Top Reasons to Choose Nursing as a Career

Top Reasons to Choose Nursing as a Career

Last updated: 07 Oct 2021

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Nursing is the most booming career that has never seen any decline till date from the day it originated. There are many instances where some career fields saw a decline in hiring during the recession and economic situations, but nursing has remained unaffected despite the serious economic situations of any country. Nursing is a profession that provides a number of positive career designations that are stable, safe and allows the advancement in career growth. Nursing is all about making a difference in the lives of people who are suffering from chronic illness by care and affection. Nursing is considered a noble profession in the world.

Here are few reasons that make nursing a best career option:

Strong job growth and security

The advancements in medical sciences has increased the lifespan of people. This has resulted in an increase in the number of old age people and thereby increasing the care and treatment requirements. This has created enormous job opportunities for nursing professionals across the globe. The need for nurses worldwide has always remained high due to the lesser number of ratios between nurses and patients. Many global surveys show that by 2025 the demand for nurses will be skyrocketed with an expected growth rate of 15% per year. The statistics clearly show that the demand for nurses is high and the industry requires a large number of registered nurses in coming days.

Today, nursing is not limited to hospitals but they are required in numerous areas like old age homes, orphanage homes, rehabilitation centres, nursing colleges, medical writing companies, etc. The changing medical requirements have widened the job opportunities for nurses to different areas apart from hospitals.

Unlimited specialities to choose and Career advancement opportunities

Nursing is one of the few specialisations where the professionals have an opportunity to apply their skills at different specialisations available in the medical field. The nurses can choose from a range of specialities that help them to capitalise their natural interests and characteristics, irrespective of the specialities chosen. Sometimes the nursing will give the opportunity to choose leadership roles like the director of nursing, nursing manager, etc.

The medical field has diversified into different areas and the advancement in medical treatments has trickled down into many super specialisations. The nurses with specific specialisations are required in relevant areas thus resulting in a large number of job opportunities for nurses. The nurses can gain different qualifications and skills apparently as they progress in their careers. Nurses today are not limited to just giving treatment and taking care of the patients but still more. They are required to perform some specific tasks along like giving training on critical illness treatment and giving permissions to perform them when required. In an emergency situation the nurses may have to go ahead with lifesaving drugs for patients to keep them stable until the doctor arrives.

Flexibility to choose any specialisations

Today, the nursing field provides an opportunity for all the aspirants to choose their own specialisations. The medical area is so expansive that nurses can join in any specialized area and serve the patients. They have numerous options like post-surgical care, cardiac patients, stroke victims care and emergency nursing, etc. Nurses can even work outside the hospitals in other areas like prisons, schools, large corporations and insurance companies, etc. The nurses always enjoy better work-life balance, as they enjoy regular working hours and excellent working conditions.

The opportunities for nurses in recent years have expanded exponentially and the nurses today are not limited only to hospitals and healthcare but still more. They are finding excellent job opportunities in many unexpected and unexplored areas under the umbrella of healthcare. The nurses today are working in factories, corporations, top-notch hotels, spa’s, Residential schools and colleges, Universities, Nuclear power plants, Armed forces, etc.

Excellent Wages and Job Security

Nurses play a crucial role in healthcare systems and hospitals and it is hard to imagine them without nurses. There were many instances where despite the economic crisis and conditions, the nurses were easily able to find jobs in different areas. The job growth and job security are excellent for nurses due to the increased number of ageing population. The concepts of lay-offs have never been the case when it comes to nursing, because no hospital dares to take job cutting measures and lay-offs in case of nurses. The nurses are provided with handsome salaries worldwide. A typical fresh nursing graduate will easily earn about 4 lakhs per annum. The salary varies according to experience and skills gained in due course of time. On average the nurses will be earning a salary of about 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs per annum. The nurses are so ingrained in the society such that the healthcare institutes will not function without them. The nurses are required to provide care and love at all hours every day. Hospitals cannot admit and provide treatment to patients without nurses.

Personal Fulfilment

A nursing career brings a person a great deal of zeal and fulfilment. The nurses have the capacity to make a difference in the lives of the people with their love, care and affection. The profession also allows career advancement that gives an additional sense of personal fulfillment. The nurses can choose their own pathways in a nursing career that appeals to them. They can choose to work with patients directly at the bedside in a hospital or even may choose to work along with the healthy people in community clinics. The ability to advance in the nursing career is another source of personal fulfillment for nurses. There are few professions that provide a great pathway to climb the ladder of career. Nursing is one such profession that provides this opportunity to grow in their career and reach greater heights in a short span of time.


Nursing is the only profession that one can get paid for the community-centric and service-oriented works that are carried out by them in the society. Nurses are the lifelines for the communities and without nurses, no hospital, clinics, community health centres will function. It is hard to imagine a society without any hospitals and without any nurses. The nurses always play a vital role in the functioning of the healthcare systems.

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