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How to Distinguish between BBA, BBA (Hons), BBA Professional?

How to Distinguish between BBA, BBA (Hons), BBA Professional?

Last updated: 13 Apr 2020


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Confused about choosing between BBA programmes?

There are many BBA programmes that are available for the students. This has created a sense of confusion among the students. This article tries to elaborate about all the BBA courses that are available.

Read the article till the end! All your doubts will be cleared

Classification of BBA Programmes

BBA programmes have classified into different types like BBA, BBA (H), BBA (Professional). Although all the BBA degrees are the same there are some minor changes. So, it is very important to understand all the BBA programmes.

The BBA programmes have been diversified into many types and specializations in recent years. The industrial demand has created more scope and room for BBA programmes across the world. The educational institutes are trying to bridge the gap between the students and the hiring organizations. So, the institutes have come up with unique modifications for BBA courses offered by them.

So, there has been a minor demarcation in the BBA programmes. The BBA programmes are divided into BBA, BBA (Hons) and BBA Professional. Although all the three different courses are related to management, there is a small line of demarcation among the all the three courses. The present article tries to elaborate more regarding the BBA programmes and its divisions. Given below are some of the important changes related to all the BBA courses.

BBA BBA (Hons) BBA (Professional)
The students of the BBA programme will be studying only a brief idea or an overview of the management subjects The BBA (H) course provides in-depth knowledge of the subjects that are related to management subjects. The BBA Professional programme provides basic management education to the students
The students of BBA have to choose their desired specializations. This is because the specializations are not the part of regular BBA curriculum The BBA (H) is the integrated course. The students will be studying their desired specializations within the curriculum of BBA (H) along with regular management subjects The BBA professional programme is also integrated with specializations. Along with the specializations the course prepares the students with the business tactics required in management field
The cut-offs are relatively less for BBA courses The cut-offs for BBA (H) are relatively high The cut-offs for BBA Professional programme is relatively high when compared to BBA
The demand for BBA students is comparatively less when compared to BBA (H) students The industry is looking for students with BBA (H) when compared to students with BBA degree The demand is similar to BBA (H) programme and is better when compared to BBA programme
The BBA students will be studying the normal BBA curriculum that is prescribed by the affiliated university. The students have to choose their desired specializations in the regular BBA programmes The students can also study their chosen specialisations along with the regular subjects related to management. The students will be studying the industry-centric subjects along with the specializations. The BBA Professional programme is advisable for the students who are looking only for administrative positions in corporate firms. The students can also study their chosen specialisations along with the regular subjects related to management.

Career Prospects for BBA Programmes

BBA students have numerous career opportunities across different industries of the business world. The students irrespective of their BBA degrees are hired across various MNCs for better salary packages.

All the BBA programmes carry their values when it comes to job markets. All the BBA programmes provide the relevant skills to the students and make them job-ready and skill ready. The job hiring is mainly dependent on the skills that the students will gain during their degrees.

So, students irrespective of their BBA degrees will get jobs easily soon after the completion of their degrees.

Some of the job roles available after the completion of the BBA programmes are:

  • Business Analyst
  • Retail Banking Business Analyst
  • Administrative Executive
  • Regional Business Head
  • Relationship Manager
  • Business Data Analyst
  • Finance Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Production Manager

Salary packages

The students who have better performance records in their academics irrespective of their degrees are hired by top MNCs for better pay scales. The students who are scoring 60% in their degrees can easily find jobs in top MNCs.

The average salary for BBA professionals is around 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs per annum. The salary also varies according to experience and skills gained by them during their careers. The BBA professionals are also promoted or hired in top positions based on their experience. The average BBA fresher will be earning around 4 lakhs per annum.


The BBA students irrespective of their degrees have a large demand in the industry. No matter the students who have done BBA or BBA (H) or BBA Professional are equally hired across different organizations across the globe.

So, the students can choose their interested BBA programmes and pursue their degree and fulfil their dream of joining in top MNCs of the world.


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