Tips to Shine in NEET Exam 2022

Last updated: 10 Feb 2022

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In olden days a mere school and college studies were sufficient to crack any of the competitive exams, but changing times has changed everything. Today, there are many competitive exams at state, national and international levels and mere school and college studies are considered obsolete. The increase in competition and demand for skilled professionals from the industry has resulted in having many competitive exams across the globe. One such competitive exam in the field of medicine is the NEET Exam. The NEET Exam is a national level entrance exam for getting admissions to MBBS/Dental/AYUSH courses to the top medical colleges of the country and world.

Eligibility & Exam Pattern

The candidates who have completed their PUC or Class 12th from recognised boards with 50% aggregate and looking for medical admissions are required to qualify NEET Exam. The NEET Exam question paper focuses more on the subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany. The NEET Exam consists of 180 questions with a total 720 marks with Negative Marking for wrong answers. The NEET Exam questions and marks are divided into 4-sections of Physics, Chemistry, Botany & Zoology (Biology in some states). The level of questions in NEET Exam is of intermediate level of 11th and 12th standards.

Tips to crack NEET Exam

NEET Exam is a hard nut to crack but it is not impossible, a proper study strategy, preparation plan and strategic approach can give success. Our research team has surveyed the pattern of the NEET Exam for a few years now and with valuable insights from the top rankers of NEET Exam and educational experts every year, we have come up with some unique tips that can help the students to crack and shine in the NEET Exam at ease.

Let’s try to understand them in detail  

Develop familiarity with the Syllabus

The syllabus for NEET Exam is very vast and one needs to have the exact idea about the topics to bring out the best output. It is very important to cut down the extra information and completely focus only on important topics. The NEET Exam majorly covers the NCERT Syllabus and it is essential to have a deeper study of NCERT books. These books play a crucial role in becoming a success in the NEET Exam for students.

Selection of high-quality study material

Books play a major role in leading the students towards the path of success in the NEET Exam. Selection of the right study material for NEET plays a key role in cracking the NEET Exam. Although the selection of books is a little confusing as there are many books available in the market. This can be easily solved by taking help of teachers and online expert assistance. The students can even consult the previous year toppers to get their list of books that made them successful.  NEET Exam question banks can be a game changer in NEET Exam. The more the students solve the previous year’s question papers the more is the chance of accuracy and time management. Solving more and more question banks will put the students ahead of every other student in the path of success in the NEET Exam. 

Follow a Realistic Timetable

Time management is the key for success in any exam, the same applies for NEET Exam. The syllabus is vast for the NEET Exam and without a proper time table it will be very difficult to cover the topics. Since there is very limited time between board exams and NEET exam one has to start his/her preparation soon after they complete their SSLC or Class 10th.  Many successful candidates we came across had followed a perfect time table for NEET Exam preparation. Following a fixed timetable helps the students to stay focused on their goals during the preparation for NEET Exam. Having a well-structured timetable will help the students to organize their NEET preparations in a strategic format. 

Prepare Notes while studying

Preparing notes can be a lifesaver when it comes to preparation of NEET Exams. The self-notes help them to understand the concepts easily. Preparation of the notes also helps in improvisation of the memory skills. Jotting down the notes in their own words helps the students to grasp the concepts and understand better. 

Regular Revision

We all know that as humans we forget things easily if not practiced regularly. The same applies to NEET Exam preparation. No doubt the students preparing for the NEET Exam put a lot of effort in their studies, but this is not sufficient without revising. The revision makes things better when it comes to preparations. Regular revisions will develop a mastery of a particular topic, concept, chapter or subject. Revision is very crucial for your NEET Preparation. The students should adopt strategic revision patterns like emphasizing more on the weaker topics and concepts while revision.

Practice Mock Tests

Practice makes a person perfect, the same applies for NEET Exam preparation. The students have to practice more and more mock tests to crack the shell called NEET Exam. Practicing makes the students understand the concepts better. Another important aspect in success for the NEET Exam is time management and practice makes this easier. Time management is the main aspect required for any competitive exam and even for NEET Exam. The more practice makes the students to smartly manage time in the NEET Exam and can be successful.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

It is very important to have a proper and healthy diet for everyone, even for the students preparing for the NEET exam. The proper and healthy diet will keep the students fresh and energetic so that they can study for longer hours. Also having regular breaks will increase the efficiency of the students. Preparation for NEET is boring and students can overcome boredom by following some simple lifestyle steps like; regular study breaks in between, starting the day with a proper exercise, healthy diet, proper sleep, etc

Have Positive Attitude

We understand that preparation for the NEET Exam is time consuming and boring. Every time the student feels exhausted while preparing for the NEET Exam.  But a change in attitude matters a lot and that decides the effectiveness of the preparation process. NEET Exam preparation requires perseverance, patience and a positive approach. With a positive approach and mindset towards NEET Exam any student can easily crack the NEET Exam and shine with flying colours of success in NEET Exam. 


NEET Exam has been a dream of every aspiring doctor, it is always great to become successful in NEET exam. The students if they follow the above mentioned tips can easily achieve success in the NEET Exam. 

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