Career and Scopes after Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA)

Career and Scopes after Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA)

Last updated: 21 Oct 2021

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There are a good number of job roles available for Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA) courses. The skilled professionals are rightly paid by various organisations. The present article tries to explain a few job roles that are very important for Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA) students.

Let’s discuss them in detail


As an actor one is needed to be tenacious and determined to succeed as an actor, willing to gain any kind of experience and grasp any opportunity.

Role of an Actor

As an actor one is required to communicate a character or situations to an audience through speech, body language and movement. They are responsible to work according to the writer and follow instructions given by the director in an act or a scene.

Responsibilities of an Actor

As an actor one is needed to:

  • Job seek and network
  • Coordinate with an agent
  • Prepare for and attend auditions
  • Learn lines and rehearse
  • Research or undertake activities to help, prepare for a part
  • Discuss interpretation and delivery with other members of the company and the director
  • Perform for live audience
  • Perform in a studio or on location for film, television, internet and radio broadcast
  • Do voice overs for advertisements of record audio books
  • Manage the performance area, costumes and props
  • Undertake activities associated with touring, such as driving van and get-ins and get outs at theatres
  • Coordinate with venue managers and accommodation providers
  • Work as a walk-on or extra for television or film

Earning Potential

There are no fixed salaries for actors, they are basically paid as daily wages. The more is the popularity; the more is the wage per day. So, actors' remuneration depends on their popularity and fame.

Film Director

As a film director one is responsible to direct the films with his/her successful career in experience, producing quality work and building a positive industry reputation. As a film director he/she should be creative and should develop quality content for the audience

Role of a Film Director

Film Directors are integral part to the success of any film project. As a film director one will have to contribute to all the creative elements of a production. He/she is also responsible to shape all the elements to create a cohesive film. The film directors are required to have strong creative vision and the ability to communicate the ideas to a variety of people throughout the production process.

Responsibilities of a Film Director

As a Film director one is needed to:

  • He/she is responsible to read scripts
  • Work with writers and provide feedback on the further development of scripts
  • Select actors- sometimes working with casting directors and producers during the selection process
  • Monitor rehearsals before actual shooting
  • Direct actors during the filming
  • Hold meetings with key departments such as the camera art and costume departments during the planning stages and throughout the filming
  • Agree the budget and schedule of the film with the producer
  • Be responsible for staying on budget and schedule
  • Supervise all creative aspects of the production
  • Work with the editor to present the final version of film
  • Select music for the final film and work with composers to decide on the musical score
  • Build and develop a network of contacts including writers, producers, film festivals and several public funding bodies
  • Be updated with the latest knowledge of the industry

Earning Potential

The Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA) fresher students will be earning nearly around 6 lakhs to 12 lakhs per annum as Film Directors. The experienced professionals can easily earn around 10 lakhs to 15 lakhs per annum.

Music Producer

As a music producer one is needed to be highly creative, driven, resilient and a great communicator to make it in the exciting and competitive world of music production.

Role of a Music Producer

A music producer assists artists and groups in the studio to create recorded music for an album, advertisement or any other kind of creative output. The music producers are responsible for developing and making creative content.

Responsibilities of a Music Producer

As a music producer one is needed to:

  • Listening to an artist’s demo tapes and working with artists to produce the sound they require
  • Deciding on an appropriate studio for an artist’s music and equipment
  • Advising on album songs
  • Operating technical equipment including mixing desks
  • Technical work including audio editing, sound design and ghost production
  • Helping artists to achieve the sounds they are striving for
  • Working with organisations, venues and artists involved in live events
  • Finding and booking suitable venues
  • Making the arrangement of other facilities such as catering, entertainment and insurance
  • Working with marketing teams to prepare printed material

Earning Potential

The fresh Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA) students will be earning nearly around 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs per annum. The experienced professionals will be earning nearly around 6 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum.


As a choreographer one is responsible to demonstrate a keen passion and talent for dance partnered with persistence, determination and excellent teaching and leadership skills.

Role of a Choreographer

As a choreographer one is responsible to create and plan routines for performance, usually to music or to evoke an idea in the heads of the audience. The choreographer will create dance routines to entertain live shows, events for a TV and Films. The choreographers are required to plan the whole performance from teaching steps to the dancers to working with costume designers and directors to achieve the desired outcome.

Responsibilities of a Choreographer

As a Choreographer one is needed to:

  • Develop ideas and create and develop routines to produce a well-polished performance
  • Plan movements to fit to music, guided by artistic and musical directors
  • Discuss ideas and plans with producers, costume designers and musical and artistic directors
  • Choose music suitable for the concept or subject you have been tasked with
  • Audition, teach and rehearse dancers
  • For some forms of dance, you may be required to record the steps using a notation system, such as labanotation or Benesh
  • Work with other professionals to choreograph fight scenes or theoretical stunts
  • Be able to work on more than one show at a time
  • Meet regularly with producers, musical and artistic directors and costume designers.

Earning Potential

The fresh Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA) students will be earning nearly around 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs per annum. The experienced professionals will be earning nearly around 6 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum.

Final Sentences

The Bachelor of Performing Arts students can find ample job opportunities in the media and film industry. There is a good demand for skilled Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA) students. They are also paid well and are also given opportunities to grow in their career. The students with passion towards performing arts can join this course.

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