Mantras to Crack KCET Exam

Last updated: 30 Oct 2021

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KCET or Karnataka Common Entrance Test is conducted by the Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) for various professional courses in the colleges of Karnataka. The KCET Exam is a state level exam of Karnataka State for all the aspirants to get admissions for courses in the colleges of Karnataka based on the scores of KCET Exam.

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How to crack the KCET Exam?

The aspirants who are interested to join engineering courses in Karnataka CET 2021 exam should qualify the CET 2021 entrance exam. Many students fail due to high competition and lack of good preparations. 

Let’s find out how you can crack the KCET Exam in the first place

Brush up your Fundamentals

  • Fundamentals are the key for any success or achievements, the base is very important for anything so one should be strong in his/her basics
  • The students should focus more on their fundamentals and ensure that they are strong in their fundamentals because the questions will be asked based on the fundamental knowledge of the subject
  • If the fundamentals are strong then there is always an increased chance to crack the KCET exam with high marks.

Strategic Planning

  • In order to crack any exam a proper planning and strategy is needed to reach the goal, the same holds good for KCET exam
  • The students should do a proper planning and apply best strategies that help them to crack KCET Exam
  • A simple google search can give you tons of information about these exams and understanding them is very effective
  • The students should maintain a daily schedule for preparations by planning their study hours.
  • Proper strategies should be applied to understand the concepts of different sections like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English in KCET exam
  • Time management and practice is crucial for the KCET Exam.

Focus on the Weakness  

  • Focus on your weakness and work hard on your weaknesses and improve your strong points.  
  • Fixing your weak areas can be a lifesaver when it comes to crack the KCET exam
  • One should improvise on the strong points and also stress hard on fixing the weak areas, so that one can play in a balanced approach in the KCET Exam

Boost Self Confidence

  • Self Confidence is the best path towards success and the students should not get perturbed by competition and lose confidence. 
  • This is the biggest mistake that every student makes when it comes to preparing for entrance exams. 
  • Confidence is achieved by strong fundamentals, through preparations, practice and time management. 
  • Practice of more and more questions will give you confidence, so that you can shine well in the exams.
  • Time management plays an important role to gain confidence, the more you prepare and practice, the more it gives you a strong control over time management.


  • Cracking an exam is difficult but it is not impossible and the students should observe previous year question papers to understand the pattern of the questions. 
  • They are advised to solve these papers within the specific time period (in case of KCET it is 2 hours), so that they can have a better strategy for time management. 
  • The 5-years question papers will give you a detailed understanding of how questions have appeared in the past and trends of the future. 
  • This observation roughly gives the idea of the questions and it can be easy to predict questions.


  • The aspirants should practice a lot of questions from various sources before attempting the exams. The effective practice sessions will boost one’s confidence to a large extent.
  • Choose the questions from different sections and practice them, this practice of questions helps them in time management. 
  • The students should solve the questions in a smart way such that time management is achieved effectively. 
  • Solving the previous year’s question papers helps the students to get the pattern of questions that are asked and prepare accordingly for the KCET Exam
  • Regular mock tests from different sources will make life easier for students when it comes to KCET Exam 

Determination, Dedication, Discipline along with some rest to your body

  • The level of determination and dedication decides the future of the students 
  • One must have a single-minded objective that he/she get admissions to PES University while preparing for KCET Exam 
  • Dedication and determination will prove that you are a better aspirant than anyone.
  • Consistency is the key factor for any exams, many people get frustrated and lose constancy in their preparation. So, it is strongly recommended to give proper rest to your body during the preparations and ensure to maintain consistency throughout your preparation phase. 

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KCET entrance exam preparations can be tiring, but a properly focused approach can convert the tiring attitude into an interest that makes you achieve your goal to pursue your MBA in top colleges. 

The above were the key steps that can surely help you achieve success in your preparations and show you a definite path of success.  The students are advised to follow these steps and prepare wholeheartedly with dedication. And success is definitely assured and they can reach greater heights in their careers with an MBA degree in hand.

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