrastructure and equipments

The practical exposure in private MBBS colleges is better  for students

The practical exposure is outstanding in abroad MBBS colleges when compared to Indian medical colleges

The students of private MBBS colleges will be exposed to better practical learning and real-time experience

The students will be developing a holistic practical understanding of diverse types of medical advancements happening across the globe.

The fee for private Indian MBBS colleges is very high when compared to government colleges

The fees for MBBS in abroad is not so expensive when compared to private Indian MBBS colleges

The Indian MBBS students will have an opportunity to participate in counselling sessions and choose their desired colleges for their MBBS

The abroad MBBS students do not have any advantage of participation in counselling sessions.

The Indian MBBS students can get better and detailed information like MCI recognition, reputation, placement statistics, etc from recognised educational advisories in India

The MBBS abroad students cannot have clear-cut information about the universities that are recognised by MCI.

There is no MCI Screening Test (FMGE) for practising MBBS if completed the course in Indian Medical Colleges The Indian students who have completed MBBS in abroad countries are mandatorily required to qualify MCI Screening Test (FMGE) exam to practice medicine in India

MBBS in India or MBBS in abroad: Career Scope

The career is excellent in both the cases; MBBS in India or MBBS abroad. The global exposure is always better for the students with an MBBS abroad degree. The level of education is always better in abroad countries when compared to MBBS in India. The recruitment is always high for the students with an MBBS degree. The salaries also increase for the students with MBBS abroad degrees. So, in all aspects the MBBS degree abroad always surpasses the MBBS degree in India.


The MBBS has been one of the evergreen subjects that has been in demand for many years. The demand continues to rise in the future with new avenues and new opportunities getting opened up every day. It is always advised that students should take proper decisions before choosing MBBS in India or MBBS abroad.

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