Reasons to become Perfusion Technology Professionals

Reasons to Become Perfusion Technology Professionals

Last updated: 07 Oct 2021

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Perfusion Technology is one of the most unexplored medical fields in allied health sciences till today. The lack of awareness among the students is one of the main reasons for the lack of popularity of this course. Perfusion Technology is one such course that can be considered an alternative to MBBS course. The MBBS aspirants who have lost their eligibility to MBBS due to various reasons can join B.Sc Perfusion Technology and still achieve their dream of joining the medical field.

What is Perfusion technology?

Perfusion technology involves the study of the physiology, pathology of the human heart and associated equipment that is used to support the heart and lungs during various medical procedures. The perfusion technologists prepare and operate heart-lung machines and other sophisticated equipment as directed by the physicians during major surgeries and critical situations.

The B.Sc Perfusion Technology students are required to perform multiple tasks on the patients and generate the reports of heart and lungs of the patients during these surgeries. They are required to measure the blood pressure and many other vital parameters that are very crucial for the life of the patients whenever necessary.

They have to identify the appropriate parameters of mechanical, pharmacological and do thermal manipulation for maintaining the tissue viability in the patients during emergencies. They have to generate accurate reports about the patients using the equipment, based on which the physicians will initiate the proper and accurate treatment for the patients. 

The B.Sc Perfusion Technology students will be studying in-depth about both respiratory and circulatory systems of the human body. They are trained to work on various critical equipments that are necessary for the human circulatory and respiratory functioning. They are trained to handle pressure during stressful situations. They are also given training on different aspects like attention to detail, effective communication, adaptability for new developments in the profession.

Why to consider a B.Sc Perfusion Technology course?

There are many valid reasons to consider a B.Sc Perfusion Technology course by students. Some of the important them are explained below:

Opportunity to Save many lives

When it comes to the work of perfusion technologists every medical case that is assigned to them is serious. The very nature of existence allows them to be called upon when a patient needs a major surgery. Whether it is an organ transplant, heart bypass or any type of cardiac surgery, the patient’s life is very important and it will be partially in the hands of perfusion technologists. Ensuring the patient stays safe on the operation table and successfully pulls through all the way to recovery can be one of the most rewarding experiences of perfusion technologists’ life.

As a perfusionist one is responsible to not only to take care of the patient but to take care of their loved ones as well. Establishing a connection between a vulnerable patient and their family and friends is almost as important as surgery itself. It is the duty of perfusionists to act as a bridge between the surgeon, patient and patient’s loved ones.

Huge Shortage for skilled perfusion technologists 

According to many surveys very few people join this course. This has created a huge-job opportunity for skilled professionals across all the hospitals worldwide. The hospitals are in need of a large number of skilled perfusion technologists. The lack of awareness has created this skill gap in the medical field. The skilled people are readily required in large numbers in India and even in many foreign countries.

Perfusion Technologists earn good money

The perfusion technologists earn good salaries. As there is a huge demand for skilled perfusion technologists the healthcare institutions are badly in need of perfusion technologists and are ready to pay good salary packages for the right candidates. The right perfusion technician will be paid excellent salary packages by the healthcare organisations. 

Lesser Course Duration

The aspirants can become perfusion technologists in just 3-years when compared to MBBS which is about 4.5 years followed by internship. Although both of them are related to medical fields, the students will become professional perfusion technologists and start their careers in 3-years after completing B.Sc Perfusion Technology course. The students joining MBBS will have to wait for 4.5 years to start their careers. And mere MBBS is not sufficient to start a fruitful career. An MD or MS is always a necessity to settle as doctors.

Lesser fees when compared to MBBS

It is a known fact that the fees for MBBS is very high among all the other courses in the medical field. Completing only MBBS may not fetch you the right job even after completion of the degree with hefty fees. A 2-years of MD or an MS is a minimum requirement to sustain as a doctor in the highly competitive field. But this is not the case in B.Sc Perfusion technology. The students joining a B.Sc Perfusion technology course will have to pay very less fees when compared to MBBS and start earning soon after the completion of the course.

The main advantage of doing B.Sc Perfusion Technology is that soon after the completion of the degree the skilled students are readily hired in many healthcare organisations for excellent pay scales. The perfusion technologists can even expect excellent career growth in the field and can fulfill their dream of joining the medical field. They can even join M.Sc Perfusion Technology for higher studies and get better career opportunities.

Final Lines

The B.Sc Perfusion Technology is one of the most underrated courses among the educational fraternity. Many students are not even aware of this course and also the advantages that it has to offer for career enhancement in students. In a dream of pursuing professional courses the students will never try to explore the unexplored gem called allied health sciences and rare gem called B.Sc Perfusion technology course. The B.Sc Perfusion Technology has the capacity to overcome the demand for MBBS course if properly channelised. 

The perfusion technologists are compulsorily required in any major surgeries related to heart. The surgeons cannot perform a heart surgery without the perfusion technicians in hospitals. The real-time key observations and reports provided by them plays a vital role in patient’s life during the heart surgery. A minute mismatch may result in severe consequences and the life of the patient is endangered. So, perfusion technicians play a vital role in surgical teams of hospitals.

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