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Career Prospects after MSc Biochemistry

Career Prospects after MSc Biochemistry

Last updated: 18 May 2020


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Are you worried about the careers available after M.Sc Biochemistry?

Are you getting confused to choose the job profiles available after M.Sc Biochemistry?

Read this article till the end to know more!

What is M.Sc Biochemistry?

The M.Sc Biochemistry is the study of the molecules and mechanisms in living organisms. It is the goal to understand and explain the operation of the living organisms by examining their chemical molecular and cellular structures. The main aim of the M.Sc Biochemistry course is to provide the in-depth understanding of the biochemical reactions happening in the living organisms and their effects on heredity, growth and maintaining the hormonal balance in the living organisms.

The M.Sc Biochemistry students play an important role in a wide variety of areas. The progress in this field has resulted in its application across various areas like agriculture, the environment, medicine, cosmetics and a variety of others. The field of biochemistry has helped to screen many fatal diseases even in unborn babies and has assisted the researches to develop new medications and treatments to cure various diseases and protect the crops from the pests and diseases, combat pollution, design biocompatible products and develop many biodegradable substances.

Career Scope in M.Sc Biochemistry

The M.Sc Biochemistry students have ample job opportunities in numerous areas. They are required in almost all the areas that are related to the chemistry and biochemistry fields.

Some of the job roles available after M.Sc Biochemistry are:


The Bio-analysts are also known as bioinformaticians and are responsible to analyse the biological compounds. They are typically employed in research labs, research organisations etc. They are required to investigate the biological compounds, they are also responsible to plan and conduct research using chemical analysis. They are also required to supervise the work of technicians and assistants. They are also required to record and maintain the detailed notes of research processes and methods of findings. They are also responsible for providing bio- analytical data to fellow researchers for wider clinical researches. They are also required to assist the pharmaceutical companies that conduct the research in developing vaccines and medicines in case of the pandemic situation.


The biochemists are responsible to gather and analyse the data to study the biological processes in microorganisms, plants, animals etc. They often work in interdisciplinary teams and may work in a variety of areas, including research, teaching, product development and patent laws. They are also responsible to study the functioning of the subcellular and molecular levels in the living organisms. They study various chemical processes of the living organisms. They conduct the research to identify the action of the food, drugs, hormones and other substances on tissues and the vital processes of the living organisms. They are also responsible to determine the causes and effects of the hormones, vitamins, allergens, minerals and enzymes and other bodily functions. They are also necessary to study the living energy changes such as growth, ageing and death.

Pharmaceutical Chemists

The pharmaceutical chemists are responsible for assessing the chemical and physical properties of natural and synthetic materials. They conduct research and analyse the natural and synthetic materials to determine their physical and chemical makeup. They are also necessary to record detailed notes during the research process. They are also responsible to conduct quantitative analysis to determine how much one of the substances is mixed with another, they are also required to develop and improve the products especially medicines. They also perform research and development on new drugs and new medicines.


The toxicologists are responsible to study the harmful effects that biological, physical and chemical agents such as drugs, plant toxins, radiation, pesticides, food additives, industrial chemicals have on living organisms. They are responsible to conduct laboratory studies on substances or energy in order to determine their effects on animals, plants and human beings. They are responsible to conduct new studies on toxic substances and develop drugs for them. They are responsible to evaluate the level of risks that are associated with periods and levels of exposure. They are also responsible to supervise the work of the technicians and assistants. They are also required to develop standards and guidelines for safe levels of chemical and physical agents in workplaces, air, food or drinking water.

Research Assistant

Research Assistants are hired by principal researchers to assist them with conducting research projects by performing various duties related to study. The research assistants are typically well-versed in the subject area of the project that they work. They are responsible to collect and analyse the data, they are also required to analyse the collected data for the research. They are also responsible to disseminate the results of research activities. They are required to contribute the ideas relating to the improvement of the research processes. They are responsible to work with fellow research assistants and principal researchers. They are also responsible to prepare the research reports of completed projects for publications in industry journals and also for the funding agencies.

Salary Package

The average M.Sc Biochemistry students will be earning an average salary of about 5 lakhs to 12 lakhs per annum. The average fresher M.Sc biochemistry students will be earning nearly about 4 lakhs per annum. The salary varies according to the recruiters and locations. The salary will exponentially increase according to the skills and experience gained in their careers.

Placement Opportunities

There is a lot of scope for M.Sc Biochemistry students. They can find lucrative job opportunities across the areas that are related to chemistry. They are hired in biotechnology companies, biopharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical companies etc.

Some of the top recruiters hiring M.Sc Biochemistry students are:

  • Ranbaxy
  • Cipla
  • Shilpa Pharma
  • Himalaya Drug Company
  • Surya Pharmacy
  • Sun Pharma
  • Serum India Pvt Ltd
  • Biocon
  • Natural Remedies
  • Mylan Labs


The increase in the research activities in the field of life sciences has created a demand for the M.Sc Biochemistry students. Many research companies are conducting severe researches that are beneficial for living organisms. The M.Sc Biochemistry students are skilled professionals with excellent research skills. The researchers are developing new drugs and new medicines for different various diseases in living organisms. The students who are passionate about the biochemical reactions and biological processes can choose to join the M.Sc Biochemistry programme and can land up in lucrative jobs that pay handsome salaries.

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Sir i have done msc biochemistry in 2018.iam looking job in clinical research sector. Can u guide me to find the job.


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Sugankumar 7 months ago

Sir I am seeking to job


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