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Last updated: 20 Oct 2021

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Are you worried about the career prospects available after B.Sc Biochemistry?

Are you interested to explore more about the job roles available after B.Sc Biochemistry?

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What is B.Sc Biochemistry?

The B.Sc Biochemistry students will be studying the biochemical processes that occur in the cells of the living organisms. The B.Sc Biochemistry students will be trained to perform the analysis at the molecular level with the main purpose to get a better understanding of the chemical reactions that occur inside the living organisms. The B.Sc Biochemistry students will be studying various sub-topics like Bio-organic chemistry, biophysical chemistry, human physiology, microbiology and virology, basic immunology, enzymology etc.

The B.Sc Biochemistry students will be studying the comprehending structures of proteins, carbohydrates, enzymes, fats and chemical reactions. They also study the breakdown processes where the larger particles are reduced into the smaller particles for the easier absorption by the cells in the living organisms.

The students who have studied PCB/CBZ in their PUC or 10+2 from a recognised board and having a passion for biochemical processes can join the B.Sc Biochemistry course.

Who can study B.Sc Biochemistry

The students who exhibit the following characteristics are best fit for studying the B.Sc Biochemistry. They are:

  • The students should have the ability to understand the complex biological processes and also should have a proper understanding of relevant texts related to Biochemistry
  • The students should have excellent critical and analytical skills
  • The students should have the ability to think independently
  • The students should be problem-solvers by nature
  • The students should have proper knowledge in the chemistry with the ability to work in research teams
  • The students should have an interest in practical environments, like working in research fields and research laboratories
  • The students should have excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills
  • The students should possess organisational and computational skills
  • The students should be capable to take quick decisions

Career Scope for B.Sc Biochemistry students

The B.Sc Biochemistry students can find ample job opportunities across different sectors that are related to chemistry. They are hired in different positions in the companies. They are basically hired in research labs and research organisations.

Some of the job roles available after B.Sc Biochemistry are:


The biochemists are required to gather and analyse the biochemical data to study the chemical and biological processes in living organisms. They often work in interdisciplinary fields and can be seen working in numerous areas such as research, teaching, product development and quality assurance etc. The Biochemists are responsible to study the functioning of the subcellular and molecular levels in the cells of living organisms. They conduct the research to identify the chemical action of the food, drugs, hormones and others on the living organisms. They are also responsible to determine the causes and effects of the hormones, vitamins, allergens, minerals and enzymes and other bodily functions. They are also required to develop medicines for many toxic chemicals that affect humans. They are also necessary to study the living energy changes such as growth, ageing and death.

Biomedical Analyst

The Biomedical analysts are responsible to design, develop and evaluate the biological health systems based on the biochemical compositions. They are responsible to develop the chemical mechanisms and try to analyse the functioning of the living organisms. They are required to confer with the life scientists, chemists and medical scientists regarding the biochemical aspects of biological systems. They also perform rigorous analysis of the specific drug and its effects on the human body.

Clinical Research Associate

The clinical research associates are responsible for setting up, monitoring and completing the clinical trials related to the effects, risks, efficacy and benefits of new and existing medicines based on biochemistry techniques. They are required to design care records that are relevant to research data. They are also responsible to liaise with the doctors and professionals while developing the drugs for the diseases. They are also responsible to monitor the effects of the drugs throughout the trails. They are also responsible to coordinate with the ethics committee which safeguards the rights and wellbeing of all the trail subjects.

Clinical Chemist

The Clinical chemists are responsible to use chemistry to evaluate patient health. They are required to perform medical testing and analysis to accomplish this. They are also required to analyse the blood samples, specimens, study DNA and RNA. They are required to examine the defective tissue or even study the defective cells. They are responsible to identify and study the characteristics of human diseases. They are also required to study the molecular structure, behaviour and symptoms of diseases. They are also responsible to conduct laboratory experiments and analysis.

Salary Package

The typical B.Sc Biochemistry students will be easily earning an average salary of about 5 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum. The B.Sc Biochemistry fresher will be getting a salary of about 4 lakhs per annum. The salary may vary according to the recruiter and location. The salary also increases exponentially according to the skills and experience gained in the career.

Placement Opportunities

The B.Sc Biochemistry students are largely hired in many research companies and top corporate companies. They are hired in all the organisations that are connected with chemistry in its allied industries.

Some of the top recruiters hiring B.Sc Biochemistry students are:

  • Ranbaxy Labs
  • Cipla
  • Himalaya Drug Company
  • Glaxo Smith
  • Natural Remedies
  • Biocon
  • Serum India


The B.Sc Biochemistry students are hired in companies that are related to biochemistry fields. The students who are passionate about the life sciences and biochemical reactions can choose to join the B.Sc Biochemistry courses. For the students who are research oriented, B.Sc Biochemistry is the best course for them.

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