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Last updated: 18 Oct 2021

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What is B.Sc Cardiac Care?

The B.Sc cardiac care programme is the 3-year degree programme in the allied health science field. The students who want to pursue B.Sc Cardiac Care courses should have passed their PUC/12th /or equivalent with physics, chemistry, biology as their subjects from recognized central or any state board.

Cardiac care is the vast field that consists of different aspects such as diagnosis, cardiac surgery, medicine, pre- and post-surgery procedures, patient rehabilitation and education, trauma care etc. The cardiac care technologists mainly assist the physicians during major surgeries related to heart like open-heart surgeries, cardiovascular surgeries etc. The cardiac care technologists handle the equipment related to the heart and will provide external support for heart patients during surgeries. They support the patients with external blood circulation by using the equipment and keep the patients alive until the surgery is completed.

The cardiac care technologists play a major role in keeping the patients alive in life-endangering surgeries and keep the patient alive. They constantly report the readings to the surgeons and conduct required adjustments to the blood flow using the machine according to the requirement of the patient. Everything is done under the expert guidance of the physician.

The cardiac care technologists should have good will-power and confidence. They should be highly skilled professionals. They assist the doctors to attach and detach the equipment to the patients. There is no room even for a micro error also, because a minute error may result in loss of life or loss of the livelihood of a family. So, cardiac care technologists should be extremely careful in their roles and responsibilities.

What will a B.Sc Cardiac Care student study?

The B.Sc cardiac care students will be studying various aspects that are related to the heart and circulatory system. They will be studying the techniques and skills involved in the diagnosis of the heart problems, surgical procedures involved in heart surgeries etc. The students will also be studying the techniques involved in handling heart equipment. They also learn to use the lobes and tubes on the patients under the direction of the expert physician. They also study to analyse the reading of the equipment and generate reports for the physicians. They will be also learning about various diagnosis techniques related to heart diseases.

The B.Sc Cardiac Care students will be studying the basic concepts of the following subjects:

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Medicine
  • Clinical Cardiac Care technology
  • Applied Cardiac Care technology
  • Advanced Cardiac Care technology

Career Scope for B.Sc Cardiac Care technologists

The B.Sc Cardiac Care Technologists can usually find ample job opportunities in healthcare sectors. They are majorly hired in hospitals, diagnostic centres, community health centres etc. Some of the job roles available for B.Sc Cardiac Care students are

Cardiovascular Technologist

The cardiovascular technologists are responsible to perform various tasks like monitoring ECGs, setting up stress tests, Holter monitoring etc. They use various procedures and instruments to diagnose the heart diseases and generate the reports of the patients for the doctors. They are trained to perform various tests like sonography, and will also be given training to set up advanced life support systems.

Medical Sonographer

The medical sonographers perform sonography and do imaging procedures of the heart and vascular systems. They use high-frequency waves to create the image of the heart. The imaging reports are prepared before the heart surgeries such that the doctors can get a clear picture of the anomalies of the heart. The medical sonographers are responsible to educate the patients about the procedures involved in heart imaging technology and try to keep them calm.

Cardio Care Technologists

The main role of cardio care technologists is to diagnose the heart ailments using medical equipment. They are responsible to generate the accurate data of the heart patients so that the physician can treat the patients accordingly.

Patient Care Technicians or ECG Technicians

The patient care technicians are required to generate the reports obtained by the Electrocardiogram (ECG) equipment. The equipment produces the wave graph about the functioning of the heart of the patients. The ECG technician is required to study the wave pattern and generate reports. These reports should be accurate and based on this the doctor will provide the treatments to the patients.

Biomedical Technicians

The biomedical technicians assist the patients who are suffering from incurable heart diseases. They also implant the pacemakers for the patients suffering from heart diseases. They use equipment to generate reports of heart problems. They are also responsible to monitor the life support systems for the patients with a critical illness. They mainly work in intensive care units (ICU), critical cardiac care units (CCU) operation theatres in the hospitals.

Salary Package

The average salary package for the Cardiac Care Professional will ideally range between 2 lakhs to 20 lakhs per annum. The average fresher will be earning nearly about 3 Lakhs per annum. The salary varies according to the skills gained and experience counted. So, a B.Sc Cardiac Care Professional will earn a decent salary in the job markets.

Placement Opportunities

The B.Sc Cardiac Care students are largely hired in hospitals of both government and private, super-speciality hospitals, multi-speciality hospitals, community health care centres, emergency medicine centres, trauma care centres, accident care centres, emergency rescue teams, diagnostic centres, ECG centres etc.

Some of the top recruiters where the B.Sc Cardiac Care students are hired are:

  • Apollo Hospitals
  • Manipal Hospitals
  • Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences
  • Fortis Hospitals
  • Hosmet Hospitals
  • Columbia Asia Hospitals
  • Sparsh Hospitals
  • Rainbow Hospitals
  • Max Hospitals
  • Padmashree Diagnostic Centres
  • Dr Reddy Path labs
  • Metro Hospitals
  • Medanta Health City
  • Aster Healthcare


The changed lifestyle of the people has resulted in the development of the heart-related ailments among the people. The increase of lifespan of the people has created a demand for health care professionals because they are required to take care of the patients. All these factors have created a demand for new areas of employment for the allied health science students. The B.Sc Cardiac Care students can easily find jobs in numerous hospitals across India and abroad. There is no need to do an MBBS to get into the medical field. The students who may be facing difficulties to join MBBS degree can join B.Sc Cardiac Care degree and fulfil their dream to join the medical field and serve the society. So, there is no point of getting disappointed for the students in case they miss the MBBS seats. They can happily join the B.Sc Cardiac Care degree of the allied health sciences and build their career in the medical field.

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