Study resources to help ace your exams

The academics and study resources go hand-in-hand and there is a wide range of academic materials for students to access. With so many options available in the market, students find it challenging to assemble accurately and verify study materials. In the current article, we have listed the top 5 study resources that can come in handy for students during exam preparation.

Study resources to help ace your exams

Last updated: 20 Jun 2022

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Recommended Books

There are many conventional guides and textbooks that are recommended by the subject teacher. The students have to follow those books. This helps the students to prepare in alignment with the curriculum allocated by the respective boards. Some of the common reference books that have lasted for decades are R D Sharma with solved answers for Mathematics, NCERT textbooks for Biology and many more.

Doubt Resolution Books

Every student will come across doubts every time, these doubts may pile up during the course of preparation and sometimes may even hinder one's understanding of concepts. It is therefore important to solve the doubts on time. Resolving doubts helps the students to overcome the fear of exams and this gives them clarity. There are many doubt clearing books available in the market, it is always advised to choose the right doubt clearing books advised by the teachers.  It is also advisable to take help from online doubt resolution experts on apps and various online platforms. This has proven to be a time-efficient strategy and also provides verified answers on the go.

Previous year question papers

Previous year question papers are the best in the preparation for any exams. Going through previous years question papers and solved question papers is the best way to prepare for exams. Referring to the previous year’s question papers gives the students an idea of exam pattern and types of questions asked. Further, solving the past question papers helps the students to assess one's level of preparation and aids in understanding paper patterns. Solving questions within a limited time frame is the best way to execute concepts that have been memorised over time. This also gives them the confidence to crack a tough question paper in the exam.

Gamified Learning

This is a popular learning technique in the current times and has been followed by many schools and institutions. Gamified learning basically means learning concepts through gaming strategies. The students should be trained to follow gamified learning. Games like timed quiz, word building, crosswords, etc., should be followed for learning. Gamified learning creates interest in students and such gamified assessments help to cover several key points in a short span of time. This new technique has proven to be effective even for competitive exams as it helps revise a vast topic in just a few minutes.


Using flashcards with important pointers is a great way to recall memorised concepts. Students can save time by making flashcards for important chapters as they cement the main points in their memory. This helps the students to revise chapters efficiently. 

Another vital benefit is that students tend to retain concepts better when they make the effort to create flashcards. A time-efficient way to revise, flashcards serve as smart hacks to cover a dynamic syllabus. Students can simply choose a study resource that suits their style of learning and succeed in exams.


The students can follow the above-mentioned tips that can help them to prepare well with the above-mentioned resources. This will help the students to prepare well and become successful in their studies.

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