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Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) Admission in Bangalore

Last updated: 18 Oct 2021

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Physiotherapy is one of the popular fields that is gaining a lot of importance in the last 5-10 years. The increased demand for the physiotherapists has created more scope and room for the fresh graduates. The changed lifestyle has forced many people to hire physiotherapists for relaxations. Some of the major job roles available for physiotherapy are as follows


The physiotherapists help patients with physical difficulties resulting from illness, injury, disability or ageing. They help them to improve their movements and reduce the risk of further problems arising in the future

Role of the Physiotherapist

As a physiotherapist one will meet the patients to assess their physical problem/disorder. After performing the diagnosis, the physiotherapists will design and review appropriate treatment programmes using a range of techniques. Including manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and electrotherapy.

Responsibilities of the Physiotherapist

As a physiotherapist one is needed to:

  • Work with patients who have range of conditions, including neurological, neuromusculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory sometimes over a period of weeks
  • Diagnose, assess and treat their physical problem/condition
  • Develop and review treatment programmes that encourage exercise and movement by the use of range of techniques
  • Involve parents and carers in the treatment, review and rehabilitation of patients
  • Educate patients and their carers about how to prevent and improve condition
  • Write patient case notes and reports and collect statistics
  • Coordinate with other healthcare professionals to exchange information about the background and progress of patients as well as to refer patients who require other medical attention
  • Keep up to date with new techniques and technologies available for treating patients

Earning Potential

  • Starting salaries for qualified physiotherapists range from 3 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum
  • Senior physiotherapists can earn between 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs per annum

Personal Physiotherapist Trainer

Personal physiotherapist trainers help others to achieve their fitness goals using physiotherapy techniques. It’s an ideal career for anyone who are passionate about staying fit and healthy

Role of the Personal Physiotherapist Trainer

A personal physiotherapist trainer creates one on one fitness programmes for their clients motivating and guiding them to achieve their goals. A personal physiotherapist trainer creates treatment modules based on physiotherapy techniques.

Responsibilities of the Personal Physiotherapist Trainer

As a personal physiotherapist trainer, one is responsible to:

  • Conducting fitness assessments to establish client fitness and skill level
  • Holding one-on-one group sessions with clients
  • Identifying goals and creating tailored exercise plans using physiotherapy techniques
  • Monitoring your clients progress
  • Providing advice to clients on health, nutrition and lifestyle changes
  • Educating and advising clients on benefits of physiotherapy
  • Educating and advising clients to maintain or reach their fitness and health goals
  • Keeping up to date with the latest techniques of physiotherapy
  • Provide innovative and challenging physiotherapy exercises to keep the clients engaged and motivated

Earning Potential

  • Starting salaries for qualified personal physiotherapist trainers range from 4 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum
  • Senior physiotherapists can earn between 7 lakhs to 9 lakhs per annum

Dance Movement Physiotherapist

Dance movement physiotherapists use the blend of physiotherapy techniques and dance movements as a method of expression and to begin the process of physical issues or problems faced by dancers.

Role of the Dance Movement Physiotherapist

The dance movement physiotherapist works with groups of individual dancers and helps them to overcome their physical limitations with prescribed dance movements. The dance movement physiotherapists use various dance steps and help the dancers to stay fit and healthy and overcome their physical problems.

Responsibilities of a Dance Movement Physiotherapist

As a dance movement physiotherapist, one is required to:

  • Observe your client’s physical movement to assess their cognitive behaviour
  • Deliver physiotherapy sessions with a variety of clients individually or in groups with prescribed dance movements
  • Plan a series of movement sessions around particular client or client’s group
  • Help the clients to overcome physical difficulties through different techniques of physiotherapy and dance moves
  • Identify appropriate music resources and create props for sessions
  • Write reports, update client records and complete general administrative work
  • Attend clinical supervision sessions and in some cases provide clinical supervision to other therapists
  • Coordinate with colleagues, professionals as part of a multi-disciplinary team
  • Keep up to date about the new and innovative techniques available in dance physiotherapy

Earning Potential

  • Starting salaries for qualified dance movement physiotherapists range from 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum
  • Senior physiotherapists can earn between 6 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum

Acupuncture Physiotherapist

As an acupuncture physiotherapist one will use his/her non-judgemental nature to put clients at ease and restore the body’s natural healing process by using acupuncture physiotherapy techniques

Role of an Acupuncture Physiotherapist

An acupuncture physiotherapist is a complementary health practitioner who takes a holistic approach to the maintenance of health and management of diseases using various treatment methods of acupuncture physiotherapy. Their focus is on the individual rather than the illness and their aim is to improve client’s overall wellbeing by providing treatments based on acupuncture physiotherapy techniques.

Responsibilities of an Acupuncture Physiotherapist

As an acupuncture physiotherapist one is needed to:

  • Carry out an initial consultation with each client, in order to establish a detailed case history, assess their health and determine a treatment plan
  • Conduct subsequent one-to-one treatment sessions, lasting between 45 minutes and an hour
  • Explain the diagnosis and treatment to the client and respond to their questions and concerns
  • Give treatment by using acupuncture physiotherapy procedures and stimulate the energy flow along meridians
  • Assess client’s progress through questioning and examination, reviewing treatment plans if necessary
  • Keep updated with latest techniques that are available in acupuncture physiotherapy field

Earning Potential

  • Starting salaries for qualified acupuncture physiotherapists range from 3 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum
  • Senior physiotherapists can earn between 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs per annum

Final Words

The field of physiotherapy has diversified into various sub domains according to the specialisations. This has created a good number of jobs in the field for skilled physiotherapy professionals. The field is attracting good demand due to the changed lifestyle. Many people are taking physiotherapy treatments to control their stress levels and have some rejuvenating experience. The physiotherapists are highly paid professionals in hospitals and health care institutions. The physiotherapists can expect better earnings in private practice when compared to institutional practice.

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