The Top 10 Trending Jobs in 2024

Last updated: 08 Apr 2024

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The landscape of the Indian job market is changing rapidly in the year 2024. According to a recent report by the World Economic Forum, the Indian job market is expected to shrink by 22 percent by 2027. This change will be visible either because of the use of Artificial Intelligence in the job market or because the job once popular has lost its popularity.

Let’s discuss the jobs that are in demand in 2024

1. Data Scientist

A data scientist is an individual who collects, analyse, interprets, and organizes data from various sources which helps businesses to make smart decisions. 

Prerequisite skills: Statistics Skills, Machine Learning and AI Skills, Deep Learning Skills, Data Visualization Skills

Need and Importance: Data is the new oil therefore all businesses rely on data to make informed decisions. Data explosion is making the job of data scientist in demand.

2. Cyber Security Expert

No IT company can run smoothly without a cyber-security expert.

Prerequisite skills: Coding, Technical skills, Problem-solving, Analytical mind-set, Security auditing, Programming language skills

Need and importance: Cyber Security experts play the most important role in any IT organization. They not only defend the company data against any cyber-attack but also create cyber walls to defend the company’s data.

3. Digital Marketing Specialist

A digital marketing specialist is a trending job that helps brands to maintain their image. This is done through lead generation from different sources.

Prerequisite skills: Data analysis, Email Marketing, SEO, Copywriting, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Brand Development etc.

Need and Importance: A digital marketing specialist possesses analytical skills and collects, analyses and interpret data focusing on the target audience using different social channels to gain customer’s attention.

4. Artificial Intelligence Specialist:

There is hardly any sector that is not touched by Artificial Intelligence. It has become the most sought-after job in the recent time. The role of an AI specialist includes coding/programming, and to collaborate with different software developers.

Prerequisite skills: Programming, Database modeling, Machine Learning, Problem-solving, understanding of computer science fundamentals etc.

Need and Importance: AI Specialists specialize in machine learning deep learning and different AI techniques. They use this knowledge for solving complex problems helping the company to have an edge over the competitors.

5. Renewable Energy Technician

21st century talks about renewable energy. Therefore the role of renewable energy technicians are on high.

Prerequisite skills: Deep understanding the role of sustainable energy in the contemporary world.

Need and Importance: The world is moving towards sustainability so does the role of sustainable energy technician.

6. Healthcare Professionals ( Telemedicine)

The telemedicine concept came into light post Covid-19. It’s a real-time two-way communication helping patients to interact with doctors without any hassle.

Prerequisite skills:  Good technical know-how, Good communication skills

Need and Importance: India still needs to progress in the healthcare sector. Not every village has a hospital or a clinic which makes it difficult for the local people of the area to get medical treatment when required. Therefore telemedicine has become a boon to society.

7. Sustainability Consultant

Sustainability is the key to any business.

Prerequisite skills:  Strong interpersonal skills, Project management, Teamwork, Good customer service, Fundamentals of environmental science.

Need and Importance: The role of a sustainable Consultant is to reduce environmental impact on the earth. Therefore they are in high demand.

8. Robotics Engineer

The role of a robotics engineer includes building, configuring and testing robots.

Prerequisite skills: Complex problem solving, Knowledge of hardware and software, Maths, Programming, different design skills etc.

Need and Importance: They help to create robots that are used to perform human and non-human activities.

9. User Experience (UX) Designer

They are responsible for creating various designs to make electronic devises user-friendly. It includes designing of user-friendly designs for digital products such as mobile, laptops, desktops etc.

Prerequisite skills: Mobile designing, Visual designing, Information Architecture, Graphic design, Market design etc.

Need and Importance: Today we are enjoying user-friendly digital device because of the User Experience (UX) Designer. They ensure that electronic devices become user-friendly.

10.  Blockchain Developer

The role of the BlockChain developer is to create design and implement supporting a distributed blockchain based network.

Prerequisite skills: Coding, Knowledge of JAVA, Python, Programming language.

Need and Importance: They secure transactions by creating a distributed ledger system. They play a vital role in creating digital currency and various projects related to blockchain. 

Final Thoughts

The job market is constantly evolving with time. Therefore the aforementioned job role not only opens a new opportunity for Gen Z but also changes the traditional job roles. The role which we explored is just a part of the whole. In the coming years we will see new job roles coming into the light according to society’s demand.

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